Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty Four // It's all coming together...

"WE HAVE TO WHAT!?" Me and Jay---Though everyone knows him as Christian--- Said.

Alright, i should go back, shouldn't i?

It's Tuesday and I'm somewhere in North Carolina for smackdown tapings. You know, i was just backstage, waiting for the NXT Tapings to get done and talking to Punk and Kristen, when Christian came up to me.

"Hey Kiddo," Christian tapped me on the shoulder. "I Was told that you and i gotta head down to Teddy Long's office."

"Why?" I Asked. Christian just shrugged, and i got off the crate i was sitting on and followed him, but Kristen stopped me real quick, and smirked.

"What did you do, eh?" She asked.

"NOTHING," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"Well would you blame me for asking?" She asked.

"Okay...just...ugh," I Said, walking away and following Christian.

Of course we then went to Teddy's office. He sat us down, started talking some words that i really didn't pay much attention too, until he got down to business.

"With all of this being said, you've both accomplished a lot as face-"

"I Haven't done shit as face," Christian interrupted.

"ANYWAY..." Teddy said. "You've accomplished a lot as face, but you have so much more to accomplish, which is why creative has came to an agreement to turn you both heel starting tonight."

Alright, your caught up.

"WE HAVE TO WHAT!?" Me and Christian Said.

"What's wrong?" Teddy asked. "Christian, you've been heel before."

"I Know, and i have no problem being heel again," Christian said. "But i do have a problem your telling me something big like this in less then," Christian paused to take a look at his invisible watch, "10 minutes before we start the show, yeah, that i have a problem with, my good friend."

"Again, Anyway," Teddy said. "What's your problem, Miss Angel?"

"What Christian said," I Said. "AND that i'm not even good at being mean."

"Really, Kiddo?" Christian asked me. "Because i hear a LOT of stories backstage about you from Brooks."

"She's an Italian Loud-mouth, would you believe her?" I Asked him.

"Okay true," Christian said.

"LOOK," Teddy said. "You can't be mean? Fine, you have a week to learn how to be mean. We're starting a program with you and Michelle McCool tonight, you'll go out and form a tag team with her, and you'll hit your finisher and be ready to pin, but she tags in and screws it up and you lose, that's what's gonna happen all week at house shows too. Then next week, you'll assault her and go full on heel."

"Why would i just assault her?" I Asked.

"Because you are the undisputed champion and you need to be the best and you can't be the best if someones screwing up your matches," Teddy said. "Now have i made myself clear?"

"You're never exactly what people would call....clear, Teddy," Christian said. I Just snickered a little, and Teddy just stared.

"You two get out of my office, now," Teddy said.

Christian and i got up and headed out of his office. Christian was cutting a promo with Orton first on the show, so he went straight to the Gorilla Position, and i just went back by Kristen and Punk.

"How long did you get suspended for, eh?" Kristen smirked.

"Shut up," I Rolled my eyes, sitting down on a crate.

"What did you do anyway," Punk asked, lacing up his boots.

"Nothing!" I Yelled. "God just because i gotta head to the bosses office doesn't mean i did anything wrong..."

"Well would you really blame us for asking?" Kristen asked me. I Just stayed silent. "Exactly," She smirked.

"Whatever," I Said. "IF You must know-"

"We must," Kristen interrupted.

"Creative's decided to turn me heel," I Said.

"Well finally," Punk said, rotating boots to lace up. "You've been in the company for like, two years now and they're now JUST giving you a heel turn? It's about time."

"Too bad i wanna stay face," I Said.

"Why?" Kristen asked.

"I'm not good at being mean," I Shrugged.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Kristen immediately reacted. "Your like the queen bitch! I have NEVER met a bigger bitch IN MY LIFE Then you!  I'm pretty sure your birth middle name is bitch! If there's ANYONE who could be mean and be a real fucking heel ITS YOU!" I Just stared at her.

"Thanks for that little feedback," I Began, rolling my eyes after. "But i'm mean because people piss me off, i can't just be mean on command."

