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Year Two Week Twenty // This Crush Ain't Going Away


"They're WHAT!?" Justin Gabriel yelled.

"Yep," Nikie said. "Those three bitches came downstairs into the basement during my party and totally stole the spotlight away from me-"

"I don't care about your party!" Justin shouted, much to Nikie's offense. "They're going to the bahamas together!?"

"Yep," John said.

"Why!?" Justin shouted.

"Does it look like we know?" Jenny said, on her phone. "Now shut up, i'm on a very important phone call."

"Well I'm dealing with a very important matter over here!" Justin yelled.

Right now, so much was going through his mind, and he just didn't know what to do. Justin's had a crush on Kat for  nearly a year now. When he first started crushing on her, she was engaged to someone, so he couldn't do anything about it. Then, they broke it off, and he was about to make his move, then comes Kat's current boyfriend, Patrick Kane, who swept her off her feet before Justin had the chance to, and since, they've been inseparable, much to Justin's Dismay. He's been telling himself since that day that it would all change someday, and Kat would officially be his someday, but about now, he's really starting to question himself. A Year ago, when Kat first met Patrick and started crushing on him, Justin was told by one of his best friends, CM Punk something that he never forgot about.

"Never give up someone you can't go a day without thinking about," CM Punk said to Justin one morning in a hotel room.

Now, that quote was just replaying through Justin's mind, over and over again, but somehow, he had trouble believing that. Maybe everyone was right, he should just move on, and if it was met to be, it would have already happened... Just maybe they were, but somehow, he still has faith, but his faith, however, is starting to run out...

*Smackdown Hotel, The Next Day*

"I Really have trouble believing that out of all people you don't have a bikini," I Said to Kristen in her and Punk's room, laying on the empty bed.   

"Well i don't," Kristen said. "We're heading to the Bahamas next Wednesday, so i gotta get one soon."

"Why are we even going?" Punk asked. "I Don't feel like paying all this money for something that won't do shit to me."

"Paying?" I Asked, raising an eyebrow. "Idiot, the only thing you'll pay for is food and drinks you want for snacks."

"What?" Punk asked.

"Sharpie and Kaner agreed to paying for the whole trip; the plane rides to and from the bahamas, the hotel rooms, the dinner's and breakfasts, all of that kind of stuff," I Said. Punk raised an eyebrow this time, then smiled.

"Well then..." He said. "The bahamas is gonna be fun then!"

"Your such a cheapskate," I Rolled my eyes, then sitting up to take a drink of water.

"No i'm not," He said. "I'm just not an idiot, so i don't waste my money on worthless shit like most people do."

"Then in your eyes, everything must be worthless," I Said.

"Shut up," Kristen said, on her phone, playing a game. "It's too early for you two to be fighting."

"We're not fighting," I Said, drinking more water.

"Yeah, I'm just explaining that I'm not an idiot unlike herself!" Punk said. At this point, my water bottle was empty, so i threw it right at his head.

"OW!" he yelled.

"Now that was mean," Kristen said.

"Who the hell said i was ever nice?" I Asked, laying back down.

"Your even meaner now that your rooming with the biggest bitch on the roster," Punk said.

"Oh my gosh," I Rolled my eyes. "Her character's a bitch, but in reality she's not. Stop judging her from what you see on tv."

"Well if she's not a bitch, it'll be hard for you to act like she is and wrestle against her tonight," Kristen said, fixing her hair.

"I'm wrestling against her?" I Asked.

"Yep," Kristen said.

"Why do you know before me?" I Asked raising an eyebrow.

"I Really have no idea, i just do," She shrugged.

"Whatever," I Said.

Then, i was immediately kicked off the bed by Punk, who jumped over his bed and got in between the two beds, and flipped over the mattress for the bed i was on and knocked me over.


"Alright, hold on!" Kristen said. "Gotta take a picture!"


"Damn it be quiet," I Said. "People will hear and think i'm raping you or something."

Then Punk got up the mattress and put it back on the bed, and Kristen helped me up, and shortly after, i hit Punk in the face, and then i was kicked out by Kristen. We're all so far away from normal.

*Smackdown tapings that night*

"Technically, your going over since she'll interfere, but i want to try and get my finisher in and when i pin you, she interferes," Michelle said to me, as we were walking to the gorilla position together before our match at the tapings.

