Friday, July 8, 2011

Year Two Week Nineteen // He's Back,Chicago.

"I Miss her so damn much," Justin said, backstage at Monday Night RAW before the show started.

"Damn it, stop whining!"  Nikie yelled. "I'm busy with all this wedding shit, i don't need you complaining about a girl who doesn't even like you."

"Shut up," Justin groaned.

"She's right," Jenny said. "You HAD Her! Two months ago! YOU HAD HER!!! But NOOO, you let her go."

"Yeah, i know," Justin sighed. "Why do i have to be a good person."

"Damn mother fucker, SHUT UP!" Jamila yelled, sitting on a crate. "Your problems aren't that big of a deal. You think they are and wanna talk about it? Go talk to Dr. Phil bitch."

"You people are horrible," I Said, rolling my eyes. Then John walked up.

"What's happening?" He asked. Nikie rolled her eyes, grabbed all her stuff, then left. "She still mad i... 'FORGOT' about her birthday last week?"

"She's giving me the silent treatment too," Jenny sighed. "Thank god it'll all be over in two days."

"Would you shut up!" Justin Yelled.

"Look dude, you messed up, big time," John said. "If you loved her, you wouldn't have let her go." Justin just looked at him.

"If i didn't love her, I'd let her think she loved me because the guy she really loves got framed for something," He said to him.

"Maybe it's just not meant to be!" Jamila shouted.

"Don't you dare say that!" Justin shouted back, standing up.

"Dude, Calm down!" John yelled. "Look," He sighed. "It's been nearly a year, don't you think if you two were supposed to be together you'd be together?"

"Spinner and Emma were on the same show for Nine Seasons and didn't realize they truly loved each other until season nine," Justin said.

"Degrassi? Really?" Jamila asked, dumbfounded.

"Look, I'm not giving up on her," He said.

"She's already moved into a house of her own with her boyfriend, and hell, in three weeks, it's their one year anniversary," John said. "Let her go."

Justin cooled down, then lay on a crate nearby and sighed.

"I'm still not giving her up just yet," He said. "No matter what...And i mean it."

"Yeah, Sure," Jenny laughed, as did everyone else. Justin rolled his eyes, then got up.

"One day," He said. "I Swear, one day, it'll happen, and all of this will all pay off..."

*Tuesday, Smackdown! Roster hotel*

"This is Bullshit!!!" I Yelled.

"What's wrong?" My new Roomie, Michelle McCool asked.

"I'm missing like, $60 from my wallet!" I Complained.

"Well..." Michelle shrugged, as she started putting on make-up. "That's Smackdown for you. Half the people here are theifs and thugs. Lucky for you, you have me as your roommate, and i don't need anyone's money."

"Yeah, i guess i am lucky," I Sighed, putting my wallet in my back pocket and grabbing my stuff.

"If i were you," She began, Putting away her make-up, "I'd watch out for some of the people on here. You already got a target on your back with that title, and you got heat, just watch out."

"Alright then..." I Shrugged. "Uh...thanks."

"No problem!" She smiled, before focusing back on the mirror and doing her hair. You know, i have no idea why people hate Michelle so much.

*Later that night, Smackdown Tapings*

 Every step i took backstage, eyes were on me and people were staring- not the good kind. I Really did have heat because of the scene i made last week with Teddy Long. I Did my best not to mind it, but i admit, it was weird. 

"You know everyone hates you, right?" Kristen asked, appearing out of nowhere.

"Oh really, they do?" I Said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

"I Guess that's what happen's when you don't know to shut up," She said.

"Out of all people, your husband would know that best," I Said. She just rolled her eyes.

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree,now does it?" She said.

"What?" I Asked.

"You don't know what that means?" She asked.

"No, i know what it means," I Said. "I Don't think you know what it means though..."

"What?" She asked confused.

"I Don't even know now," I Said. "Where's Punk?"

"In court," She said.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Turns out, he has a lot of unpaid parking tickets that we found out about when you got us in trouble," She said.

"Well he sounds like a guy to not pay for parking tickets," I Said.

"Shut up," She snapped. "Anyway, he's their and he's gotta pay a pretty big fine, not including the $60 he owes for that Illegal U-Turn." My eyes instantly lit up.

"$60!?" I Snapped. "I Woke up this morning and i was missing $60 from my wallet!"

"We know," She said. "When you were showering last night, you never locked your hotel room door, so Punk and i snuck in and took $60 out of your wallet."

"Why!?" I Asked.

"Because that's how much that ticket cost," She said.

"Bitches," I Said, rolling my eyes. "Michelle didn't even try to stop you?"

"Michelle...?" She asked.

"McCool, my new roommate," I Said.

"Why are you rooming with HER?" She asked. I Just looked at her.

