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Year Two Week Twenty-One // The Bahamas/ Part Two- The Secret Life Of Kasey Angel

*Wednesday Morning*

"Wake up," I Heard Patrick whisper into my ear, before gently tugging on me. I Just yawned.

"What time is it?" I Asked, starting to sit up.

"Around 9am," Patrick said.

"Oh," I Said. "What are we going to do today?" I Asked.

"YOU are gonna go Water-Skiing with Sarah and Kristen," Patrick said. "But the Men and I are gonna go fishing."

"Why?" I Asked.

"Well, first, do you wanna spend your day fishing?" Patrick asked. "Second, you said you would go Water-Skiing later this week, and later is today," He smiled. I Put a smile on my face too.

"Can't wait!" I Said. He smiled, then got out off bed and left the room, and immediately after, i rolled my eyes and dug my face into a pillow, and screamed.

I REALLY don't wanna go Water-Skiing at all.  I'm not a big Fishing person, but i'd rather do that then be up in some deep water where i could drown. This is gonna be interesting...Well, no, It's gonna be fucking dangerous.

*Later that day, Patrick Kane's POV*

"Remind us again why we're going with you to ask Kat's dad for her hand in marriage?" Sharpie asked.

"To make sure i don't screw it up and act like a dildo," I Said. "And he's there to tell me where he lives," I Said, pointing to Phil.

"I Told you, i haven't seen him since her graduation ceremony back in 2007, then he fled," Phil gritted through his teeth.

"Well you'll still help me with him," I Said. "You do know him better then i do."

"Oh, your damn straight i know him better then you," Phil said. "And since i do, take my advice, this is a bad idea."

"How?" Sharpie asked.

"I'm not going to get into details, it just is," Phil said.

"I Flew you all-" I Began.

"No you didn't, i helped pay," Sharpie interrupted.

"Whatever," I Said. "I Helped fly you all out here, and the only reason i decided to come here was to talk to Kat's dad about marriage and probably to propose, and I'm not leaving her until i at least talk to him," I Said, all serious. Phil looked at me, then smirked.

"All right, fine," He said. "Do whatever the hell you wanna do, but trust me, you'll end up saying 'I Told You So' to me."

"No i won't," I Gritted through my teeth. "I Know what i'm doing."

"When it comes to Ken," Phil began. "There's no telling what will happen, so don't be planning this out in your head, your just setting yourself up for disappointment."

"You know, i think your just jealous," I Said, pulling over to the side of the road real quick.

"Jealous? JEALOUS?" Phil said, before laughing. "You got it all wrong. I'm not a jealous type of person, at all."

"Well you sound really jealous now," I Said to him.

"Or maybe i'm just trying to be nice," He said. "Look, like we've agreed, i know Ken WAY better then you, and this really is a stupid ide-"

"NO IT'S NOT," I Yelled out of nowhere, interrupting him. I Couldn't stand to let him finish his sentence.

"Look, I've been there for Kat ever since her mom gave birth to her in her bedroom back in '89, and for the first time, she actually found a guy who's not a total idiot or douche," He said. "And i've actually warmed up to you, and i sure as hell didn't warm up to her other boyfriends."

"Seriously, are you trying to make a point or just waste our time," I Asked, slightly annoyed.

"Point is you don't have to be blood to be family, and that's the case with Kat," Phil said. "And if you wanna be with her, your like family, so i'm just looking out for you. Ken isn't what you'd expect, and you have no idea what your getting yourself into." I Just looked him straight in the eye.

"I know exactly what i'm getting myself into, and i'm prepared," I Said. He just smirked. I Could tell he wanted to say something, but he didn't.

"So this a bad time to ask if i could move up to Shotgun?" Sharpie asked. I Didn't even answer him, i just kept staring at Phil.

Then, i just turned up the music as loud as i could to block out all sound from Sharpie and Phil, and from my mind. So much was going through it, and that little voice in my head was telling me to actually listen to Phil, and i couldn't stand it. I'm talking to Kat's dad no matter what, and nothings going to change my mind.

"Is that her dad's house?" Sharpie asked, point to this one big house by an ocean.

