Sunday, August 21, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty-Eight // Looking Ahead, Can't tell where it ends.

*Saturday, 10am, Buffalo, NY*

"I still can't believe you were trapped in mid-air with the Stanley Cup," I laughed as me and Patrick headed downstairs.

"Either can i..." Patrick said, un-easy.

Boo. It's saturday, and me and Patrick are leaving Buffalo. He's going back to Chicago, and i have a flight to LA for Summerfest...or is it Summerslam? I don't even know. These past couple of days with Patrick's family have been SO Amazing, and i don't wanna leave, i really don't, but i have to. I At least had fun, especially yesterday. It was Patrick's day with the cup, and it was AMAZING. Donna got amazing pictures of Patrick and Stanley, and of me and Patrick that she said she'd send me ASAP.

"Well, you two might wanna head off to the airport now," Pat Sr. said.

"You're gonna text me once you land in LA, right?" Erica asked me. Me and her ended up becoming pretty good friends.

"Of course," I Smiled.

"Oh Pat, and Kat, i'll miss you too," Donna said. "Be good in Chicago."

"Oh," Patrick began with a smirk on his face. "Not a chance in-" He stopped after seeing the stern look on Donna's face. "Yes Mommy." I just laughed.

"You guys were SO Amazing, thank you so much," I Smiled at them.

"Anytime, you and Patrick seem like a perfect fit, so you're fine with us," Jessica smiled as i hugged her. Then, Jackie out of all the people here hugged me.

"Sorry i was a bitch for a couple days," She whispered.

"Eh, don't worry about it," I Smiled, she smiled back.

"Alright, we gotta go," Patrick said.

"WAIT!" Jackie said.

"What?" Patrick asked.

"Uh, you know, could you give a message to Jonathan Toews that i'm single?" Jackie winked.

"Okay yeah we really gotta go right now," Patrick said, rushing me out of the house as i was laughing.

"Everyone loves Tazer," I laughed.

"Including my sisters," Patrick rolled his eyes.

"Would you blame them?" I Stuck my tongue out as we got into the cab.

The cab took us to the airport, me and Patrick said our goodbyes and we went our seperate ways- him back to Chicago, me to LA.

*The Next Day, LA, CA, Staples Center, 4pm*

"I really don't like the ending," I Rolled my eyes, coming out of Jim Ross's office with Michelle.

"Well that what JR likes, so we're going with it, got that?" Michelle said in a bossy tone.

"Whatever," I rolled my eyes.

"You're such a bitch," Michelle rolled her eyes before walking away.

"I Think you're getting confused again, honey," I Yelled as she walked. I Rolled my eyes again, then headed down to Catering where i saw Jenny, eyeballing the tomatos. I Just stood next to her, and eyeballed them with her. "Why are we eyeballing tomatos."

"Honestly, i don't know," Jenny shrugged. I shrugged too, and started walking away. "KAT! Hold up," She stopped me.

"What?" I Asked.

"Has Cody talked to know, about me Lately?" She asked.

"I Don't know, why?" I Asked.

"Just wondering," Jenny said as John walked up.

 "There's my little sister and the maid of honor of my wedding and one of the bridesmaids!" John smiled.

"SHIT, i almost forgot you and Nikie were getting married in about two weeks!" I Said.

"September 3rd, 3pm at my moms favorite church, with the reception at our favorite hotel," John said. "Nikie's freaking out, she's just getting the invitations out, we still haven't picked a cake, tuxes and bridesmaid dresses or anything like that, so she decided to stay in Boston and work on that stuff."

"If it wasn't for Cody's match, i'd be up there helping her, you know, since i'm her future sister-in-law, and maid of honor," Jenny said.

"She needs all the help she can get now," John said, grabbing a water. "She's so stressed, i've been trying to help her, whether it was making her favorite dinner, or making love to her, nothing working, at all, and last night, she wasn't feeling too good either."

"Wow," I Said. "I didn't know weddings were that stressful."

"Either did i," John rolled his eyes as he started walking away.

"Glad he's excited about marrying the girl of his dreams," Jenny said sarcastically.

"I Know right," I Laughed as we were walking to the locker room area.

We were walking to the Women's Locker room, but we stopped after we saw two people walk up.

"Um...what?" I Asked, looking at Heather and...Adam?

"We kinda need to talk..." Heather said.

"About why big mouth over there is with you?" Jenny said, pointing to Adam.

