Monday, July 11, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty-One // The Bahamas/ Part One- Teenage Dream

"These bags are so heavy!" I Complained.

"Babe, we're going to the Bahamas' for a week, not a month," Patrick laughed.

Our flight takes off in less then an hour, and people are already boarding the plane. Lucky for us, everyone else going is already at the airport and ready. Unlucky for them, me and Patrick have the tickets, so if we're late to this, none of us are going. Lot of pressure on us.

"I Know!" I Said.

"Then do you really need three bags?" He asked, as he took one of them, since he was only taking one.

"Two of them are for clothes," I Said. "The other ones are full of my make-up and hair-care products."

"You don't need a whole bag full of make-up products," Patrick said. "Your way more beautiful without any," He smiled, which made me smile.

Then he put his bag down and used his free arm to pull me into a kiss, but broke apart a moment later. 

"They're gonna kill us if we're late," Kaner said. "We only got 20 minutes to make the plane," He said. 

Then, we got our bags up in our hands and we ran outside into the Garage and put all the bags in the backseat, and then got in the car. Patrick tried to go as fast as he could to get there, and about 10 minutes later, we finally got to the airport, but it took us about 5 minutes to get through security, and only 5 minutes left to get to where we boarded. With only 2 minutes left, we hauled ass over so we could get to where it was boarding, and Sarah, Sharpie, Punk and Kristen were already there, and they looked pissed.


"There are kids around, watch your language," I Said. She rolled her eyes.

"Hurry up we gotta get on NOW!" Sharpie said, rushing us.

"OH REALLY WE DO?" Punk said sarcastically.

"SHUT UP," We all shouted.

Then, with literally only 30 seconds to spare, we got on the plane and in our seats.

"You two are SO Lucky..." Kristen said, just glaring at me and Patrick.

"We had car troubles," Kaner shrugged.

"By car troubles you mean you squeezed in a quickie but it wasn't exactly a quickie, now was it?" Sharpie said. Me and Kaner just looked at him. I Expected Punk to say that, but not Sharpie. "Bur's been over at our house for the past couple of days and-"

"Say no more, you've been Bur-ified," I Said. "Completely understandable."

"Adam's like a vortex," Sarah said. "Once you get sucked in, you can't get out."

"Totally," I Said.

Then, the plane finally took off. We aren't allowed to use cellphones or something on here...whatever. Kristen and Punk were just listening to their IPod, and Sarah and Sharp eventually did too, but at first, they were talking about Adam and a dress or something...didn't really get that. Patrick also had his headphones in and was listening to Drake. As for me, recently with my time off, i've been catching up with Degrassi since the new season is starting soon. Late last night, i downloaded some episodes and stuff i haven't seen yet to catch up. This show is so addicting.

"Is that Degrassi?" Patrick asked, taking out his head phones for a moment and peaking over my shoulder. I Paused it, and took out my headphones as well.

"It's the one where Jenna finds out she's pregnant" I Said, smiling.

"That show was WAY before your time," He said.

"It started WAY before your time too!" I Said.

"Touche," Patrick said, smiling.

"Besides, it came out in the US When i was around...13 i think," I Said. "So it's not exactly before my time."

"Again, Touche," He said, sticking his tongue out. I Began to put my head phones back in.

"Can i go back to watching tv?" I Asked.

"Of course," Patrick said. "I Won't talk to you until your done," He smiled. I Just smiled back, then continued watching Degrassi.

Then, Patrick leaned over to one of his bags and grabbed a camera out of it, then started taking pictures of me.I Paused the show yet again and took my headphones out.

"Can i help you?" I Asked. "I Thought you said you weren't gonna bother me until after my show.""

"I Never said that," Patrick said, stopping taking pictures. "I Said i wouldn't talk to you. I'm taking pictures of you," He smiled. I Rolled my eyes.

"Why are you taking pictures of me then?" I Asked.

"Because i'm bored," Patrick said. "And your beautiful, and i love taking pictures of you," He said, causing me to crack a smile. "You should be a model."

"I Should?" I asked. I never thought of that...ever.

"Yeah, i bet you'd enjoy it more then wrestling," He said, continuing to take pictures of me.

"Yeah because every women loves prancing around in high heels in tight clothes," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"You don't have to do that kind of modeling," Patrick said. "I Think you'd be much better at playboy type of modeling," He winking. I Just playfully hit him, and giggled a little, and he smiled. We just kept smiling at each other for a minute, then he put the camera away, and put his headphones back in, as did i, and continued doing what we were doing.