"You sure?" Punk said. "Because-"

"I'M SURE," I Said out loud before he could finish.

"If you'd like, i'd love to help piss you off before you have the tapings," Kristen smiled, viciously.

"Oh...i bet you would, i bet you would..." I Said, before walking away to get ready.


Last week during my week off from Smackdown, Michelle came out and basically shit-talked Layla---who just got injured--- And then called me out, asking me to team with her next week against Alicia Fox and Tamina. They would all go out to the ring and as the bell was about to ring- boom, i'd show up. Then, i wrestled with Michelle against Tamina and Alicia. I Got Alicia down and got on the top rope, then hit the 450 Splash on her and tried to pin her, but when i was jumping off to hit the 450, she tagged herself in, got in the ring,screwed up and got pinned. After the match, i just looked slightly annoyed, and the crowd, they personally seemed confused on whether or not to cheer or boo, but next week...oh, next week. It'll all be clear.

The Taping ended around 11pm. A Couple of us stopped at a local Arby's and got some dinner there, then we went back to our hotel. I Headed up to the 2nd floor and went straight to mine and Michelle's room,and i found her putting on Proactive or something like that.

"Nice show tonight," I Smiled.
"Um....sure..." Michelle said, washing off her face.

"Wait...what?" I Asked. She sighed, then took a wash clothe to wash her face, then put it down and looked at me.

"Look, I'm supposed to make you look good out there for the next week and we're supposed to make each other look good for this whole storyline, but tonight, you did horrible," Michelle said, grabbing a bobby pin and putting it in her hair. "I Mean come on, i went out there and did my best to botch it at the end 'cause i had to, but you were supposed to be the star of the match, and you botched nearly every move."

"Well...um..." I Began.

"Maybe i'm being too hard on you because of your recent head injury and recent match, but seriously, if your gonna be a champion, you can't keep messing up," She said. "Or Hunter's gonna take that title off of you faster then he put it on you."

Wow, Michelle's words kind of just hit me now, was i really THAT Bad?

*NYC, Friday, Kathryn Prince's POV*

"Stop jittering already and calm down," I Shouted from the kitchen to my boyfriend, Alex.

"I'm nearly one away from a case accusing me of assault and battery and your telling me to calm down!?" He shouted. "What do you want me to do, act like nothings wrong!?"

"I Want you to stop stressing because it's not healthy," I Shouted back.

"OH WELL IT'S TOO LATE FOR THAT!" Alex yelled back, right before standing up and knocking over a lamp onto the floor.

"KEVIN!" I Yelled at him, he just punched a big picture frame hanging up on a wall next to him. I Immediately ran over. "This trial against Heather has been going on for nearly the whole summer and NOW Your starting to get all worried?"

"I'm not worried, i'm nervous...but now," He said, looking down at his right fist he used to punch the picture. "I'm worried i'm gonna get blood all over the place."

I Sighed, then went back to the kitchen and grabbed a warm wash-clothe, and just wrapped his bloody hand with it.

"Look, i get why you're nervous, i really do," I Said. "But i swear to god, you show up all nervous and acting like this next saturday, you're gonna lose the whole case."

"This isn't even fair," He said. "I Didn't do shit to her but break up with her and she's making up all these lies, i didn't do ANYTHING to deserve this..."

"I Know you didn't," I Said.

"What kills me is i can go out there and tell the fucking truth, and i could still lose," Alex said.

"The only way your gonna lose is if she sleeps with the judge," I Said.

"God knows she's that desperate..." Alex mumbled.

"Look, Heather is nothing but a easy, lying hoe, she's got absolutely NOTHING On you," I Reassured him. He just sighed.

"I Wanna believe that...but..." He sighed. I Kind of got something in my head.

"You are innocent, aren't you?" I Asked him.

"Why would you care? Would you just leave me and take me to court on a charge of lying or something!?" He asked, all defensive.

"I Don't care, but i'm just curious," I Said. He sighed again.