"Alright, sounds good to me," I Said.

Michelle was the first one out onto the ramp, then i came out. Before the match started, Kathryn came out and sat ringside next to Booker and watched the match, while also on commentary.

Our match did good, and the crowd was actually into it, and for me, it was kind of like a dream match. Then, things took a Spin for the worst.

Michelle was supposed to hit a roundhouse kick on me. Obviously we're trained and stuff to make a move look more harder then it is, and i was amazing at selling moves, but i don't know what happened, and when Michelle Kicked me, she kicked me WAY Too Hard, and i didn't even have to sell it. The pain i showed in the ring was 100% real. My head was in a credible amount of pain, and my vision was blurry, but i had to finish the match. She got on the ground to pick me up, but before she fully got me up, i was able to whisper something in her ear.

"Hit your finisher on me now," I Said. "It's been about 8 minutes and a good match, i really can't wrestle any longer, just hit your finisher."

She looked a little confused since we didn't plan her finisher that early, but she went with it since we already had a pretty good match. Like planned, before the count, Kathryn got into the ring and broke up the pin and started attacking me, but Michelle got her off of me and then they went at it, but Kathryn got Michelle down, but i got up, hit Kathryn down, then hit the 450. After that, i grabbed my titles, posed, then, got the hell out of the ring. I Did my best to look okay, but i felt as if i couldn't even walk straight, and my head was pounding. When i made it backstage, Kristen immediately ran up.

"Are you okay!?" She asked concerned.

"No...i'm not..." I Said, putting my hand on a crate to keep me up. Then, my stomach felt weird, and i knew exactly what was going to happen, and i ran away and into the bathroom, then i threw up. Something isn't right.


"Well, what's wrong with her?" Teddy Long asked.

Because of the kick, feeling dizzy, and throwing up, i was immediately taken to our Trainer backstage to get checked on. My head feels so numb because of the ice, and i feel in SO Much pain. He's been doing like, these weird tests or something...i don't even know.

"She's got a concussion, that's what's wrong," The trainer said, looking over papers. "She can't wrestle for a while until she's cleared."

"But she's got a match at an upcoming pay-per view next Sunday!" Teddy said.

"Well, she could probably wrestle Next Sunday," The trainer said. "But she's gotta stay away from the ring until then, and then She's gotta take a strength test, and if she passes it, she can wrestle, if not, then she can't, and since it'll be over a week and she still isn't 100%, we'll probably have to take high alerts to this."

"What kind of High Alerts?" I Asked.

"Emergency Room High alerts," He replied. "Don't go to sleep for a couple of hours, i'd say stay awake for the next five, then your good." He said, leaving. Teddy Long sighed.

"Kasey Angel, we need you 100% at the Money In The Bank pay-per view," Teddy Long said. "So, you have time off until the Pay-Per view from wrestling."

"So i don't have to do any houseshows or anything?" I Asked.

"Nope," He said. "I Just want you at your house to rest, then Saturday, we'll have you take a strength test to see how you are, and hopefully your 100%."

"I Won't even be in the country Saturday," I Said. "I was heading to the Bahamas for three days with some friends and we were heading out Saturday Morning. The closest i'd get back to Chicago would be very early morning Sunday."

"Alright, i want you at the All-State Arena early Next Sunday Morning and we'll take a strength test then," Teddy Long said. "We'll have our guy up from Stamford fly to Chicago so that way we can actually get the results before the show. If you don't pass, I'll make something up like you were assaulted in your hotel room or something."

"Alright, thanks," I Said.

Then, he walked out, and Kathryn walked in.

"What the hell do you want?" I Asked, all serious.

"You know exactly what i want," She said, crossing her arms, then looking straight at my titles.

"I'm in here with a concussion and your more concerned about two belts?" I Asked.

"Don't worry, Angel," Kathryn said. "I'm concerned about your health, because if your not 100%, i don't get my match that i deserve."

"You know, i don't expect much out of you, but now, your head is way too far up your ass," I Said.

Then, she just grabbed the ice pack on my head and threw it into a corner, then grabbed me by my shirt collar and pulled me up onto my feet. She just stared at me for a moment, and you could tell she was pissed at me.