"You know, that's the problem, you all think Michelle is a bad person, but she's not," I Said.

"I Never said she was a bad person..." Kristen said.

"You kinda did..." I Said, crossing my arms.

Then, a guy came up behind me, then handed me some paper.

"What the hell is this?" I Asked.

"A Fine from Teddy Long for your insubordination last week," He said. Then, he walked away. I Took one look at how much i owed him, and then went bug-eyed.

"Kristen," I Said.

"What?" She asked.

"I Really need that $60 back around now..." I Sighed.


"I Can't believe your wearing THAT Out to the ring for a contract signing," Kristen said, shaking her head.
"I'm wearing sneakers, jean shorts and a blue t-shirt, what's wrong with this?" I Asked.

"Not contract signing looking material," She said.

"Bitch, i'm going out there to sign a contract for some stupid match, not for something that could actually change the world," I Said, grabbing my titles, and running my hands through my hair real quick.

"They're not gonna take you seriously," She said. Then, i started looking around for something. "What are you doing?"

"Searching for fucks to be given," I Said. She rolled her eyes. "Later, loser." I Said, walking out.

I got over to the gorilla position, and walked straight out onto the ramp and headed down into the ring. Kathryn was already sitting down on one side of the table, with a fucking lawyer. Damn. I Sat across from her, put my titles down-one on each side of the table- then, i just stared at here.

"We are here to sign the official contract for your diva's match at the Money In The Bank Pay-Per view in two weeks," Teddy Long said into the mic. "Kasey, if you would please do the hono-"
"HOLD UP!" Kathryn said into a mic, instantly getting booed. "No no no, If anything, I'D like to be the one to sign this first," She smirked. 

Then, her lawyer literally handed her a pen, and then, she signed it, capped the pen again, and threw it out of the ring, then smirked.

"Thank you Kathryn," Teddy Long said. "Now, Miss Angel, if you would be so kind to sign this contract to make this all official." I Grabbed a pen and was about to sign, but then i was stopped.

"HOLD ON!" She said again. I Rolled my eyes, then crossed my arms. "Angel, just thought you should know what your getting yourself into, because clearly you weren't reading the fine print..." She smirked. "By signing this, you are not only agreeing to put Both of your titles on the line, your agreeing that No matter WHAT the outcome is, this will be our last match together. Whether you lose, or whether i lose, after this, we're done." She said. I Rolled my eyes.

"Alright, now if you'd be so kind to sign this, miss ange-" Teddy Long began.

"Let me finish, will you!?" She said to him. Teddy Long then put his mic down, and let her finish. "Not only that, but our last match together will not only be just for the titles, but the only way a winner will be crowned is if one of us says Two simple words...." She said. Then, a smirk grew on her face. "I QUIT." 

I Just looked at her again. Then, i grabbed my pen, and signed the contract. Then, her Lawyer grabbed the contract, and looked it over. He looked at Kathryn and nodded his head, and then he gave the contract to Teddy.

"Well then, it's official," Teddy said. "Two weeks from now at the money in the bank pay-per view, Kathryn Prince will face your Undisputed Women's champion Kasey Angel for the titles in not only their last match, but an I Quit Match!"

After Teddy was done talking, he put down his mic, then looked over at the Lawyer. Then, they both ran out of the ring. Good Choice.

Immediately after, Kathryn jumped over the table and attacked me on the mat. Punch after Punch, she wouldn't stop. Then, she got up, ran over to the ropes, jumped off of them and then attempted a Lionsault, but i got my knees up, so she went straight into them, and ended up a couple feet away, over by the top left ringpost. I Got up after that and grabbed the table, folded it up, then put it up against the top left ringpost. I Ran back over across the ring to the lower right ring post and waited for Kathryn to get up. Then, when she did, i charged right at her, then Speared her right through the table. I Miss Ya, Edge.

*Wednesday, 4pm, Chicago, IL, Kat and Pat's House*

"How much shit are you gonna put up?" I Asked Jenny, with a drink in hand. It's been one of those days, really.

"I Just wanna make sure it looks nice for Nikie's party!" Jenny said, coming down from her step ladder.

"Oh what, so my house isn't already nice enough?" I Asked, taking a drink.

"Shut up white girl," Jenny said, walking off into the backyard to check on Cody, who was grilling.

"I'M 25% LATINA! NOT WHITE!" I Yelled. "Do You People Not Notice this ass!? This is the ass of a Latina, Not some stupid little white girl!" I Yelled. 

Immediately, i felt someone slap my ass after i said that. I Knew it was Pat, so i smirked and turned around, and learned it wasn't him.

"Don't worry, Sweetheart," Adam Burish said. "Your ass hasn't gone unnoticed."

"Don't slap my girlfriends ass," Kaner said, crossing his arms.

