Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty-Nine // Better Off Alone / Part One

*Wednesday Morning, Patrick Sharp's house, Heather's POV*

"OW LET GO OF US," Adam and I shouted as Patrick Sharp was dragging downstairs to the basement.

"What the hell?" I Asked, looking around.

"Listen up you american idiots," He shouted. "It's been over a week since you got hitched and you haven't figured anything out or done anything about it, so now, your both gonna do something about it."

"Oh what's that?" I Asked, folding my arms.

"You're both staying in Adam's room until you figure something out," He said. I Raised an eyebrow and looked at Adam.

"This is your room?" I Asked.

"Only until i go back to my place in Dallas," He shrugged.

"Let me know when you figure something out," Sharpie said. "I Gotta head over to Kaner's and help him out with Tazer and Sarah, i should be back in a couple hours, by then, FIGURE SOMETHING OUT," He yelled before running upstairs and slamming the door shut. I Sighed and flopped on his bed with my eyes shut.

"What the hell are we going to d-" I Began, but then i opened my eyes and stopped. "Why is there a picture of me in playboy up on the ceiling."

"I look at it sometimes when i'm bored and stuff," Adam shrugged. I Rolled my eyes.

"How come it's the one i did covered in all chains and other accessories and stuff and not one of the fully nude ones?" I Asked.

"You act as if i'm a pig," Adam said.

"Aren't you?" I Asked sarcastically.

"Well if you must know," Adam said. "Not that your other parts aren't attractive or fun to look at, but i personally thought that was the best one in the issue."

"Really? I Thought it was the worst one," I Said.

"None of them were bad, but i just really liked this one the most, really brings out those beautiful eyes," Adam smiled at me.

I Looked at him, and saw right through him- he was actually being real. I Couldn't help but smile back. When i first met him, i got the impression he was just a pig basically, but uh, now that we're married...I'm really seeing a different side to him, and i think i'm actually starting to like him.

*Later that day, Pat Kane's POV*

"Alright Duncs and Corey are running around Chicago getting stuff ready, and Patrick and Jon are back at the house in your basement," Sarah said as we pulled into a cementary.

"Alright, good, thank you SO Much for doing this," I Said.

"You should be kissing my ass," Sarah said. "I Had to call Kat's brother to figure out where her mom was buried."

"Didn't you say you were at her mom's funeral though?" I Asked.

"What? I Wasn't at the funeral, her mom HATED me," Sarah said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Easy, there was an incident involving me, a hockey stick and her favorite lamp in mine and Kat's freshman year," Sarah said.

"Say no more," I Said.

"I Wasn't planning on it," Sarah said.

Before i propose to Kat later tonight, i have one more thing to do. I tried to ask her dad about her hand in marriage, that didn't work out well, obviously. So, i decided to go to Kat's mom, who was dead, so clearly nothing bad could happen, and even if for some reason her mom didn't like me, it's not like she could actually tell me. She can't do anything but listen to me talk all the way up in heaven. Perfect idea, i know. Sarah pulled up to one grave- "Rosa Mary Garcia".

"I Know her mom's name was Rosa since Ken told me when i saw him, but that's not Kat's last name," I Said to Sarah.

"If you were really paying attention to Ken," Sarah said. "He probably mentioned he and Rosa never got married,so her last name never was Dawson."

"Wait," I Said. "So, doesn't that mean technically Kat's last name is Garcia?"

"I Don't know," Sarah rolled her eyes. "But she's been Kat Dawson ever since i met her."

"Whatever," I Rolled my eyes. Then, i got out of the car and walked over to the grave, then kind of just got down on my knees, but then i noticed Sarah got out of the car too- with an umbrella.

"Sarah," I Began.

"What?" She asked,opening up her umbrella.

"It's Sunny and 75," I Said. "Why do you have an umbrella."

"You know," Sarah said. "Just in case Rosa strikes me with lightning."

"Yeah, like an umbrella's gonna protect you from lightning," I Said sarcastically.

"Just do your thing so we can get the hell out of here and back to the house," Sarah said.

I Rolled my eyes away from her, and just looked at the grave.

"You can't say anything, but hopefully you can hear me from up in heaven," I Said. "My name's Patrick Kane, and i'm inlove with your youngest daughter, Katrina. Since the day i met her, she's brightened up my whole world, and there's nothing more i could fear then waking up one day and her not being in my life anymore. I Love your daughter more then life it's self, and i would NEVER do anything to intentionally hurt her, EVER. I tried going to her father and asking for his blessing, didn't go as planned, so now, i'm kind of asking for yours. It's not like you can say anything, but, i just want you to know i'm gonna ask for your daughters hand in marriage tonight," I Said to the grave. I Heard clapping behind, and i turned around and saw Sarah.