Eventually, it got darker, and we all got tired, and i ended up crashing in my seat, using Patrick's shoulder as a pillow for my head.


"I'm STARVING!" Sarah complained. "We haven't eaten for hours..."

"The plane lands soon, we'll get food then," Kaner said.

"Dude we've been on here for nearly a day!" Kristen complained.

"You girls are like little kids, you won't stop complaining!" Kaner yelled.

"Would you blame them?" I Asked, a little irritated.

"Attention this is your captain speaking, we are landing in the bahamas in exactly 10 minutes, i repeat we are landing in the bahamas in exactly 10 minutes," We head from the speakers on the plane.

"See, just ten more minutes, then we land," Patrick said.

"What time is it?" Sarah groaned.

"Almost 5pm," Sharpie said, looking at a watch.

"Good, when we get there we can EAT," I Said.

"You girls are so hungry," Punk said.

"We haven't eaten for hours!" I Yelled.

"CALM DOWN," Kaner yelled.

"You didn't need to yell," I Rolled my eyes. He sighed.

"We'll get dinner after we check in, i already have reservations made to this one place, I think you'll like it," He said.

"Good," We all said.

Then, after nearly 26 hours, our flight landed, and we got off the plane and into Lynden Pindling International Airport, then headed outside.

 "Welcome to Paradise Island..." Patrick said as we stepped outside.

Immediately, we were surrounded by a nice, cool breeze, and palm trees. I Looked around. We weren't by the beaches or hotels yet, but there was a jeep in front of us to take us there, and i could kind of see the hotel a couple miles away. Patrick grabbed all the bags and managed to get them in the back on the floor.

"I Call Shotgun!" Sharpie yelled, jumping over the door in the passengers seat.

"You four take the back," Patrick said, pointing at me, Kristen, Sarah and Punk. "I'm driving."

"Whatever," Punk said, hopping in the back.

We started driving to our hotel we'd be staying at this week, and on our way, my hair was just going up against the wind, and the sun was also starting to set, and i noticed all the beaches around, and everything was so beautiful. I Can't WAIT to hit the beaches for the next week.Then, we got to the hotel, and it was so beautiful and big.

"Five star Hotel..." Kaner said, looking at it. "Come on, let's go check in."

Then we got out of the jeep and headed in. All the guys checked in, and that took about 10 minutes. Then, they came by us girls with the room keys.

"I Say we get our shit in our room, then we can walk over to the restaurant i booked for us tonight," Kaner said.  We all nodded in agreement, then headed up an elevator to the top floor, where all our suites were located.

"These better not be some crappy ass rooms Kaner," Sharpie said beginning to unlock the door to his and Sarah's room.

"I did NOT board a nearly 26 hour plane ride for a crappy room..." Kristen said.

"Just open your damn doors," Kaner complained, unlocking our door.

Then, he unlocked it and we headed in, and oh my was so beautiful and big. It had a flat screen, and couch, one room with a queen bed and a balcony.

"This SO Isn't a crappy room..." I Said as i walked in, and dropping my bags.

"Told you guys it wasn't," Patrick said, sticking his tongue out at me.

"I Never said ANYTHING," I Said. "It was all them."

"I Know," He said. "Just messing with you...And i'll be messing with you a lot this week on that bed," He smirked, pointing to the queen bed. I Put down all of my stuff, then ran into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed, and Patrick did the same.

"Oh my gosh, this feels SO Much better then the one at our house," I Said, laying down into it.

"Totally," Patrick said next to me. "Which means making love will be a LOT better..."

"I Know you said this week was about love, but i didn't think you met MAKING love," I Said. He just flipped over and got on top of me, then pinned me down to the sheets, and we started making out for a moment, then i pushed him off. "I'm hungry, let's go get food," I Said. He rolled his eyes.

"I'll pick off where we started later tonight," He winked. I Rolled my eyes, then stuck my tongue out, then got up and we headed down to the lobby to meet up with everyone else.

"The restaurants a while away, so i think I'll maybe take the route so you guys can see around the place to know where we'll be," Patrick said.

"Since you moved all the shit in the back out, we should have more room," Sarah said.

"True," Kristen said. 

Then, we all piled into the jeep and took off toward the restaurant.