"Aren't you that one dating the ugly duckling?" Adam said, pointing to Jenny. Jenny was furious after that comment and tried to attack him, but i caught her.

"You might wanna go," I Told her. She just looked down at Adam, then rolled her eyes and left.

"So...whatsup?" I Asked.

"You know how last week was your birthday?" Heather asked.

"Of course i do," I Said, fiddling around with my wristband.

"Well...after you uh...well, Heather got kicked out," Adam said. "Stuff happened..."

"You both got kicked out?" I Asked.

"Oh... a lot worse..." Heather sighed.

"Well what happened?" I Asked.

"We uh...we...." Heather began.

"We got drunk...and uh...we kind of got married," Adam said.

I Instantly stopped fiddling with my wristband and just looked at them.

"How pregnant is she?" I Asked.

"She's not pregnant at all," Adam said.

"Oh...well in that case," I Said, before running up to Adam and tackling him up against a wall. "WHY DID YOU GET HITCHED TO MY BEST FRIEND!?"

"MAYBE IF YOU GOT OFF OF ME I WOULD," Adam yelled. I let go of him and he went back over to Heather.

"We were in the casino, drinking, won some money playing, and from there, everything's a blank," Heather shrugged.

"Just...the other day, You wouldn't give Adam the time of day!" I Yelled at Heather. "Why him?"

"Well i'm a very-" Adam began.

"Shut up Adam," I Said. He rolled his eyes.

"Like i said, we were drinking, i don't know why i got hitched to him," Heather shrugged.

"Well, when are you getting divorced?" I Asked.

"Divorced? They asked.

"Yeah, haven't you talked to a lawyer yet?" I Asked.

"Well...not yet," Adam said.

"You might wanna talk to one soon," I Said as i walked away over by the staging Area.

Stephanie had managed to get Cee-Lo Green to perform at Summerslam, and not only was he practicing right now, he picked Kristen and Jamila to be onstage with him along with some other divas during "Forget You". Punk just came out from the staging area, kind of dancing, and singing a little.

"I Guess the change in my pocket, wasn't enough, i'm like, forget you, whoo-ho-hoo!" He sang as he got backstage.

"Sing it, white boy," I Said as he walked by. He rolled his eyes.

"I don't see you're red dress, Kat," He said.

"Cause i'm not dancing with Cee-Lo, purely because i actually have a match," I Said.

"Well the girls in the red dresses look HOT," Punk said, as Kristen and Jamila walked by. "Especially this one," He smirked, pulling Kristen closer to him.

"You like?" She smirked, as they put their arms around each other.

"I Love," Punk smirked, biting on her lip. "You are keeping it, right?"

"Of course," She said, before biting his lip.

"Oh good lord," Jamila said. "I'm gonna go puke."

"You go do that," Punk said, not paying attention to her at all.

"Dumbass," Jamila said. "Cee-Lo thought i was the hottest girl up there."

"He's clearly blind," Punk said, still looking at Kristen and her red dress. I Went over by Jamila and put my arm around her.

"Don't mind him, Love," I Said. "I think you look rather dashing."

"Wow Kat, coming from you," She said. "That means absolutely nothing."

Then, Kathryn came down from the staging area in her red dress.

"Looky here, guys," I Said, smirking at Kathryn. "Goes from a championship match, to just being another person in the locker room..." Kathryn turned around, then rolled her eyes at me.

"For your information, i requested to dance with Cee-Lo," She said.

"Why? So you could be on Pay-Per view? You know, it's not like you have a match or anything," I Said.

"I happen to be a very big Cee-Lo Green fan, actually," Kathryn said.

"Oh no your not," I Said. "We all know that everyone dancing with Cee-Lo are the diva rejects who aren't good enough to be seen on Pay-Per View."

"HEY," Jamila and Kristen shouted behind me.

"Oh be quiet you two," I Shouted back, before focusing back on Kathryn. "I just find it amazing one week you have one of the big matches on pay-per view, then you're just completely out of the eye of creative."

"Har Har Har," Kathryn marked. "But don't worry, Kat-"

"Don't call me Kat," I Gritted through my teeth.

"Oh, i'm sorry, But don't worry KATRINA," She said, using my full name instead. I Just rolled her eyes, I'm done telling her to just call me by my stage name. "Soon, the memory of Kasey Angel will slowly start to fade away in the mind of Creative, and Kasey Angel will become nothing but history."

"You know, with all the history i'm already making, it's bound to happen eventually," I Said.

