Thursday, July 28, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty Three // Steal Your Heart / Part Two

"Kat, there's something i just need to get off my chest," Justin said to me, taking my hands and holding them and looking me straight in the eye. "There's something i need to tell you that i've been trying to tell you for such a long time but something keeps getting in my way."

I Just looked at him and nodded a little and let him continue talking.

"Kat," Justin began. "I Still love you."

"What?" I Said, softly.

Then, Justin put his arms around me and kissed me, with an incredible amount of passion, then broke away after a moment or two.

"Kat, I Still Love You."
Ouch. I Just fell right on the floor....hard. Then, i opened my eyes, and just saw Sarah standing over me, looking a little weird.
"Do you always make moaning noises and kissing faces when your sleeping?" She asked me.

"Wait..." I said, immediately getting up. "Sleeping? I Was sleeping!?"

"What the hell did you think you were doing?" Sarah asked.
"What day is it?!"
"Still Tuesday..."

"What time is it!?"

"It's 6:30..."

"Oh my god..." I Said. "THANK GOD," I Shouted, relieved.

"Okay, what the hell happened?" She asked.

"You will NOT believe this," I Said. "But i just like, well, i think i saw a vision into the future or something..."

She just looked at me for a moment, highly confused.
"Um...yeah," Sarah said. "Are you high or something?"
"No," I Said, dumbfounded. "But seriously, i had a dream that i was at the club with Justin, and he told me he loved me."

"Wait what!?" Sarah asked.

"I Know right!?" I Said.

"Okay, you can't go with him tonight," Sarah said.

"I Know i can't," I Sighed, grabbing a Mountain Dew from my fridge. 

"If Patrick found out you had a dream about another guy saying he loved you, he'd FLIP," She said.

"Which is exactly why we're not telling Patrick," I Said.

"Fine, but seriously you gotta cancel," She said.

"I Know i do," I Sighed again. "What do i tell him though?"

"Um..." Sarah said, trying to thinking. "OH! Fake sick!"

"GREAT IDEA!" I Smiled. 

Then, i ran over to my coffee table across the room and grabbed my cellphone, then started calling Justin.
"Hello?" Justin answered. "Oh, hey Kat," He said. I Guess he recognized my number.
"Hey Justin," I Said, all groggy. "I Can't go to the club tonight."

"Why?" He asked.

"I'm siiick," I Grogged.

Then, Sarah started making these motions with her hands, and mouthing something, i didn't understand her, so i just mouthed the word 'What' to her, and she continued doing the same thing, as i mouthed the word 'What' to her again, and looked at her like she was crazy.
"Achoo," She whispered.
"What?" I Whispered back, soft enough Justin couldn't hear.

"Achoo!" She whispered slightly louder.

"Bless you," I Said, not whispered. Then my eyes popped open and i realized what she was telling me to do.I'm such a Dumbfuck. She just hit me in the arm.

"What?" Justin asked on the other side of the line, confused.

"BLESS ME!" I Saved. "Bless me," I Saved, going back to a groggy  voice. "I Think i have like a cold, you know colds, mess with your brains."

"Yeah, they do," Justin agreed.

"I Just woke up from a nap, then it hit me," I explained, fake coughing every now and then in between my sentence. "This seems like a bad cold, i'm so sorry, but i can't go tonight."
"Oh well, okay, feel better Angel, i'll see you soon, or at least in five weeks in LA,bye," He said.
"Bye," I Said, groggy. Then i hung up.

"I still can't believe you had a sex dream about someone not your boyfriend," Sarah said to me.

"It wasn't a sex dream," I Rolled my eyes.

"It was still a dreamy about another guy," She said.

"I Know," I Sighed. "I Feel so guilty..."

"You should," Sarah said, looking in my fridge. "Did you take the last mountain dew?"

"Yeah," I Said. "There's Bud Light though."

"Eh, i'll tell Adam to pick something up from the grocery store when he gets home," Sarah said.

"Since when does Adam shop?" I Asked.

"Since i made him," She said. "You know, if he wants to live in my house for the summer, he's gotta at least do something other then sit on the couch all day."

"Since when does Adam live with you?" I Asked.

"He wasn't supposed to, but Patrick said he could, so yeah," Sarah said. 

"Ah," I Said. "I'm gonna go take a shower, i think i'll go see Patrick tonight since i'm not going out."

"Alright, i'll see you later," Sarah said, heading out as i headed upstairs to the shower.

*Punks POV*
"Babe he can't breathe!!!" Kristen shouted.
"You act like that's a bad thing," I Said.