"Look, you better pray to god at night that you recover enough to pass that test before our match sunday," Kathryn said "And if you don't, i swear to god i will-"

"You'll what?" I Asked, interrupting her. She was fuming now.

"Why don't we find out, shall we?" She asked.

Then, without hesitation, she threw me back onto the chair i was sitting on, and hard, hard enough the back of my head actually ended up hitting the wall, and that only caused my head more pain. I Just looked at her. She looked back. Without taking an eye off of me, she reached into the mini-freezer on the side, then she grabbed a ice-pack, and chucked it at me. I Caught it, and then, she just walked out, as Kristen entered.

"You okay?" She asked.

"I'll live," I Sighed, taking a sip of Pepsi. The trainer is actually making me drink stuff with Caffeine in it so i can stay awake.

"You think you'll be able to make the Bahamas?" She asked.

"Dude, it's just the Bahamas, relax," I Said. "I'll make it there."

Then, Michelle came running into the room.

"Oh...My...Gosh..." She said, looking mortified. "Kat, i am SO Sorry! I Didn't think i'd kick you THAT Hard!!! Seriously, i am SO So-"

"Don't worry about it," I Laughed. "I'll survive."

"Oh, well that's good," She said. "It'd be a shame if something really bad happened..."

"Yeah it would," I Said.

"Well, i'll see you at the hotel room!" Michelle said. "Teddy already told Kathryn you won't be on the road with us until Money In The Bank. I'll head back and Pack your stuff so after tomorrow you can head straight back into Chicago."

"Thank you SO Much!" I Smiled.

"No problem!" She smiled back. "See you."

Then, Michelle walked out, and Kristen looked at me.

"Um..." Kristen said. "I Think i'll...uh...go talk to Punk real quick, see you back in Chicago Sunday," She said, quickly walking out.

*Outside the trainers room, No POV*

"Blondie!" Kristen yelled out to Michelle, who turned around.

"'s you," She said, just looking at her. "Can i help you?"

"You Kicked Kat hard on purpose, didn't you?" Kristen accused. Michelle just smirked.

"Your a smart girl, aren't you?" Michelle said. "Not usual for most Jersey girls...."

"DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT Purposely give Kat a concussion," Kristen gritted through her teeth. Michelle smirked again.

"I'm not doing anything to Kat that won't help her build her career..." She smirked. Then, she turned around and walked away, leaving Kristen there, confused and angry.

*Corey Crawford's Apartment, Tuesday night, No POV*

"You said you would tell them," Corey complained on the couch, watching tv with his girlfriend Jamila

"I'm highly aware i said that," Jamila said.

"Well it's been nearly 3 weeks and you still have me kept in the dark with your friends," Corey sighed.

"When i tell them about you...." She paused. "About US, i want it to be the right time."

"Well when will the right time be?" Corey asked. Then he focused his attention back on the tv. Jamila sighed.

"What about you?" She asked.

"What do you mean?" Corey asked.

"You haven't told ANY Of your teammates that your not only in Chicago still but with me," She said. 

"Because Kat's dating Kaner, so she clearly knows most of the people on the team, and most of the people on my team have big mouths, so if i told ANY of them, Kat could easily find out," Corey explained. "I'm just helping you." Jamila sighed.

"Soon, i PROMISE," Jamila said, "We'll be for real."

"Not soon enough," Corey sighed.

"What do you want me to do?" Jamila asked him.

"I Wanna be able to show you off!" Corey complained, then, he sighed. "Do you really want to be with me?"

"Of course i do," Jamila said.

"Then prove it," He said. "My day with the Stanley Cup is coming up soon and i wanna take it to Montreal for the day, come up there with me and meet my friends and family. It's a start."

"I'll take time off from WWE, just tell me the date," Jamila smiled, as did Corey. Then, they kissed and continued watching TV.

*Wednesday afternoon, Chicago, IL, Kat's POV*

"I'm home..." I Whimpered as i walked into the house.

"Did you lose your voice or something?" Patrick asked from the other room. I walked into the room and saw him laying on the couch in shorts with the laptop in front of him on the coffee table and i just sat next to him.

"Worse," I Sighed. "A Move went wrong at the tapings and i got a concussion," I Sighed. Patrick quickly sat up.

"Are you okay!?" He asked, quickly embracing me into a hug.

