Monday, July 18, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty One // The Bahamas/ Part Three- PS. I Love You

A/N-Writing this Chapter i only had one big idea for it...which you'll see later as you read this...but anyway, yeah, i had trouble writing it, so yeah, that's why it's short and stuff. haha. And i met to get it up Friday, but with some stuff, yeah, it's up now. lool. well...enjoy


 Me and Patrick were in bed cuddling with each other. It felt so good being in his embrace. We also left the sliding door that lead to the balcony open, so there was a nice, cool breeze coming into our room. This felt so right.

"I Love you so much," Patrick whispered into my ear, making me smile.

"I Love you too," I Said.

Then he flipped over and got on top of me, then pinned me down onto the bed and started to passionately kiss me, until we were interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on the door. Kaner sighed, then got up to go answer, and i shortly followed. We opened the door and saw Sharpie there.

"Am i interrupting something here?" He asked.

"Kind of," Kaner said.

"Oh well too bad," Sharpie said, i just rolled my eyes. "It's 1pm, aren't we supposed to go down to the beach?"

"Oh yeah," Kaner said. "We forgot."

"Well duh," Sharpie said. "We've been waiting for you two for over 15 minutes."

"Really?" I Said. "Guess we just lost track of time."

"Yeah, you did," Sharpie said.

"We'll go change and head to the beach," I Said.

Then, Kaner and i headed over to our room to change, but Sharpie grabbed Kaner real quick before he got to our room...

"Dude," Sharpie said, grabbing Kaner after i went into our room and shut the door. 

"'Sup man?" Kaner asked him.

"Tomorrow's the day," Sharpie smirked.

"Your...y'know...proposing?" Kaner asked.

"I Think so," Sharpie shrugged.

"You think?" Kaner questioned.

"Okay, yeah, i am," Sharpie said. 

"Wow man," Kaner said. "How's it feel?"

"I Feel nervous as fuck," Sharpie said. "What if she says no?"

"She won't say no," Kaner reassured. "She loves you too much. I Don't know why, but she does."

"I Know she does, but she's still young, what if she doesn't wanna get married?" Sharpie asked.

"Just because she's young and your old as shit doesn't mean anything," Kaner said. "Dude 16 year olds are getting married now a days. Sarah's 23, i think she'll say yes."

"Hopefully..." Sharpie sighed. "I'm just so nervous."

"Don't be," Kaner said. "Your girlfriend doesn't have the devil as her dad, relax."

"True..." Sharpie said. "Hey, does Kat know you went to her dad?"

"Hell no," Kaner said. "I Don't even wanna remember that time, yet alone let my girlfriend know. When i propose, i'll just go ask another family member close to her or something. I Hear her brother lives in London, maybe him."

"When the hell are you gonna go to London?" Sharpie asked him. Kaner just shrugged.

"I Have no idea," Kaner said. "But no matter what, i'm still proposing to Kat by the end of the summer."

"Good," Sharpie said.

"I'm ready!" I Said as i came out of the bedroom in my Purple Bikini and saw Sharpie and Kaner on the couch.

"Alright, i'll go change," Kaner said, getting up and heading to our room.

"Hurry up, Buzz!" I Said to him, smiling.

"How long are you gonna call him Buzz?" Sharpie asked.

"As long as he has a buzz-cut, i'll call him Buzz," I Stuck out my tongue.

Then, Kaner came out in his trunks and a white t-shirt and the three of us headed to the beach to meet up with the other three.



"I Wanna go snorkeling," Sarah said.

"I Don't," I Said.

"You don't wanna do anything involving water," Sarah rolled her eyes. Kaner just looked at me.

"I Don't like swimming," I Said to him.

"Why not?" He asked.

"Swimming means water, water means oceans, oceans mean drowning, drowning means dieing, so basically by not swimming i'm saving my life," I Said.

"That's the most stupidest thing i've ever heard," Sarah said.