In the jeep, the sun was setting, and we had the music up loud, and it seemed like all those right songs were playing, and i honestly kind of felt like as if we were in a movie. It just all seemed so perfect. From the music, to where we were and what we saw, to everything. I Loved it. There's a lot of beaches out here, and all of them have some Bar shacks there. Drinking on the beach? I Like.Then, we got to where we were eating dinner tonight.

"This is the Atlas Bar & Grill," Kaner said as we walked in and sat at this booth table. "Order whatever you feel like, money's no option," He smiled.

We ordered Onion rings as appetizers, and as for the drinks, Sharp, Sarah, Kane and I order a Bottle of Champagne on ice---because that's fancy--- as for Kristen and Punk, we didn't want them left out, so Patrick actually payed extra for them to get Ice Cold Pepsi's in Crystal. Sometimes, i hate how they're straightedge, but whatever.

"Alright guys," Sharpie said, standing up. "I Payed for half of this trip, but by the way Kaner's acting, you'd think this was all him, so, right here right now, i wanna make a toast," He said, as he raised his glass, as did we all. "To Paradise Island!"

"Paradise Island!" We all toasted. Dinner was great and amazing. i LOVED it. When we got done it was completely dark, so we headed straight back to the hotel to get some rest. We got a big day tomorrow.

*The Next Day, Tuesday, Noon,*

"I Can't wait to see dolphins!" Kristen smiled, while piggy-backing on Punk.

We have a lot of things we're doing this week, and today, we actually booked something on Blue Lagoon Island so we can meet and swim with Dolphins. When i was younger, i actually wanted to be a Dolphin trainer at the zoo. Obviously, i had a change in heart, but Dolphins are still one of my favorite animals, so I'm really excited.

"I wanna like, swim and pet them, but i don't wanna feed them," Sarah said. "I Think they eat raw fish, and it sounds gross."

"Girly girl," Sharp joked.

"Am not!" Sarah said. "I Would just rather now touch something so...disgusting."

"You were eating fish last night," I Said. "You can put it in your body but not touch it?"

"You don't even eat fish, or touch it," Kaner said.

"Shut up, Pat," I Said to him.

"As long as i don't have to touch raw fish, i'm good," Sarah said.

"It's not like they're alive to bite you," Punk said.

"EXACTLY," Sarah said. "I Don't wanna touch dead shit. It's weird and creepy."

"Your weird and creepy," Punk said back.

"I Wouldn't be calling me stuff when theres a bunch of rocks to my right," She said to him. He rolled his eyes and shut up.

Then, we got there, and we were told we had to change into these body suits or something to get in the water.

"What your going to do is get in the water, and then your going to hold on to this dolphins fin, and he's going to swim around the water and drag you with him," The instructor explained.

"Oh i wanna do that!" I Smiled.

"Come right over," She said.

Then i was helped into the water with the dolphin. It was a little weird to be so close to the dolphin, but it was so cute and harmless. I Grabbed onto one of it's fins, then it just took off. I Wanted to scream because it was so fast, but i was told not to because it'd frighten the dolphins. It was dragging me all around, and it was so FUN. I Was upset when it was done, and i just got out with a HUGE, GOOFY smile on my face.

"Someone looks like they had fun," Patrick said, holding my flip camera.  I Grabbed it back, then taped everyone else going.

One by one, we all left, until there was one left...Punk.

"This is stupid," He said. "I'm not stupid, so i'm not doing that."

"I Think you would be better off riding a shark," I Said. He just glared.

"Um, Phil?" Kristen said.

"What?" He asked.

"See, you never took me on a fucking honeymoon after our wedding," She said. "So I'm considering this our honeymoon, so YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS IN THAT WATER AND RIDE THAT DOLPHIN. WE ARE CREATING PRICELESS FAMILY MEMORIES HERE! NOW GET IN AND RIDE THAT DAMN DOLPHIN!" She yelled, pushing him near the water. He quickly got in.

"Was that necessary?" Sharpie asked.

"Yeah pretty much," She said, taking pictures.

After Punk's Dolphin ride from hell, we decided to finally hit the beach. The nearest beach close to us was called "Cabbage Beach". Interesting name for a beach, but it was amazing, and it had all these 'Water Sports' going on that the boys were REALLY Interested in.

"Dude, i wanna go Water Skiing!" Sharpie said.

"We should go Water Skiing, then Canoeing, that sounds fun," Kaner said.

"I'm in," Punk said.

"I Don't feel like it," I Shrugged.