"That's nice, Love," She said. "Let's leave now." I Smirked.

"If you give me your blessing to marry your daughter, strike Sarah with lightning," I Smirked.

"HEY," Sarah yelled at me, starting to freak out and running back in the car. I Laughed.

"I Crack myself up," I Laughed. Then i looked back at the grave. "Your daughter completes me, i can't imagine life with her, and tonight, i will propose, i will...." I Smiled, then i got up and headed back into the car and drove home with Sarah.

*5:55pm, Chicago O'Hare, Kat's POV*

My flight from San Jose just landed in Chicago.It felt SO Good to be back home. I Haven't been away from Chicago this long for such a long time, so it felt weird. Patrick said he was picking me up and taking me home, but i didn't see him, at all. I Heard my phone vibrating in my pants, and it was a text message.

"I Know i said i was picking you up, but stuff came up, and i'm at the Icehouse practicing with some of the guys who are here in Chicago, just take a cab to the icehouse and i'll take ya home ;)xoxo"

Oh Patrick...

I Rolled my eyes after reading that, then grabbed my bags and went outside, then whistled for a cab.

"Where to?" He asked.

"Johnny's Icehouse," I Said.

It was about a 20 minute ride down to the Icehouse. I Got out of the cab and walked into the icehouse and only saw Duncan Keith on the ice with the puck, just practicing his shooting i guess. Patrick's probably in the locker room area in here. I headed into the locker, still no Patrick, just Corey.

"Looking for Kaner?" He asked.

"Yeah, have you seen him?" I asked.

"Earlier today, but he's not here," Corey said.

"But he just-"

"He left me this and told me to give it to you," Corey said.

Then, he handed me a red rose with a note attached to it. I took off the note then read it.

Congrats! You found the first clue to the scavenger hunt! Clue number one is where our first kiss was back in September. To find number 2, Go to #2.

"Good luck," Corey winked, before leaving.

"Scavenger hunt?" I said to myself. "What the hell is this boy doing..."

I Went out of the locker room and by the ice area, and saw Duncan standing right at center ice, with a smile on his face, just looking at me, and i also saw a red rose with a note attached to it taped on his stick. Duncan skated over to me, and handed me the rose and the note.

"Your little boyfriend left this," He said, handing it to me.

"Thanks," I Said, taking it from him. When i took it, i also noticed there was something else attached to it- car keys.  

You'll need these for the rest of the clues.

I Was confused, but whatever. I Walked out of the icehouse out the back entrance, and i saw Kaner's HUMMER. He never takes the hummer out unless it was important, and he NEVER let's me drive it. This is just so weird. Oh, and what do i see as well? A Red rose and a note attached taped to the window. I Grabbed it, then read it.  

Go to your favorite coffee shop. Trust me, you'll need a little energizer.

Oh Joy, starbucks. At least now i have a valid excuse to go there. I Hopped in his hummer, then drove to the local starbucks and walked in.

"One medium Caramel Frappicino," I Told the girl behind the counter.

"Coming right up!" She said as she started to make it. "Are you Patrick Kane's girlfriend?"

"Um, yeah," I Said.

"Alright, he came buy earlier and said you'd get this, so he already paid it for you," She said, handing me my frap. "And he said to also give you this," She said, handing me yet ANOTHER red rose with a note attached.  

We kind of had our first date here, despite not making it past the entrance, but still.

I Got back into the hummer, but before taking off, i had to think. I Honestly can't remember our exact first date. The only thing i remember is going to a carnival back in Buffalo, but Because of Justin, Patrick never exactly got in. Maybe that's what he means....But the only carnival type thing here would probably be the Navy Pier because of the Ferris Wheel, that's the only thing that comes to mind.

"Worth a shot," I Shrugged, and i turned the Hummer back on and just drove to the Navy Pier. I Parked up at the edge, got out and just took a step or two in, and there was this B96 truck probably broadcasting live here, and when one of the guys saw me, he stopped me.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Um...Kat," I Said. 

"Do you have a boyfriend?" He asked.

"Uh...yeah, his name's Patrick," I Shrugged.

"Alright, he left this for you," He said, handing me yet another red rose with a note attached.  