"Could you shut up for just a moment?" I Asked her. She rolled her eyes. "I Just don't feel comfortable in water," I Shrugged.

"Don't worry," Kaner said, putting his arms around me, "As long as i'm here, i won't let anything happen to you."

"Aw, isn't that cute," Punk said. "I Could almost throw up."

"That's nothing i wanna picture after i just ate," Sarah said, looking a little queezy.

"You know your a jackass," Sharpie said to Punk.

"Oh really i am?" Punk asked. "Why, i didn't know that!"

"Oh my," Kristen sighed. "Don't fight, please."

"Because the girl i love said so..." Punk said.

"Because i don't wanna go to jail for kicking your ass...." Sharpie said.

"OoOo Your getting feisty," Sarah smirked, clinging onto her boyfriend.

" know," Sharpie said. "When i gotta be a man, i gotta be a man."

"You do realize what you just said, right?" Punk asked him.

"You do realize if you two don't shut up i'll make you,right?" Kristen said. Then, they shut their mouths as we walked over to this reef where we would go snorkeling.


"Two margaritas, right here," Kaner said, with two margaritas in hand, for me and for him, as did Sharpie for him and Sarah.

It was around 5 and we just got out of the water about 15 minutes ago. The sun was setting here in the bahamas, and all of us decided to lay off dinner for an hour our so, and just drink margaritas together on the beach.

"This is beautiful," Sharpie said, leaning back, putting his free arm around Sarah.

"It reminds me of the sunset we had when we got married last year on the beach," Punk smiled. Wow, i've never seen him smile before, well, not a 'Good' Smile. I See vicious smiles.

"Best day of my life," Kristen smiled, as well.

"You know, it's been almost a year since you walked down the isle," I Said.

"Really? Seems like just yesterday," Punk smiled again. Seriously, this is getting creepy.

"Before you know it," Sarah said. "You'll be popping a bunch of little punks out of your coslopus...god help us all." Kristen and Punk just looked uneasy.

"Kids?" Punk said.

"We've only been married a little over 8 months, kids,really?" Kristen said.

"You know," I Said, before taking a sip of my margarita. "I'm surprised you two already don't have a little punk in the oven, considering you do it constantly. You'd think the condom would break by now."

"I Don't feel comfortable talking about my sex life with my best friend, her friend, her boyfriend, and her best friends boyfriend," Kristen shrugged.

"Either do i," Kaner said, putting his arm around me, and thats when i noticed something.

"Babe, your wrist is all bruised," I Said.

"Don't worry about it," He shrugged. "I've just been over-using it lately, it's no big deal."

"I Haven't had something bruised up like that since i broke my wrist in the indies," Kristen said.

"That actually looks worst," Punk said, looking at it.

"Damn Kaner, how the hell did you do that?" Sharpie asked.

"Look it's nothing," Kaner said.

"It's something," Sarah said.

"She's right," I Said. "When i was 9, i broke my wrist, and my wrist was almost bruised and swollen up like yours."

"If it's such a big deal, i'll go see a doctor sunday before the pay-per view in Chicago," Patrick said.

"Speaking of the Pay-Per view," Sarah said. "You guys did manage to get us tickets,right?"

"Ringside," I Said. "Took a lot of work...and by that, i mean asking Stephanie for some when she was drunk."

"Man, i'm excited for Sunday," Punk smiled. "Kid, you and i are ruling the whole Pay-Per view."

"Damn straight we are," I Smiled.

"Gonna be a great way to spend our one year anniversary," Kaner smiled, before kissing me.

"It's gonna be fun for sure," I Smiled, taking another sip of my margarita as i admired the sunset.

*Patrick Sharps POV*

We were all sitting on the beach admiring the sunset and talking about this Wrestling Pay-Per view we were all going to be at Sunday when we get back to Chicago, and i felt my Cell phone vibrate next to me, and when i checked it, i just smiled.

"Bought to hop on my plane...Gonna be in the Bahamas around this time tomorrow!!!"