"Whether i'm innocent or not really isn't up to me anymore, now is it?" He said. I Just layed my head on his chest.

"We're not going down without a fight," I Said. "You have one of the best lawyers in New York, nothing's gonna go wrong."

"How do you know?" He sighed.

"Trust me, whatever happens was met to happen."

*No Pov, Corey Crawford's loft, Chicago, IL, Friday evening*

"COREY I'M HOME!" Corey Crawford's girlfriend, Jamila shouted as she arrived home from a wrestling show she did in Rockford, Illinois.

"GOOD," Corey said. "Look...i don't know how to say this, but uh, you know how you have next wednesday and thursday off?"

"Yes," Jamila said, smirking.

"Yeah, well you need to get the fuck out of my house for at least wednesday," Corey said.

"Wait, what?" Jamila asked.

"It's nothing personal, but Tazer just got a girlfriend who lives in Chicago, so he hasn't been in Winnipeg much lately and he's been in Chicago to spend more time with her, and he's coming over wednesday," Corey said.

"So? I've meet Tazer before, no biggie," Jamila said.

"I Know, but he hasn't known you as Corey Crawford's girlfriend, and he's best friends with Kaner, who is dating your friend Kat, who you don't want to know we're dating..." Corey said.

"Alright," Jamila said. "I'll go stay the night at Kat and Kaners, then i'll come clean."

"Of course you will..." Corey laughed.

"I'm Serious!!!" Jamila said. "I've been waiting for the right moment, and this is the right moment!"

"Whatever," Corey said. "Just tell them, i hate having to keep my sex life a secret."

"Sex life? Really?" Jamila giggled slightly.

"Oh come on," Corey smirked, before grabbing her by her waist.

"Oh so i mention the word sex and you become horny," Jamila smirked.

"I'm not horny, but uh..."

Then, he pulled Jamila into a kiss, and also picked her off her feet and lead her upstairs.

*Saturday morning, 7am, Chicago, IL, The Sharp Household, Sharpie's POV*

I Just got back from taking Shooter on a walk. The Chicago weather has been CRAZY lately, some i've been waking up early to walk him before it's too hot. It hasn't been too hard, since i've barely been able to sleep. Sarah hasn't drank alcohol all week, never told me the test results for the pregnancy test, and Kaner said he saw her walk in AND Out of the hospital last tuesday when he went for surgery. I Swear, i have a feeling she's pregnant and not telling me. 

"Hey bro, check this out," Adam said, stopping me before i was about to go upstairs to talk to Sarah, then he handed me a piece of paper, i just looked at it funny.

"'How to get Miss July to go out with me'?" I Asked, looking at it.

"I'm making a list on how to get Kat's hot blonde friend to get out with me," He smirked.

"You mean how to get her to bang you?" I Asked him, handing him back to paper.

"I think we could save the banging for the second date, personally," Adam said. "But you know, if she wants to on the first date-"

"ANYWAY," I Said, changing the subject. "Is Sarah up?"

"Yeah, i woke her up after you left."


"Because i was hungry."

"You couldn't make your own food?"

"No, not really."

I Just rolled my eyes.

"You still stressing over that night in the bahamas?" Adam asked.

"Yes," I Sighed. "I Just wanna know, is she pregnant or not? Why won't she tell me?"

"Well she told me," Adam said.

"Wait what!?" I Said. "Why?"

"Because, i have something you don't have," Adam said.

"What?" I Asked.

"Balls," He said. "I Had the balls to go upstairs and just ask her if she was pregnant, and she gave me an answer."

"Well? Is she?"

"I'm not telling you."

"Why not?"

"Because she said 'Don't tell Patrick.'"

"Damn it..." I Began, sighing, then i smiled and realized something. "But,you are my best friend, so uh, IF she was...you'd tell me," I Said, smiling in relief.

"Actually, i wouldn't," Adam said, as i froze again. "Look, she's upstairs putting away some laundry from last night in your room, just go talk to her."

"You know what," I Said, standing up. "I Am."