We got into New Jersey a couple hours ago, and already Kristen's parents kicked us out of their house because of a reason i will not talk about, so we're crashing at her brother Kenny's place. He said i couldn't wrestle, so i put him in the Anaconda Vice, much to his and Kristen's dismay. Then i let go and walked over to his fridge.
"Why is there no Pepsi in here," I Asked. "How can you live in a house without any fucking Pepsi."
"Easy, i don't Pepsi, or anything with caffeine," Kenny said.
"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" I Immediately asked.
"Babe Calm Down," Kristen said.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM?" I Asked. Then, i sighed. "I Need to just...just...." Then, i just walked away and headed downstairs into their basement and went onto the couch and pulled out my cellphone and just called Colt.
"Hello?" Colt answered.
"It's me man," I Said. "Kristen's family is killing me."
"They're not killing you. If they were killing you then you wouldn't be talking to me now," Colt said.
"HAR HAR HAAAAR," I Mocked. "But seriously, her brother doesn't even like Pepsi."
"What a fucking square," Colt said.

"Yeah, i know," I Said. "I Can't believe i'm crashing at his place for the rest of the week..."

"I Thought you two little horny love birds were staying at her parents?" Colt asked.

"We were..." I Shrugged. "Then, stuff happened."

"What?" Colt asked.

I Just gulped, then sighed.
"Me and Kristen were getting settled in the guest room...and uh...the bed was just freshly made...we were tempted..." I Began. "And uh...we started having sex."
"You had Sex? What's the big deal?" Colt asked.

"Her parents walked in," I Gulped.

"OH DUDE!!!!" Colt shouted on the other side. I Could just picture his big goofy smile on his face.

"Then we got kicked out, and her mom was nice enough to drive us to her brother's house, you know, since she was already on the way to the furniture store in town," I Said.

"You two have been married for nearly a year, yet you two still act like newlyweds," Colt said.

"I Know," I Said. "I'm even about to make a newlywed decision."

"What?" Colt asked.

"We'll still live in Chicago full time," I Said, "But, With all the sacrifices Kristen's made for me over the past nearly 7 years, i wanna do something fo rher, and she's always so happy down in New Jersey with her friends and family, i was thinking, i have the money, why not a buy a house down here that would could come down whenever we have time off or she gets SUPER homesick?"
"You know, i just got a paycheck from a promotion that i did a match in at an event," Colt said. "And you know, i was thinking, you know, going down to the north pole and buying a house next to one of Santa's Elves! Cause you know i love Santa Claus, and I HAVE THE MONEY, So why not?" He mocked me.

"Again, HAR HAR HAAAAR," I Mocked, before rolling my eyes. "Anyway, i already found this nice house, nothing too big, and NOTHING compared to the one in Chicago, but it's good enough to stay at while we visit."

"Well dude, you know what's best for you, so i say go for it," Colt said.

I Was about to answer, but then i felt something on my back, and i looked behind me and saw Kristen standing there, with a water gun in hand.
"Yeah Colt...i gotta go, later," I Said, hanging up. Then  i quickly snatched the water gun away from her. "Oh yes mother fucker, you better start running!" I Yelled as she started screaming. I Smiled, then chased her upstairs with the water gun.

*Kats POV*

I Had just got done showering and got dressed, Blue long sleeved v-neck, ripped white skinny jeans and some sneakers. I Also slightly curled my hair so it was wavier, but not completely curly. Then, i went downstairs, grabbed my cellphone and headed towards the door, then when i opened it, i saw Justin standing outside, Jeans, Sneakers, White t-shirt but a black jacket covering it; he also had something in his hands.

"Um..Justin...hi!" I Said, shocked to see him. "Uh, what are you doing here?"
"I Was on my way to the club with Jenny and Cody and i made them stop somewhere so i could bring you chicken noodle soup because i thought you were sick..." Justin said, a little shocked as well to see me. "But uh...maybe it was like, a 30 minute cold?"

"Uh..Yeah!" I Said. "Yeah! 30 Minute cold! I Haven't gotten one since i was 15, but uh, yeah! Like it was intense at first, but then i threw up and i felt so much better! I was gonna call you, but i figured you already left."

"Well i'm here!" Justin said. "Must be a sign! Come on, let's go!"

"Um....umm..." I Said, trying to figure out what to say.

"Your not gonna throw up again, are you?" He asked, taking a slight step back.

"Uh, No..." I Said.

"Well, come on, you'll have fun," Justin said.

"Um, Okay!" I Said. "I Guess we can't let the night go to waste!"