That was the text message i had just received from my brother Chris. I Booked him a plane so he could come out here to help me set up...Set up for my proposal to Sarah tomorrow. I Was a nervous wreck inside just thinking about this, but i felt a little better knowing my brother was going to help me with this, and that i'd be proposing to Sarah, someone i actually love, and not just some short-term thing. I Just couldn't help but smile.

"Who's that?" Sarah asked, as she saw my smiling at my phone.

"Oh...just Adam," I said. "You know Adam, nothing important, just random nonsense."

She just smiled at me, and i smiled back. Tomorrow was a big day, to say the least. Tomorrow, my life will forever be changed, for the better...hopefully.

*Friday, Patrick Sharp's POV*

"Wow..." Me and My brother Chris said at the same time.

It was about 7pm. Sarah was still at the beach with Kat and Kristen, Kaner and Phil, but i told them i wasn't feeling too good, so i left about an hour ago to go pick my brother Chris up from the airport, and since then, we've been redoing mine and Sarah's hotel room. I Had Candles everywhere, and the sun was setting, and in roses, i made a heart that i would get down in one knee in, and in front of that, i spelled out the words "Will You Marry Me?". Sarah would walk in any moment now to see all of this.

"I Can't believe your about to propose," Chris said to me.

"Me neither," I Said. "But if i wasn't sure i wanted to do this, i wouldn't." Chris just smiled.

"Who would have thought my little brother would fall in love before i did," He laughed, as did i. "So uh, where's the ring?" I Pulled it out of my pocket and showed it to him. "Wow...That looks, expensive."

"You can't put a price on love,"I Smiled.

"How long did it take you to convince yourself that before buying it?" Chris laughed.

"Eh," I Laughed. "How do i look?"

I Turned around and looked in the mirror. I Was wearing tan shorts, a white v-neck, and i kind of spiked up my hair a little.

"You look great," Chris said. "Look, Sarah should be up here any moment, get down on your knee in the heart, and i'ma head out now into my own hotel room.

"Alright," I Said. "Thanks man," I Said, before hugging him real quick.

"Anytime," Chris said. "Now, go make sure Sarah becomes my future Sister-In-Law," He smiled, before patting me on the back, then he left.

After he left, i tip-toed over to the Heart made of roses, then bent down on one knee with the ring out. Any moment, Sarah would walk through that door.

*Sarah's POV*

I Was walking down the hall to my room. Kat, Kaner, Kristen and Punk weren't hungry, but i was, so i left the beach and i was gonna go see if Patrick wanted to go to Dinner early with me. While walking, i swear, i saw Patrick's brother, Chris. Can't be. Chris is all the way up in Canada. I'm probably just seeing things since i haven't eaten much today. Then, i grabbed my room key and opened the door to my hotel room, and i saw all these candles and rose petals everywhere, and i saw Sharpie on one knee with a Ring in his hand in this Heart made of Rose petals, and below i saw the words "Will You Marry Me?" Spelled out in Red and Pink roses. I Just rubbed my eyes, i'm just imagining things now, i really need some food. But then, when i rubbed my eyes and then opened them again, everything was still the same. The Candles. The Rose Petals. Patrick. The ring. This is real life right here. I Just completely froze when i realized that.

"Sarah," Sharpie began. "Since the day i met you at the mall back in October, i had a crush on you. Then, things developed, and something happened to me that's never happened before, i fell in love with someone. After every game loss, after all the hard times, you've always been there to help me move forward, and no one else in my life has done that. Sarah, i've never met Anyone like you. Your one of a kind. Sarah, I Love You, and those three words have my life in them. So, Sarah Lynn Mason, will you give me the honor of becoming your future husband? Will you marry me?"


  1. "Swimming means water, water means oceans, oceans mean drowning, drowning means dieing, so basically by not swimming i'm saving my life," Yes... I love that part. Lol love the blog! :D I can see Sarah saying yes! :D Mrs. Sarah Jay Sharp lol or how ever those people say it at wedding lol

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