"Relax...I'm fine," I Said. "My head hurts, but i'll live."

"You think you'll still be able to make the trip?" He asked.

"I'm not missing this for anything," I Said.

"Alright, good," Patrick said. "I was actually just about to book the trip."

"Since i have a concussion, i got the whole week off until the pay-per view next sunday, so i think we could actually get a whole week in if we leave Sunday Night and Saturday Morning," I Said.

"That's great!" Patrick said on his computer. "One moment..." He said. Then, a moment later, he just looked at me and smiled. "It's official, we really are going to the bahamas," He smiled. I Smiled back.

Then, i just hugged him for a moment, and then, we both just layed down on the couch together.

"Just wondering..." I Asked.

"What?" He asked.

"Why did you and Sharpie want to take us to the bahamas?" I Asked. I Would have said Punk's name, but he apparently didn't wanna go until he heard he didn't have to spend a dime.

"Let's just say this..." Patrick said, sitting up, and looking me in the eye. "Next week is all about love," He smiled. I Just smiled back, then we kissed.

"Come on," I Said, getting off the couch.

"Where are we going?" He asked as i pulled him off the couch.

"Upstairs," I Smirked. He looked confused.

"Why are we going upsta-" he began. Then, he had this look on his face, and it all clicked, and he smirked. "OOOOOH!" I Just stopped walking.

"You know, sometimes, your such an idiot," I Said, but then, i cracked a smile. "But i love you." He smiled, and grabbed me into a hug, then a kiss.

Then, he picked me up bridal style and walked me upstairs and into the bedroom. You know, next week is the one year anniversary of when we met. Maybe around next year, he'll be carrying me like this again, down an aisle, in a tux while I'm in a White Dress. Maybe...

*Friday Night, 10pm, Patrick Sharp's POV*

 "Why won't he listen to me?" Sarah asked, with a hula-hoop in hand, trying to get Shooter to jump through it.

"Because he hates you," Adam said on the couch watching, drinking a beer.

"Your so drunk right now," I Laughed at him.

"Drunk, but right," He responded.

"Shut the fuck up, Adam," Sarah said, rolling her eyes at him.

"Here," I Said.

Then, i got off the couch and walked over and grabbed the hula-hoop from her and bent down on my knees, then whistled.

"Shooter!" I Said. "Come here boy!" I Said, holding the hula-hoop up. Then, he came running toward me and jumped through the hoop. I Smiled and patted his head. "Good dog," I Said. Then i got up and handed the hoop back to Sarah. "You try now," I Said, backing up.

She ran a hand through her hair first, then grabbed the hula-hoop and bend down, then looked at me.

"I Can't whistle like you," She said. I Ran over to the kitchen real quick and grabbed a dog treat, then walked back and handed it to her.

"Hold that up with your other hand and just say his name," I Said. She grabbed the treat and did like i said.

"Shooter!" She said.

Shooter saw the treat, and came running toward Sarah, and i thought he was actually finally gonna jump through the hoop, but he actually went AROUND the hoop, and then grabbed the treat out of Sarah's hand and ate it. Adam just burst out laughing.

"Okay...maybe he isn't the biggest fan of you," I Shrugged.

"Nah...Nah," Bur said, standing up.  "Maybe he just hates things shaped like rings. Speaking of rings, Sarah, do you like rings?"

"What?" Sarah asked, confused. He wouldn't, he just wouldn't...

"You know...rings," He said, smirking. "Like, Friendship rings, Mood rings, engagement rings...."

"Adam, Shut Up," I Yelled, losing my temper a little. Adam just smirked.

"I Think i'm gonna go upstairs and take a piss," He said, heading upstairs.

"I'll be right back," I said, heading upstairs.

I Actually waited outside the bathroom upstairs and waited for Bur to get done. Then when he walked out, i grabbed him by his shirt collar and quickly dragged him to mine and Sarah's room across the hall.

"What the hell man!?" I Asked him. "Way to ruin it!"

"Relax,man," Bur said. "She doesn't know your planning anything."

"And i wanna keep it that way until next week," I Said.

"Dude, look at you!" Bur said. "In less then a week, your making the biggest decision of your life, and your so nervous you can't even talk about it. Do you even have any idea what your gonna do?"