He just smiled, then took my hand and lead me to Cody's car.
It was about 9pm. Cody was busy teaching Jenny how to play pool, since Jenny opened her mouth and challenged some trucker or whatever to a game for money. Country people, damn shame. I Was over at the bar, drinking a margarita and eating shrimp. I've been doing my best to keep my distance from Justin, and i've been doing fairly well so far, until i saw Justin running over from the Bathroom. 

"Kat you will not believe this but-"

"You went into the bathroom and used the urinal inbetween Derrick Rose and Kyle Korver and Rose autographed your jeans?" I Asked.

"," Justin said, a little confused.

"Oh, Okay, Good," I Smiled. "So uh, i drank, and ate, i did a round of pool, and now i'm tired. Why don't you go ask Cody for his keys and drive me home? Jenny and Cody can just go catch a cab when they wanna leave."

"But Kat, we just got here like, only an hour and a half a go!" Justin said, grabbing my arm to stop me.

When stopped me, a man also bumped into me.

"Oh, i'm sorry Miss," He said.

"It's okay," I Said.

"This your boyfriend?" He asked me, pointing to Justin.

"What? NO NO NO!" I Said. "He's just...He's my best friend, that's all! Run along!" He just looked at me, then left.

"So uh...let's go now!" I Said, trying to leave again.

"Wait!" Justin said, again stopping me. "We haven't even danced yet! Come on!" He said, leading me to the dance floor, where they were in the middle of Roscoe's part in 'No Hands'. Dejavu much?

Me and Justin were just doing casual club dancing. Then, the song came to an end, and 'Lovestory' by Taylor Swift started playing. Oh shit. I Looked over at Cody and Jenny, and they were looking at us talking. I was praying inside that they weren't saying what i think they were. I Just kept club dancing for a moment while Justin stopped, and then i stopped, and we just looked at each other, and he shrugged, then kind of just put his arms around my back and kind of just started slow dancing with me, but i was frozen, and had my arms basically glued to my sides.

"Wow...Your a GREAT Dancer!" Justin said, sarcastically.

"You know what Justin, i think we really should go," I Said.

"Wait, what's going on," He asked, concerned.

"It's just...i feel a little weird, with you and me..." I Shrugged. "And Patrick not here.

"Kat, it's just a dance," Justin said. I Thought it over, and realized it was JUST a dance, then gave him a look, and i slow danced with him.

"You remember the last time we slow-danced?" He asked.

"Yeah, at my 21st birthday party," I Said, then i realized something. "And it was to this song."

"It was like, 6am," Justin said. "The party nearly just ended and everyone else left, and it was just you and me, and the CD was playing this. The Sun was rising and it was right on you and it made your eyes light up bright as can be."

"I Remember that," I Smiled. "You had a 6:30am flight to Florida and you almost missed your plane."

He just stood there for a moment, still dancing with me, but he was silent for a moment.
"Kat?" He said. "Do you ever wonder what would have happened if i did miss my plane?"
I Stood there for a moment too, silent, still dancing though, and i thought about it.

"You would have had to take the next flight?" I said, he just chuckled.

"No, i mean, if i didn't leave Chicago, at all," He said. "If you and I-"

"May i cut in?" A Voice behind us said. 

We stopped dancing and we turned around, and Patrick was standing their in Jeans and a tan v-neck, with a Black cast on his left wrist.

"Patrick," I Said, letting go of Justin, and walking over by his side.

"Hey babe," Patrick said, putting his right arm around me. "Hey, thanks man, i appreciate you taking my girl out to help her relieve her stress over me."

"Oh uh," Justin began. "No problem, i'm just gonna go hang out with Cody and Jenny...See you later," He said, starting to head by the pool table.

"So uh, i thought you had surgery?" I Asked, as me and Patrick started slow dancing.

"I meant to tell you it ended around 8, and then they'd put a cast one, and then i was free to go, but the nurse kicked you out too soon before i could tell you," Patrick said.

"Instead of going home and resting, you came here to be with me?" I Asked.

"Yes," Patrick said. "Look, i love Hockey, i love the Blackhawks, i really do, but Kat, i love you, and you are the most important thing in my life right now."

"Aww," I Said, as i got closer to him and we continued slow dancing.

We were slow dancing in a circle, and when i was turned around, I Saw Justin standing there, just watching. Then, his head bowed down, and he walked over to the pool table.
This whole thing got me thinking. I Absolutely LOVE Patrick, no denying that, and if you say otherwise, i'll put you in the hospital. But, the dream, tonight, the dance, what Justin said. It got me thinking. What if Justin missed his plane to Florida and stayed in Chicago? What could have happened? And why would i have a dream like that if i didn't have any feelings or anything for him?
You know, like i said, I Love Patrick, and he's the most important person in my life right now, but, maybe, deep down inside me, i do have feelings for Justin....


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