5th Clue. 5+5=10

"Sharpie's House," I Immediately said, running back to the car.

I Made what seemed like the longest car ride ever to Patrick and Sarah's house. When i FINALLY got there, i ran out of the car without even turning it off, ran through their lawn and just started knocking on the door, but stopped when Sharpie opened it with a Red Rose and note attached to it in hand, smirking.

"May i help you,Kat?" He asked.

"Gimme that," I Said, snatching the rose and note away from him.

"Well your welcome," Sharpie said, rolling his eyes, then shutting the door. 

We became official here during Movie night after that rainy night.

His old 6-piece furniture apartment! That was just about 10 minutes away. I hopped back into the hummer and headed back to that old apartment building, then when i got there i hopped out and ran in and was about to head into an elevator, but i was stopped by our old building manager.

"Mrs. Kane!" He said, stopping me. I Never did correct him on that, no point in doing it now.

 "Hey!" I Smiled, turning around.

 "Patrick stopped by earlier and said you'd be here, and he told me to hand you this," He said, handing me, of course, a red rose and a note attached to it.  

Since your in the neighborhood, why not go around the corner?

I Headed back outside, it was POURING Rain. I Just ran over by the corner and i saw a man there, with some puppies.

"Would you like to see one of my puppies?" He asked, handing me one that looked awfully familiar.

"Aww!" I Said, smiling while holding it. I was trying to figure out who this reminded me of while doing so.

"I'm gonna guess your Kat, and i'm supposed to give this to you," He said, taking back the puppy and handing me another red rose with a note attached to it.

Who doesn't love puppies? Doesn't one of your friends have a puppy or two like this? 

"ACE!" I Yelled out loud, running back to the hummer.

That puppy looked JUST like Ace, one of Kristen and Punk's dogs. I'm guessing that the next clue is at their house. They were only a block away, so i went back to my house first and parked the Hummer, grabbed all 8 of my roses and notes so far, then i ran down the block to Kristen and Punk's house.

I Was gonna go inside and see if they had it, but i saw it was taped to their door, so i grabbed the rose and read the note attached to it.  

Since you're in the neighborhood, might as well go back home now, right? 

After reading that, i took my now nine red roses and notes and ran back home and ran through the door, and looked around. 

"Patrick!" I Yelled. No response.

I Took off my shoes on the rug by the door, then started walking, i was gonna head upstairs and just lay down, but then i saw yet ANOTHER red rose and note- this time, on the wall, and under it, there was an arrow, pointing to the direction of the kitchen. I Grabbed the rose and read the note.

Keep walking... 

I Did as the note said and started walking toward the kitchen, where i saw yet ANOTHER red rose and note right on the door that led to the basement. 

Just a couple more downward steps :) 

I Opened the basement door, it was pretty dark so i took a couple slow steps, holding onto the railing. When i reached the bottom, i saw a 12th red rose and note on the wall to the right. I Sighed, then grabbed it and read the note.

Turn Around, Love.

I Turned around, and i just gasped. I Saw a table with two candles on it, with two plates with steak on it. I Also saw two wine glasses, and a bottle of champagne in the middle. Then i saw Patrick in this white v-neck shirt with old worn out jeans. He had a smile on his face, and one more red rose in his hand, no note.

"You put all this together?" I Smiled, walking up to him.

"Yep," He smiled. "I Had some help setting it up, but this whole idea was mine. And this is for you," He said, handing me a plastic red rose.

"All the other roses were real, this is Plastic..." I Said, a little confused.

"It's also the last one i gave to you," He said, before putting the roses down and taking my hands in his hands. "I'll always love you until the last one dies."   

After he said that, i just smiled, then we kissed. He then broke apart, grabbed the bottle of Champagne, then poured some in both of our glasses.

"The best bottle of Champagne is Chicago," He smiled. I Smiled back.

"Why?" I Asked.

"Why what?" He asked.

"We never do anything like this, why now?" I Asked. 

"I Don't know...maybe it's a thank you for dealing with my family this week, or as a congratulations for how everythings going in WWE..." Patrick began. "Or because i just love you and felt like it."

"Well," I Said, before smiling. "I Like it."

"Good," He said. "Come one, let's eat," He smiled.

He pulled out my chair for me to sit down, then pushed me back in, then went over to the other side and sat down in his chair as well. We just smiled back at eachother and began talking and eating what he made for us.

*Kristen and Phil's house, around 8pm No POV*

"PHIL!" