Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty Three // Steal Your Heart / Part One

"You know you've made it in life when you make the front page of TMZ," I Said.

It was tuesday after noon, and i was over at Kristen and Punk's house. I Was bored so i started trolling on their internet, and i found that Them, Colt, Me and Patrick made the front page of because of our little two day after party from Money In The Bank.

"Because everyone dreams of making," Punk said as he grabbed a Pepsi from his fridge.

"I Love how we have a flight to New Jersey in a couple hours and instead of packing we're talking to you," Kristen said.

"Ew why are you going to New Jersey?" I Asked, disgusted.

"It's my birthday present," She said.

"Why would you wanna go to New Jersey?" I Asked.

"Oh i don't know, maybe because i grew up there?" She said sarcastically.

"Oh yeah, that's why you have such low manners," I Said.

"Shut up," Kristen said.

"Exactly my point," I Said, smirking at her, as i turned off the computer.

"You discriminate a lot," Punk said.

"Do not," I Said back. "I come from a multi-cultural background, therefore i'd be a hypocrite if i discriminated."

"OH PLEASE," Punk said, rolling his eyes. "Just because your mom was from Mexico and your dad was from the streets of Queens doesn't mean you come from a Multi-Cultural background."

"Oh yes it does," I Said, getting up and heading the their fridge.

"Idiot," Kristen said. "And stop stealing my food you little freeloader."

"She's not so little," Punk said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I Asked, getting a big chocolate chip cookie out of their fridge.

"You know what i mean," Punk said to me.

"No i don't," I Said. "Hence why i asked you what the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"EXACTLY," Punk said. "Do you hear what your saying? Your dropping F bombs. Little people don't drop f bombs.

"Hypocrite," I Said to him. "You accuse me of being discriminative and your sitting their saying Midgets can't cuss."

"I never said Midgets couldn't curse, nor did i say the word Midget." Punk said.

"One, that's how you meant it," I Said. "Two, just did," I Said, sticking my tongue out.

"Oh shut up," Punk rolled his eyes.

Then, i tore off part of the cookie,and chucked it at his head.

"Okay yeah, you need to go," Kristen said, already opening her front door.

"Seriously," I Said, crossing my arms at her.

"Yes," She said.

"Bitch," I Mumbled under my breath as i started walking out the door, but before i did, she stopped me, and took my big cookie away.

"That's my big cookie..." She mumbled as she grabbed it.


"Babe, don't worry, i'll be fine," Patrick comforted me in his bed.

It was 5pm now, and Patrick had a three hour surgery to undergo. I Was so scared for him. The last time i got surgery was when i was younger and had this little accident, but i was too young to even remember it, all i remember was screaming and crying for my parents before they drugged me, needless to say, i'm freaked up by the fact of some person drugging you and then cutting you open, no matter where it's happening.

"What if they take out the wrong part?" I Asked worried.
"They aren't taking out anything," Patrick said. "They're repairing something."

"Still..." I Pouted.

Patrick just used his right arm to pull me closer to him, then he kissed me on the forehead.

"I'm just repairing something in my left wrist, i promise you, i'll be fine, cross my heart," He said. "You just go out with your friends and have a nice time, i promise you i'll be fine." 

I Wasn't exactly too convinced at first, but i cracked a slight smile, then gave him a kiss.

"I'll be here first thing in the morning, i promise," I Told him.

"Actually I-"

"Mr. Kane?" The Nurse said, coming in. "We'll be drugging you for the surgery in about twenty minutes, but for now, i'm afraid you'll guest will have to leave."

 "Alright," I Said. "I Love you," I Said to him.
"I Love you too," Patrick said.

Then, i walked out of the room and into an elevator and went to the lobby and was about to walk out, until i saw someone familiar walk through the doors of the hospital.

"Sarah?" I Asked looking at her, who was shocked to see me.
"Why are you here!?" She asked.

"I Came to drop Patrick off for his surgery..." I Said.

"Oh, right," Sarah said. "Well um...forget you ever saw me."



Then, me and Sarah just stood across from each other, looking at each other, then she walked away to an elevator.