"Well, now that Kat mentioned it, She does have a Kim Kardashian like ass..." Sharpie said. Kaner then grabbed Bur by the back of his shirt and pulled him back, away from me, then Pat walked closer and put his arm around me.

"Don't you think me and your little boyfriend have a nice fashion sense?" Bur asked as i noticed he and Patrick were wearing the same plaid shirts.

"May i ask why your here?" I Asked Adam.

"The fourth of July was monday, so i was in Wisconsin to celebrate it with my family, and now i'm here in Chicago," He said. "I'll probably be here for the rest of the summer until September when i head back to Dallas for pre-season."

"Oh...that's nice..."I Said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. The last thing i need is for him and Sharpie to act like a bunch of little kids again with their pranks. "I'm gonna go....somewhere else," I Said, heading upstairs to call Sarah. 

Kristen, Jenny, Jammy and Heather would be here, but i have a feeling i'm gonna need Sarah. She's the only person i never get mad at, and after how this days been going, i feel like i'm gonna need her here to either take Shots, or so she can prevent me from killing Adam, dead serious.

While i was upstairs...Downstairs, the boys were talking, when Sharpie began to walk away...

"Where ya going, Sharpie?" Adam asked.
"The Heights," He said.

"Why the fuck are you going there?" Adam asked.
"I'm pretty sure there was like, a shooting or a stabbing their last night," Kaner said.

"Well Sarah's parent's live their, so I'm heading over their to talk to her dad, then I'm taking him golfing for a while....then...." He said.
"Then what?" Bur asked.

"I'm gonna ask for her hand in marriage," Sharp said. Bur completely froze.
"You are!?" He asked, shocked. "Man, you two are getting serious."

"So are Kat and Kaner over there," Sharpie said. "Kaner's gonna propose too."
"WHAT!?" Bur yelled, shocked again.

"SHHH be quiet, dumbass," Kaner said. "I'm asking Sarah soon where Kat's  parents live, then I'm gonna go ask for her hand in marriage."

"Wow, I Feel so lonely," Bur said. "Two of my best friends are about to settle down, and then there's me..."
"Weren't you texting me Sunday Night about some Blonde you were with?" Sharpie asked him.

"One night stand," Bur said.
"Ohh," Both the Patrick's said.

"Anyway, it's a long drive to the heights, i should head out now," Sharpie said. "Meet you two at the bar later?"
"Nah, Meet us back here at the party," Bur smirked. "I Have a feeling this will be fun..."

*Chicago, IL, 6:55pm, John Cena's POV*

"Are you ever gonna talk to me again?" I Asked Nikie in the car, on the way to her surprise birthday party.
"I'll talk to you when we're doing our wedding vows September 3rd, Until then, Nope!" She said, turning the music up louder. I Rolled my eyes. Then, i turned it down.

"You could at least tell me why you aren't talking to me!" I Shouted.

"You forgot my birthday!"She Snapped.

"What? No i didn't," I Said. "It's September 27th, i'd never forget that," I Said. She just looked at me, not amused.

"I question why we're getting married," She said, rolling her eyes.

"Don't worry, i just want a couple years," I Said. "After I'm 70, you can quit it and enjoy the last couple years of your life."

"I Hate you," She said. Damn, she really is mad.

"Not after you see this..." I Said.

Then, i pulled into Kat's driveway.

"Why the hell are we in Kat's driveway?" She asked.

"Just shut up and get out of the car," I Said. She rolled her eyes, then got out of the car.

I Walked her up the steps, then opened the door, and people jumped out from behind furniture and stuff.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" They all shouted.

"IDIOTS," Nikie shouted back. "My birthday was over a week ago."

"That's why it's called a surprise party, sweetie," Some big-mouthed guy said. No really, this dude really did have a big mouth.

"Wait..." She said, turning to me. "So you didn't forget my birthday? You were just throwing me a party?"

"Babe, I'd never forget your birthday," I Said, putting my arms around her, then kissing her passionately.

"Nice lovey dovey moment," The big mouth said.

"Gosh Bur, let them have their moment," This one girl said, she's one of Kat's friends, i dont remember her name though, but it's that hockey loving friend, or whatever.

"Nah, I'm good," Bur said...i guess that's his name. "LET'S PARTY!!!"

*Patrick Kane's POV*

Kat's down in the basement with a couple of her friends, taking shots, and Sarah was upstairs, getting some food, and since Kat wasn't around, i saw this as the perfect opportunity to ask about where Kat's parents lived, so i walked up to Sarah.

"Can i ask you a question?" I Asked her.

"Only if i can ask you something," She said, putting Ketchup on her hotdog.

"Shoot away," I Said.

"Where's Patrick?" She asked. "I Haven't seen him nearly all day," She said.