"It's one of the only one's out here," I Said.

"This is Ken's place, i just know it is," Phil said, just staring down the place.

"Well, let's go," I Said.

I Took out my keys and put them in my pocket, then, we all got out of the car. Just walking up the front steps of the house made me nervous, and i was seriously thinking that maybe Phil was right and it wasn't a good idea. I Can't go through with this, i just can't. It was too late though. Sharpie had already knocked on the front door before i could leave. Maybe if i run away as fast i can i cou-

My thoughts were quickly cut off by the sound of a door opening, and before i knew it, the front door was wide open. No turning back now.

*Kats POV*           


We were actually in the water with this one guy water-skiing. We were going one at a time. Sarah went first, and now it was Kristen. I was trying to keep quiet and let them go for as long as they wanted, anything to make sure i didn't have to do this. It always worked in Gym Class when we were playing Softball; I'd be in the back everytime my team batted and i'd never have a chance to bat, i'm hoping that theory will work now. Then, the small boat we were on came to a stop, and Kristen used the rope she was holding on to pull her in and got on the boat.

"That was SO MUCH Fun!!!" She smiled, sitting down.

"I Know right?" Sarah smiled, throwing her a towel. Then she looked at me. "Your gonna LOVE It," I Just sunk back a little.

"I'm not feeling too good actually," I lied.

"Well what's wrong?" Sarah asked.

"Um..." I began. "I think i'm getting boat sick or something," I Shrugged. Then, the boat driver got involved.

"Darling," He began, "We've been out here for a while, if you were really boat sick, you would have lost your lunch already."

"True," Kristen said.

"Well i was drinking a margarita earlier, so maybe that was it," I Said. Sarah just turned my head toward her and looked at me for a moment.

"You fucking liar," She said.

"What?" I Asked. Then Kristen did the same, then sighed.

"When you drink your eyes become bloodshot red," She said. "Your eyes are perfectly normal now. Your lying." I Rolled my eyes.

"I Just don't wanna go, is that a problem?" I Asked.

"Actually yes," The boat driver said. "I Was already paid money to take three people water-skiing, and if you don't water-ski, that's a waste of your friend's money, because he already gave it to me and by law i don't have to give him a refund of the $20 he paid for you, i get to keep all $60," He said as i sighed.

"I Just don't feel like doing it, that's all," I Shrugged.  Then, Sarah and Kristen just both gave each other a look, then looked back at me.

"Would you go in if we did this?" Kristen asked. I Had a confused look.

"If you di-" I Began.

Then, both Kristen and Sarah grabbed my arms, then, pulled me closer, and then them pulling me ended up in them PUSHING me off the boat and into the water. I Kept flapping my arms around, trying to get my head out of the water, and when i did, i was gasping for air. Oh yeah, did i ever mention i don't know how to swim?

"WHAT THE HELL!?" I Yelled in the water at them. They were just both snickering.

"We're not letting you back on until you do it!" Sarah yelled out to me.

"NO!" I Yelled.

"Alright, have fun swimming back to shore!" Kristen said. Then, the engine of the boat actually started running again.

"NO!" I Yelled out. Then they turned around, and the boat stopped. I Just sighed. "I Can't swim..." I Grumbled. Then, Kristen and Sarah just broke out laughing.

"Your almost 22 years old, How can you not swim!?" Kristen asked.

"I JUST CAN'T!" I Yelled.

"Well, when i met you when i was 14, you never actually went swimming until i invited you over to beach party for my birthday," Sarah shrugged.

"YEAH!" I Yelled. "I Grew up my whole childhood in the Heights! PEOPLE IN THE HEIGHTS ARE BROKE AS FUCK! I NEVER OWNED A DAMN SWIMMING POOL!"

"Just kind of make your way over to the rope, hold on and go skiing," Kristen said.

"Just because you grew up broke as a joke so you couldn't get a swimming pool to learn how to swim doesn't mean we're letting you back in," Sarah said. I Rolled my eyes. Sometimes, i can't stand neither of them, really.

*Patrick Kane's POV*

"Um...Can i help you three?" A Blonde women asked answering the door. She looked no younger then 20 years old.