"Kinda..." I Shrugged.

"You gotta practice!" He said.

"You want me to practice proposing?" I Asked.

"Yep!" Bur said. "Here, pretend i'm Sarah, and pretend this," He said, ripping off that top on his Beer can, "Is the ring." He said handing it to me.

I Sighed, then got down on one knee, and looked up at Adam. I Opened my mouth, but no words came out.

"I Can't do this," I Said. "The only person i could imagine me getting down on one knee for is Sarah."

"Picture me as Sarah!" Bur said.

"How the hell am i supposed to picture you as Sarah!?" I Asked. Bur sighed.

"I'll be right back," He said.

Then, he went over to the closet and grabbed something, but before i could ask him what he grabbed, he headed out of the room and into the bathroom across the hall.

A couple minutes later, he came back into the room, and he was actually in one of Sarah's dresses. 

"What the hell!?" I Asked.

"This help you think of me better as Sarah?" He asked.

"Sarah doesn't have hairy legs," I Said.

"Shut up," Bur said, walking back in front of me. "Alright, forget the legs, pretend i'm Sarah, and tell me what you wanna say to her."

I gathered my thoughts together, then took a deep breath.

"Sarah, ever since the day i met you last October, i had a crush on you. Things developed, and it didn't take long to realize something was different about you and that i loved you. Since that day, i've known that i wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Sarah, I Love You, and those three words have my life in them. Will you-" I Said, but i was stopped by the sound of a door opening.

Then, me and Adam looked over to the right, where the door was, and we Saw Sarah just standing there, looking at the two of us blankly. 

"I Knew you two had a bromance going, but i didn't think it was this serious..." She said. I Knew she was joking, but she didn't sound like it.

"How much of that did you hear?" I Asked nervously.

"I Heard nothing, but saw...this," Sarah said. I Just stayed there looking awkward, but in my head, i was so relieved she didn't hear what i said.

"Well this is awkward," Bur said.

"I'm gonna head back downstairs..." Sarah said. "Oh, by the way. That shade of blue SO Is not your color, Adam." She said, before leaving and heading back downstairs.

"Never wear one of my future wife's dresses again," I Said.

"Future wife?" Adam smirked. "So, your more confident now that i made you do that? You think you'll spend the rest of your life with her now?"

"No, i don't think i'll spend the rest of my life with her," I Said, taking a seat on my bed. Then, i looked up to him. "I KNOW I'll spend the rest of my life with her."

*Saturday Night, Chicago, IL, Jewelery Store, P. Kanes POV*

"Come on, the stores almost closed!" Sharpie yelled as Me, Him, and Tazer were sprinting down the halls of a mall.

We board the 25 hour plane to the Bahamas at 3pm tomorrow, and me and Sharpie have yet to get our rings, so now him and I, along with Jonathan---who was in town for some reason--- were hauling ass to get to the Jewelery Store to get our rings before it closed. Then, we got into the store and saw Emily.

"Excuse me," Sharpie said. "We came in here about two weeks ago to get rings and we were told to come pick them up."

"Names please?" She asked.

"Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane," I Said.

"I'll go get your rings in the back!" She smiled.

"Man, I'm back in Canada for a couple of weeks and when i come back you two are getting engagement rings..." Jonathan said.

"We've grown up alot in the past three weeks," Sharpie said. Jonathan just laughed.

"Yeah, of course you have," He laughed. Sharpie and i just rolled our eyes.

A Moment later, Emily came back and handed us our rings.

"Have a nice day!" She smiled. Then, the three of us left.

"Can i see the rings?" Jonathan asked.

"Sure," Sharpie and i said. Then, we showed him our rings.

"I'd propose to my girlfriend with one of those rings," He smiled.

Then, we continued walking until we got to the front, then we stopped, and all took deep breathes.

"This just doesn't seem real," Jonathan said.

"I Know right," I Said.

"This is the biggest move of our lifes..." Sharpie said.

"You two sure you're ready?" Jonathan asked. Me and Sharpie just looked at each other.

"I Am, for sure," Sharpie said. Then, they both looked at me. I Just sighed.

"First step to forever guys...first step to forever...."

A/N- Be on the look-out here, i plan on getting more chapters up faster within the next week or two. Hope you enjoyed Week Twenty....


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