"He was with Bur and me earlier, then he disappeared," I Lied.
"Alright then," She shrugged, taking a bite of her hotdog. "Whats up?"

"Where do Kat's parents live?" I Asked. She immediately froze, then she looked at me.

"Why you asking about her parents?" She asked.

"It's just a question," I Said. 

"Well first, her mom's dead and has been for about 8 years now," Sarah said.

"Oh..." I Said, looking down. "Never knew that."

"Of course you didn't," Sarah said.

"What about her dad?" I Asked. "Is he still alive?"

"If you know what's best for you, don't even bring him up," Sarah said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Just don't!" She snapped. "Look, just....don't bring up her father again, okay?"

"Um...sure..." I Shrugged.

"Good," She said. "Now if you'll excuse me...I'm gonna go take Shots, i could use some around now," She said, taking her hotdog and heading downstairs into the basement for shots. That whole conversation confused me. Then, i couldn't help but notice Adam hitting on this chick....

"Holy Shit!!!" He yelled, pointing at Kat's friend, Heather. "Your miss July!!!"

"You read playboy?" She asked.

"No," He said. "I Have 14 year old cousin, and his hormone's are kicking in, so yeah. He has your center-fold in his room, and might i say, nice rack, babe," He smirked.

"Someone clearly has low standards..." Kat's other friend, Jamila said walking past, taking a drink, then heading down into the basement. Heather rolled her eyes, then shortly followed.

Me and Bur were the only guys upstairs right now, everyone else was downstairs taking shot at the bar i built or playing rockband or something. Then, Sharpie came running through the front door.

"Is Sarah around!?" He asked.

"She's here, but she's downstairs taking shots with Kat," I Said.

"Good!" He said. "I Got GREAT News!!!"

"What?" Bur asked.

"I Was talking to Sarah's parents, and not only do Both of them like me, but..." Sharp began, with a smile on his face. "I Took Sarah's dad golfing---Let him win of course--- and he gave me full permission to propose to Sarah!"

"Congrats man!" Bur said as they did a quick bro hug.

"Your next, Kaner," Sharp said.

"I Was talking to Sarah and asking where Kat's dad lives, but she never gave me an answer," I Shrugged.

"What about Kat's dad?" A Voice behind me said. I Turned around and saw it was Kat's friend, Phil.

"I Need to find out where he lives so i can ask for Kat's hand in marriage," I Said.

"Wait, What!?!?!" Phil asked, confused.

"SHH, she doesn't know, so keep quiet," I Said.

"Well, her Mom's dead, and both her brother and sister live in the UK, and as for her dad, i hear he lives in the Bahamas with his girlfriend or something," Phil shrugged, grabbing a hot dog.

"The Bahamas!?" I Shouted. "Shit..."

"Why shit?" Bur asked. "Are you two really such big idiots you can't recognize this?"

"What are you talking about?" Sharpie asked.

"You two take Kat and Sarah to the Bahamas on a vacation or something," Bur said. "Kaner can go meet her dad and ask her for her hand in marriage, and if he says yes, not only can he propose to Kat their, but Sharpie could totally propose to Sarah there."

It was quiet for a moment as we were sinking what Bur said in. Then, it sunk in.

"Downstairs!" I yelled.

Then, Sharpie, Bur, Phil and i ran downstairs and saw our girls sitting on the couch, looking quite tipsy...except Kristen.

"Oh...Ladies!" I Smiled.

"What?" Kat asked.

"See, Me, Sharpie and Phil love you girls so much..." I Said.

"So...We were thinking..." Sharpie said.

"We were?" Phil asked.

"Me, Sharpie and Phil are taking You three girls," I Said, pointing to Kat, Kristen and Sarah, "To a vacation....At The BAHAMAS!!!" Their jaws just dropped.

"OH MY GOD REALLY!?!?!" Kristen asked, lighting up with a huge smile.

"Yeah, REALLY!?!" Phil asked.

"Yep!" Sharpie smiled.

Then, our girls ran up to us and embraced us all into a hug, then kissed us, and continued screaming in excitement. Then, Bur, Sharpie, Phil and i went back upstairs.

"Why the hell are you taking me to the Bahamas with you guys!?!"

"Because," I Said. "Kat and Kristen and Sarah are pretty tight, so that'd be fun for them, and I Don't know Kat's dad and stuff, so it'd be cool if you could come with me to like, you know, show me where he lives."

"I Haven't seen him since '07 when Kat graduated High School!" He yelled.

"Well still," I Said.

"Man, this trip to the Bahamas..." Sharpie said. "This is going to change our lifes."

"Yeah, it will," I Said, smiling.

"It won't do shit to me," Phil said, rolling his eyes.

"Well," Bur began, smirking. "Your welcome."

Adam Burish. He's back, and better then ever.


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