"," I Said. "We were looking for Kenny Dawson bu-"

"Kenny?" She asked. "He's in our bedroom watching tv, i'll go get him. You boys just come on and make yourself comfy," She smiled, letting us in. After we got in and she walked over to a hallway, Sharpie nugged me.

"Is that Kat's sister?" He asked.

"OH," Phil said out loud. "That's not Savannah, not at all...."

"She looks younger then Kat," I Shrugged.

"And Kat's the youngest in her family," Phil smirked at me. I Just looked at him. I Think he was trying to get into my head, but whatever.

Then, a man who looked maybe in his early 50s, maybe a little younger, walked in the room, in Tan Shorts and a Grey t-shirt. You could tell he was around the 50 age, but he actually looked young for 50, kind of like George Clooney i guess. He just looked at us.

"Can i help you-" He began, but stopped, and looked at Phil for a moment. "Phil?"

"Hello, Kennedy," Phil said to him, crossing him arms.

"I Haven't seen you since 2007! You've grown up so much!" Kat's dad said.

"That's what happens when you leave for four years," Phil said.

"Hey, looks like you finally grew into that 'Chick Magnet' Nickname you came up with when you Mike and Craig formed that stupid Backyard Wrestling thing," He said.

"Wrestling isn't stupid," Phil said.

"Oh, yes it is," Ken said. "It's nothing but a bunch of Fake ass Gay Guys running around in spandex throwing fake punches at each other." Kat's his daughter, and a wrestler, so i was surprised to see his opinion on wrestlers to say the least.

"Whatever you say, Kennedy, Whatever you say..." Phil said to him, just staring him down.

"Now, what are you boys here for?" Ken asked, after he grabbed a beer from the kitchen.

"Um, Sir?" Sharpie said, getting his attention. "It's only 3pm maybe you should wait few hours before you start drinking..."

"It's 5 o'clock somewhere," Ken said, taking a sip. "So, this is the last time i'm gonna ask this, why are you guys here at my house?"

"We need to talk to you about one of your daughters," I Said.

"My Daughters?" Ken said. "Man, i haven't heard from any of my kids in years..."

"Yeah, well that's what i gotta talk to you about," I Said.

"Is it about Savannah?" He asked. "How's she doing?" I Looked at Phil to give an answer since he knew Kat's family better then me, but he wasn't opening his mouth at all.

"Um...i'm sure she's good, but it's not about Savannah," I Said.

"Is it about Craig?" He asked.

"Wait...Craig as in Craig Dawson?" Sharpie asked. "Dude, he's youtube famous!"

"So he's doing good?" Ken asked, with a smile on his face.

"Last i heard, he's still up in the U.K working with Simon Cowell's record company up there," Sharpie said. I Was amazed he knew exactly who Kat's brother was and i didn't.

"I Always knew he would amount himself to something," Ken smiled. "He always was my favorite kid."

"That's nice," I Said. "But uh, it's about Kat."

Then, that smile he had on his face quickly turned into a look of disgust and a frown.

"Oh...her," He grumbled. "What happened to her? Is she in Jail or something? She need me to bail her out? Because if that's the case, that's not happening."

"Wait...what?" I Asked, confused at what he was saying.

"That kid," He said, quickly taking another sip of beer. "Ever since the day she was brought into this world, she's been a failure, and i always knew she'd amount to nothing."

"She's one of the best professional women's wrestlers in the world now," I Said, defending her.

"Wrestler? She was supposed to be in Law School!" He yelled.

"She dropped out," I Said.

"That little bitch, i payed a LOT of money for her to get an education and she doesn't even graduate?!" He asked, furiously.

"She's not a little bitch," I Defended again.

"Oh really?" He asked. "Every since she was a kid she was nothing but trouble, that's why i never wasted my time on her."

"Do you even know what your saying!?" I Asked, incredibly shocked by what he was saying about Kat.

"I know EXACTLY What i'm saying," He said sternly.

"I Don't know what your deal is with her, but you and your wife bro-" I Began.

"WIFE?" He asked me. "What wife? I've never been married!"

"What about Kat's mom?" Sharpie asked.