 From there, we got into this long stare-off, before she just left.

"I'm gonna go get ready for my match tonight..." I Mumbled before leaving and heading to the locker room area and running into Michelle.

"Kat!" She said, before sighing. "Look,We're roomies, and we're also doing a program together. I'm tired of all this fighting, it's horrible. So, i wanna get like, like a new start off the right foot. So, tomorrow before we head to San Jose for the tapings, Manni-Peddi? All on me?"

"Um..." I Began.

"Come on Kat," Michelle said. "This program's gonna last for about a couple months, we should at least not hate each other. Besides, i've caused most of the drama. It's all on me. Please?" I Sighed.

"Sure, fine," I Said.

"Great!" Michelle smiled. "Come on, let's go warm up before our match," Michelle Smiled as her and i started walking to the locker room to warm up.

*Later that night during Summerslam, Chicago, IL, Pat Kanes POV*

"Oh Kasey Angel with the suplex off the top rope to Michelle McCool!  She's done," One of those wrestling commentators said as Kat hit a move on her opponent.

"Why is she going for the pin?" Sarah asked. "No, the Suplex isn't gonna keep Michelle down for the three count, get your ass up on the top rope and hit your finisher!" She yelled at the tv.

"Kat's probably just gonna go take her titles and just walk out," Sharpie said.

"Jamila and I were texting earlier and we both agreed the match would end in a DQ with Kat retaining," Corey said.

"I Have no idea what's going on," Jonathan said.

Sarah ordered Summerslam, that Pay-Per View Kat has in LA tonight and Her and Sharpie decided to order in pizza and invite some guys over- Me and Corey because we both have girlfriends in WWE, and Jonathan because like i said, he's been in Chicago a lot lately because of this girl, so why not. Even though it was Kat's match, and she was kicking ass, i had a hard time paying attention despite looking right at the flat screen, because i had other things on my mind.

"Someone's really focused on his girl's match," Sharpie laughed.

"I'm focused on something involving my girl, but not her match," I Said.

"What?" Corey asked.

"Hold on," I Said, as i paid attention to the match.

Kat just hit a move from the top rope, went for a pin and got it and won the match.

"Alright, here's what's going on," I Said as Sarah grabbed the remote and muted the tv. "I think i'm ready." They all just then looked at me.

"For....?" Corey asked.

"To do this," I Said.

Then, i reached into my back pocket and pulled out a box, then opened it and showed them the ring i got for Kat a while ago.

"Wait...what's that?" Sarah asked, looking at it.

"What's it look like?" I Asked.

"Is that really an engagement ring?" She asked.

"Yep," I Said.

"You're finally proposing?" Corey asked.

"It's been over a month since you got it for her," Jonathan said.

"He tried to propose one time, but being him he screwed it up," Sharpie said.

"How?" Corey smirked.

"He took us out to the bahamas and me and him agreed we'd both propose, and well, he got involved into Kat's past and met up with her dad and ended up knocking him out," Sharpie said.

"Ouch," Jonathan said.

"Wait," Sarah said. "THAT'S why we went to the bahamas?"

"Yeah basically," I Said. She looked at me sternly.

"Didn't i tell you NOT to deal with Kennedy because it'd just come back to bite you in the ass?" Sarah said.

"Yeah but i did, and nothing happened," I Said. "He doesn't even know my name, NOTHING'S happened and nothing WILL happen. Anyway, i already have it all planned out on how i'll propose, and i need your guy's help."

"Lay it on us," Jonathan said.

I Told them my huge master plan to propose.

"I REALLY need you guys to help me," I Said.

"Of course we'll help," Jonathan said.

"And i here some of the other Hawks are in Chicago, slowly transitioning," Corey said. "I Know Duncan is for sure, and i think Brent's coming back too."

"Great," I Said. "The more help the better."

"Honestly, I'm gonna kill Kat if she says no after what you do," Sarah said.

"I'm glad you feel that way," I Said. "Because i REALLY need your help with this the most."

"You do?" She asked.

"Yeah, really," I Said.

Sarah just buried her face into her hands, then sighed and looked at me.

"Whatever it takes, i guess," She said. I Just smiled.

"Monday and Tuesday she'll be in California but she leaves Wednesday Morning, and she should get back a little before six, so we need everything done by then," I Said.

"It's a big task, no doubt," Sharpie said. "But i have a feeling we can pull it off."

"Yeah," I Smirked. "Me too."

To be Continued


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