"Either do i," Sarah said.

"Why don't you boys just go and us girls can go tomorrow?" Kristen suggested.

"Alright, sure," Kaner said. "Have fun," He said, before him, Sharpie and Punk went off.

To be honest, i wanted to go Canoeing and Water Skiing, but see, they do those sports WAY out there in the water, like, at a deep end, where people may drown. I Can swim, but because of an experience when i was younger,i have a HUGE fear of being down in deep water, that's why i didn't wanna go, and lucky for me neither did Sarah and Kristen. 

We ended up staying on the beach and played a game of volley ball with complete strangers, but who cares. We also got in a tan, and that took up 2 hours, and by now it was almost 5pm and the sun started to set, and i think some people were starting to leave to go get dinner, but we were some of the people who stayed. Then, the boys came back with smirks on their faces.

"Look what we found in the water," Punk smirked, holding some rope.

"Tug-A-War in the water," Sharpie said.

"Boys vs. Girls," Kaner said. Sarah, Kristen and i just looked at each other, then back at the boys.

"YOUR ON," We all said at the same time.

We ran close the water, only so it was almost up to my knees at least, and i was the shortest one there, so we really weren't that deep. 

"You two are professional wrestlers," Sarah said. "So if we lose, I'm blaming you."

"We won't lose," I Said.

Then, the game started, and DAMN, the boys pulled strong, but we actually did pretty good, and Kristen was behind Sarah and I, and she pulled as hard as she could, and we ended up beating the boys.

"HA!" We all shouted.

"REMATCH," They immediately shouted.

"But this time," Punk began. "Sarah and Sharp and Kristen against Me and Kat and Kaner."

"You wanna go against your wife?" Sharpie asked him.

"I Don't mind!" Kristen smiled. "When i kick his ass I'll have ultimate bragging right," She said, heading over with Sarah to Sharpie's side, as Punk and Kaner came over to mine.

Pat, Punk and i had a plan. Punk would be in the back and we would tie the rope around him while me and Patrick pulled, ain't no way they can beat us. When we started, our plan was doing good, but somehow, they striked back, and beat us.

"Kristen forever has bragging rights against Phil," Sarah laughed.

"OH YEAH!" Kristen shouted. Punk rolled his eyes.

"I Think we should go eat dinner now," Sharpie said. "I'm getting hungry," He said as Sarah, Punk and Kristen nodded in agreement.

"You guys go ahead," Patrick said. "I Wanna stay here with Kat for a while," He said. Sharpie immediately shot Kaner a look, and Kaner just shook his head and mouthed something to him. I Could read his lips, and he said 'Not Now,'....whatever that means.

"Alright, see you soon," Kristen said as the four of them walked off to the hotel to change, leaving just me and Patrick.

*Patrick Kane's POV*

The sun was setting, and now many people were gone, so it was just me and Kat, and i decided to take her on a walk on the beach.

"You enjoying yourself?" I Asked.

"I LOVE it here!" She smiled. I Smiled, just seeing her smile.

"That's good," I Said. "As long as your happy, I'm happy."

"You know, you really out-did yourself, Patrick," She said, as we were walking hand in hand, our feet soaked in the walked.

"Well, the one year anniversary of the day we met is this sunday, and i know we're spending it at a WWE Event like we did when we met, but, i just thought this would also be a good way to spend it," I Said.

"I Still remember the day we met," She smiled.

"I'll never forget it," I Said. "Back in Buffalo backstage, you actually looked like you hated me at first though," I laughed.

"I was mad because of an injury, i didn't hate you," She said, sticking her tongue out. "I Wish we could go to Buffalo more so you could see your family and friends."

"You really do?" I Asked. She just nodded. I Sighed. "I Was gonna ask you back in Chicago, but what the hell."

"What?" She asked.

"My day with the Cup is coming up soon, and i wanna take it back to Buffalo," I Said. "And i was wondering...if could take a week off to spend it in Buffalo with me?"

"Your week with the cup is the week of Summer Slam, and i have the whole week off except for Tuesday and Sunday, so i think it'll work," She smiled.

"Great!" I Smiled.

Then, out of nowhere, she splashed me in the face with water. I Just looked at her.

"Really?" I Asked.