"Oh...Rosa," He smiled, taking another sip of beer, "The Mexican Beauty queen. Moved to america when she was only 18 to attend NYU, along with me of course,  back in 1980. I Was a year older then her and was a Sophomore when she first came, so we didn't know eachother at first, but oh boy...My Senior year, i became HIGHLY Aware of her," He smirked. "I Even stayed in New York another year after graduation to wait for her to finish up. Eventually we became good friends, and we realized we both had something in common....we loved sex."

"Oh for the love of god," Phil mumbled.

"Shut up pansy ass," Ken snapped at him. "Anyway, we both loved having sex, but we didn't want to be in a serious relationship or anything, so, we kind of had this friends with benefits thing," He smirked as he reminisced. "We really did have a good thing going on, just as friends." He said, taking another drink of beer.

"Anyway, at the end of '83, we were doing it, and the Condom broke off, and months later, my wife brought my daughter Savannah into the world in '84. The same thing happened in '86 with my Son, Craig, and i started realizing Kids weren't that bad, but then at the end of '88, around early November, the same thing happened, and in '89, my wife gave birth to Kat, and surely she proved my theory of Kids wrong. She always was a troubled child, and i could never get through to her, oh, and god help us, when her mom died, i don't even know what happened, it was just a downward spiral with her. Disappointment after disappointment, failure after failure, it was the same old shit with her. I Constantly curse out god for my condom breaking that November night in '88," He said. That put me over the edge.

"So she was a mistake?" I Asked.

"Hell yes she was! She shouldn't be alive!" He said. "She just never learned growing up. I Tried to step in and help her, but she wouldn't listen, and she just fell into the wrong crowd, especially after her mom died, and she became friends with this neighborhood slut. I Think her name was Sam...or Sarah, something like that." That really caught Sharpie's attention.

"Did you just call my girlfriend a slut!?" Sharpie snapped.

"Wait...Your with Sarah now!?" Ken asked, before laughing. "Why?"

"Because she's the most beautiful and generous girl in the world that's why!" Sharpie snapped, clenching his fist together and about to hit him, but i stopped him.

"For the record..." Phil uttered out. "Sarah never was the neighborhood slut, she was just popular. Savannah was the real neighborhood slut."

"What did you just say!?" Ken asked furiously. He looked like he wanted to hit Phil, but he never did, and Phil kept quiet. Ken calmed himself, then sighed. "Look, i don't have time for any bullshit, so please tell me, What the hell do you want with Kat?"

"Actually..." I Said. "I Wanted to give you something."

"What's that?" Ken asked.

"This," I Said.

Then, i punched him right in the face as hard as i could, then knocked him over onto the ground. Right when they happened, i heard a gasp, and immediately Sharpie Phil and I looked over to the righ and saw Ken's girlfriend or whatever standing there.

"Well shit...." I Said. Then, i sighed. "DAMMIT RUN BITCHES!" I Yelled.

Then,the three of us ran out of the house and literally jumped into the jeep and i got the keys in the ignition as soon as i could, then i pressed down on the pedal as hard as i could and got out of this area. About five minutes later, i finally slowed down, and kind of gathered my thoughts together.

"Wow..." Sharpie said. "I Feel bad for Kat, i can't believe she had to grow up like that."

"I Can't even imagine how it was like in her house," I Said.

"I Can," Phil said. Me and Sharpie just looked at him, and he sighed. "He was drinking buddies with my dad for a while until my dad quit, and Kat and her siblings barely ever were at their house if their dad was their."

"Wow..." I Said.

I Grew up in such a tight family, like one of those nice, whole hearted families you would make a cheesy Sitcom out of, and just knowing Kat had the absolute complete opposite of that kind of hit me, but what really got to me was when her dad said Kat shouldn't be alive and was a mistake. Kat was no mistake, and i have idea what i'd be doing with my life if it wasn't for her. She got me to actually settle down and stop being a complete player and hooking up with some girl every other night. I Couldn't imagine life without her, i really couldn't.

"You okay,man?" Sharpie asked.

"No, i'm not," I Said, breathless. "I Can't do this."