"Well that was weird," I Said to myself as i walked out.

I Just got into some Short White shorts made of jean, a long sleeved light blue v-neck, and some multi-colored sandals, while also spraying on a dash of 'Someday', my new perfume. Then, my doorbell rang and Justin was standing there.

"Jenny and Cody are in the car," Justin said. "You ready?"

"Yep!" I Smiled, as i walked outside and went into Cody's car with Justin.


We walked into the club, music was playing, and people were all over.

"Oh yeah, "Cody smiled, as did i as we walked in, but Jenny stopped Justin real quick.
"Remember, Steal her heart, or i swear to god i'll rip your balls off," Jenny said.

"Um...okay," Justin said, before he gulped, then shivered a little, then he walked in with Jenny.

"Ever learned how to play pool?" Cody asked Jenny.
"Teach me?" She asked. Cody smiled, then took her by the hand and grabbed one of those sticks.

"Alright, you wanna get this white ball to hit all those other balls in these holes basically," Cody said.

"That sounds easy," Jenny said.

"Actually, no, it's not," Cody said, as he helped her.

"I'm gonna go use the bathroom real quick," Justin said to me as he left to use the bathroom.

I Was just over by the bar, observing, and dancing since they were playing 'No Hands'. I Guess you could call it Stripper Dancing, since that's literally the only type of dance i know. Then a moment later, Justin came running over to me with a smile on his face.

"KAT! You will NOT Believe this!" He said, smiling.
"What?" I Asked, while still dancing a little, but i was slowing down to listen to Justin.

"I went to go take a piss, and the urinal i was using was RIGHT In between Derrick Rose and Kyle Korver!!!" He smiled.

"Rose and Korver are here?" I Asked, a little shocked that two of the Bulls top players were here.

"Apparently!!!" Justin smiled. "I Even got Rose to autograph my jeans," Justin said, lifting his left leg up to show me his autograph on his left pantleg.

"Awesome," I Smiled.

"I Know right!?" He smiled as well, again. I never knew he was a Bulls fan, he probably isn't, i don't think he even has a favorite basketball team, but he knew enough to know who two of Chicago's top players were.

"Wanna go dance?" I Asked him.

"Sure!" He said.

Then, we walked over to the dance floor, which was only a couple feet away, and started doing or best club dancing to the end of 'No Hands'. Then when it ended, "Lovestory" By Taylor Swift started playing, and then we stopped.

"I think we're supposed to slow dance now," Justin said.
"Uh, yeah," I Said.

Then, we got hand in hand, and started slow dancing.

"Hey, Country," Cody said to Jenny. "Look over there," He said, pointing to Justin and I slow dancing. Jenny just smirked and crossed her arms satisfied.
"Looks like he took my advice," She smirked. "Operation Steal Kat's Heart is in full effect and doing great."

"Wait..." Cody said. "Operation Steal Kat's Heart?" He questioned.

"I'll explain later," Jenny said.

"Justin," I Began. "Thank you SO Much for taking me here tonight. I Was so worried about Patrick's surgery, but you took me here and helped me let loose and not worry so much. Thank You."

"No problem, Angel," Justin smiled at me. "But all i can say, If i was Patrick, i wouldn't make someone worry so much. I Mean, when your in your deathbed, taking your final breaths, you don't remember little moments, like surgeries to repair your wrist or anything, you remember the important stuff and the people you love."

"That's so sweet," I Smiled.

Then, i put my arms around his neck, and he put his arms around my back, then i buried my head into his chest, and we continued slow dancing, until Justin stopped.

"Kat, there's something i just need to get off my chest," Justin said to me, taking my hands and holding them and looking me straight in the eye. "There's something i need to tell you that i've been trying to tell you for such a long time but something keeps getting in my way."

I Just looked at him and nodded a little and let him continue talking.

"Kat," Justin began. "I Still love you."

"What?" I Said, softly.

Then, Justin put his arms around me and kissed me, with an incredible amount of passion, then broke away after a moment or two.

"Kat, I Still Love You."
To Be Continued...


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