*Sarahs POV*

Fucking Adam. Waking me up at 6:30am to make him some fucking pancakes. I'm so fucking pissed and so fucking tired, and i'm so fucking pissed i can't stop saying the word fuck. That's how pissed i am. I Tried going back to sleep, no use, so now, i'm just putting away clothes that i washed last night before i headed to bed. Then, i heard my bedroom door open up.

"We need to talk, NOW," Patrick busted in.

"Well good morning to you too..." I Said, looking at him strangely as i finished putting my clothes away.

"Look," Patrick said, sitting me down on the bed. "When the HELL were you gonna tell me if you were pregnant or not!?"

"Wait, what?" I Asked.

"Don't play dumb," Sharpie said. "There's a reason i had you take a pregnancy test."

"You said it would be funny..." I Said.

"How the fuck is taking a pregnancy test funny!?" He yelled.

"That's EXACTLY What i asked you!" I Said. He just sighed.

"Look, are you pregnant or not?" He asked me.

I Paused for a moment and bit my bottom lip, then spoke up.

"IF..." I Said. "IF i was pregnant-"

"ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!?" Patrick said, standing up and kicking one of the pegs on the bed.

"What the hell is your problem?!" I Asked him, standing up as well.

"My problem is i just found out my girlfriends pregnant!" He yelled.

"WHOA WHAT?" I Yelled. "I Never said i was pregnant."

"Because your too scared to actually tell me!" He yelled. "DAMN IT SARAH," He yelled, punching a wall.

"Okay seriously?" I Said. "Stop acting so immature."

"Well how the hell do you want me to respond?!" He asked.

"Oh I Don't know," I Said. "NOT LIKE A MORON."

"I'm not being a moron," He said.

"Well your not acting like yourself," I Said.

"Yes i am," He said.

"The Patrick i've been dating for the past nearly 10 months doesn't freak out over thinking his girlfriend's pregnant and he sure as hell doesn't act like a little kid punching and kicking things," I Said. "You need to calm down, seriously."

"I Can't just fucking calm down, Sarah!" He yelled. "It's not like i can just decided to calm down, i need some fucking time."

"You know what," I Said.

Then, i took off my engagement ring and threw it right at him.

"Take all the fucking time you need," I Said, trying to fight off tears. Then, i just left the bedroom.

*Sharpie's POV*

I Was so pissed off to find out Sarah was pregnant, and i was even more pissed off to find out like THIS. Sarah was pissed off at me too, i really don't know why though, like how the hell did she want me to react finding out she was pregnant. I Would have went after her, but we both need some time to cool off, so i let her go downstairs to cool off, and i just grabbed her ring and put it in my pocket, then laid down on my bed and just closed my trying to cool down.

Then, i heard the front door slam downstairs, and my eyes nearly popped out of my head, as i got out of bed and sprinted downstairs and saw Adam just staring at the door.

"What happened!?" I Asked.

"Well," Adam began. "I Was sitting on the couch, Sarah came downstairs looking like she was about to cry, i asked her if she could make more pancakes, she called me a freeloader then flipped me off, grabbed your car keys and Shooter, then she walked out the door."

"She left!?" I Asked, shocked.

"Yep," Adam said.

"Kill me now," I Mumbled under my breath.

Then, it was silent for a moment, until Adam broke the silence.

"You know bro, you probably won't care now," Adam said to me. "But Sarah went to the doctors after she took the test to make sure she wasn't pregnant, and she wasn't...well, she isn't." I Froze, then turned to him.

"Hey, Adam," I Said. "Over here," I Said. He took three steps. "Closer," I Said, he took three more. "Closer, man, closer,"

Then, we were chest to chest.

"Now if you wouldn't mind rotating like, 25 degrees," I Said. He just turned so that way his left shoulder was up against my chest.

"So, why did you want me this close to you?" Adam asked.

"So i could do this," I Said. "FUCK YOU ADAM!!!" I Yelled as loud as i could into Adams ear, before tackling him to the ground.


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