"Can't do what?" Sharpie asked.

"I Can't propose," I Said.

"Hold on," Phil said, getting involved. "Your ending something good you have with a good girl because you found out about her past?"

"I'm not an idiot, dumbass," I Said. "I'm not ending it with Kat at all, and i'll still propose, i just don't know when, that's all."

"Look, i know we made a bet," Sharpie said. "But seriously, if you aren't ready yo-"

"I'm ready," I Said. "I'm the type of guy that doesn't do anything he doesn't want to do, and if i didn't wanna spend the rest of my life with Kat, i'd be gone already."

"Whatever," Phil said. "Turn the radio on and drive."

I Turned the radio on, and i don't know if this was coincidence or something, but that song 'According to you' was playing. Completely relevant around now. Then, i felt a tap on my shoulder from Phil.

"Look, i'm an asshole, no denying that," Phil said. "But i have my moments, and when i have those moments and am nice, don't take it for granted." He said. I Just sighed, and kept my eyes locked on the road.

*4:45pm, Hotel, Kat's POV*

"I Swear to god," I Said, drying my hair with a towel as Me, Sarah and Kristen were in the lobby walking to our hotel rooms, "If you two ever push my into an ocean again, if i make it out alive, i'll make you wear your asses as hats."

"Well, i have a very fine ass, so i wouldn't mind," Sarah said, walking faster to get closer to the elevator.

"I'm Italian, every part of my body is smoking, so like she said, i won't mind," Kristen said, walking ahead too. I Just rolled my eyes and caught up with them, then got in the elevator with them.'

"I Hate you two," I Said.

"Yeah of course you do," Sarah said.

"I Mean it," I Said.

"Mhm..." Kristen said. I Rolled my eyes.

"Why don't you ever take me seriously?" I Asked them.

"Oh i don't know..." Sarah said, "Oh yeah, it's because your the biggest most immature idiot i've met."

"Exactly," Kristen said. I Rolled my eyes, then shut up.

Then the elevator got to our floor and we got out and started walking down the hall until we got to our rooms.

"We'll meet down in the lobby for dinner in about 10?" I said.

"Sure," They both agreed.

Then, we all went into our hotel rooms. When i got in mine, i saw Patrick sitting on the couch, already dressed for dinner and watching tv.

"Hey Buzz," I Said to him, smiling. Saturday Night before we left, Adam shaved off his mullet and gave him a buzz-cut instead, so i've been calling him Buzz. He's surprisingly really good with a razor in his hands.

"Oh, hey Kat," He said. "Can i talk to you?"

"Sure, whatsup?" I Asked, putting down my towel. Then Patrick jumped off the couch and walked over to me and looked me right in the eye.

"I Just wanted to let you know, that no matter what happens, no matter what we go through, no matter what you go through, no matter what people say, i will never leave you alone to face it by yourself and i will never be one of those people to hurt you, ever," He said, kissing my on my forehead after then embracing me into a hug. "Your the most smartest, beautiful, irresistible girl alive, and if people don't see that, they're complete idiots.

I Didn't really say anything, because i didn't know what to say, and i have no idea where this is coming from, but i kept in his embrace, and just smiled as he rested his chin my head and my face was kind of buried in his chest. I Don't know why he's all of a suddenly telling me this, but i don't care why, he's making me feel like the most beautiful and loved girl in the world.

To be continued...


  1. Lmfao Sarah and Kristen pushing Kat into the water. Some one is afraid of water ;D. Oh man Phil was right about Kat's dad. Shocking right there. Loved it. Can't wait for more!

  2. Awe! Kat your not alone! I can't swim either! xD, Lol parents to damn broke to get a pool! Kiddie pools are always on the list you know! ;D lol. And awe!! What Kane said to Kat almost got me in tears a little bit! Oh and I don't like your dad AT ALL!! You weren't a mistake! You're fine! Thank GOD Kane punched him in the face! I would of done the same damn thang! Damn this is a long comment lol! Can't wait to read Part 3! :D

  3. Hehehe, pushing you in the water with Sarah :P Dammn.... your dad is well.. not gonna say. lol glad Kaner punched him! loved it! :D