I Went to splash her back, but before i could she just took off in the water. I Ran after her, and i eventually caught her from behind and pulled her back, and from there, we actually got into a water fight with each other, but after a couple of minutes, i stopped it, and just pulled her close to me, then, we made out right in the middle of the water on the beach. I Felt like such a teenager right now. It was like one of those moments you'd see in a lovey-dovey kind of movie, kissing on the beach in the sunset. It was so amazing, and i can't wait until later this week, when hopefully, we become engaged. Sharpie, Phil and I Plan on looking for her dad around here soon to ask for her hand in marriage. Coming here, i was scared as hell to propose, but around now, I'm ready to someday make her the Future Mrs. Patrick Kane.

*Later that night, Sarah's POV, Patrick and Sarah's room*

It was around 9pm, and it was getting dark outside. Sharpie and i were in our room watching a little tv. I Admit, i was a little tired because of all we've done today.

"Hey, i think i'm gonna head to be now since we gotta wake up earlier tomorrow," I Said.

"It's only 9pm though," Sharpie said.

"I Know, but i'm feeling tired," I Said.

"Come on, let's at least do something else real quick," He said to me.

"Like what?" I Asked. He smirked.

"Let's go have sex on the beach," He said.

"WHAT?" I Asked.

"You heard me," He said. "Come on, no ones out there, and no one can see us. Why not?"

"It just seems weird," I Shrugged.

"Come on," Sharpie said. Then, he just put his arms around me, and started getting pretty seductive. "You know you've always wanted to have sex on a beach."

"What if someone sees us though?" I Said.

"No one will, and if they do, i'm sure they'll enjoy the show," He smirked, before i playfully hit him in the shoulder. Then, i sighed.

"Fast, and i mean fast," I Said as we started making our way out the door.

"Don't worry," Sharpie said. "I Know how to get the job done," He winked as we walked out the door.

*Same time, Kristen and Punks room, Punks POV*

Kristen and i were on the couch together. She was watching some stupid TV Show and i was just resting on the couch, when suddenly, something hit me, not really, but you know what i mean. I instantly got up.

"Come on," I Said, grabbing her hand.

"Where are we going?" She asked, confused.

"To the beach," I Said.

"But i'm not in my bikini," she once again said confused. 

"Well we aren't swimming or tanning," I Said.

"Then what are we going to do?" She asked.

"Have beach sex," I Said.

"Why?!" She asked.

"Because, look at us," I Said. "We're acting so...old."

"No we're not!" She said.

"Well i feel old, so we're having sex on the beach," I Said.

"People are gonna see us!" She yelled.

"Babe it's 9pm at night and it's dark outside," I Said. "NO ONE Will see us, promise." I Said. She looked at me for a moment, then sighed.

"This better be quick," She said. I Smirked, then, we ran out into the room to head down to the beach.

*No POV*

Both the couples of Punk and Kristen and Sarah and Sharpie were on their way down to the beach. None of them knew the other couples were planning the same thing, so when they ran into each other in the hallway right in front of Kat and Kaner's room, it was super awkward.

"Um..." Punk began, completely at a loss for words.

"We were just uh..." Sharpie began, also at a loss for words. "Going down to the lobby...for drinks..."

"Yeah! We uh...we were gonna go...use the bathrooms down there!" Punk said. "The bathrooms in the room are uh...filthy and used."

Kristen and Sarah kind of just gave each other a look, the same look. Then both of them rolled their eyes, and sighed.

"We go on the left side, you guys go on the right side," Sarah said.

"Sounds good to me," Kristen said.

"Us Too," Sharpie and Punk both said. 

Then, they all ran out into an elevator and had sex on the beach. 

*Patrick Kane's POV*

Kat and i were just lying in bed next to each other. We were both just thinking i guess. I Have no idea what she was thinking, but i bet it's about us having beach sex. We were gonna go do it out there tonight, but we heard The other four say they were going to go out there, so i guess me and Kat will tomorrow night maybe. I on the other hand...i couldn't stop thinking about tomorrow. I'm so nervous to meet Kat's dad, and I'm so nervous somehow she'll find out. I'm so nervous her dad won't like me, and I'm so nervous all of this was for nothing. Thank god i'll have Phil and Sharpie there with me to help me. I'm just so nervous. I Really wanna propose to Kat, and that's all. I Just want things to work out for the best, and this is what i think is best, for Kat, and for me. She really changed me for the better, and i can't imagine life without her, and living life without her is my biggest fear. I'm just so nervous. Whatever happens tomorrow with her dad was meant to happen. I Just hope it happens for the best...

To be continued...


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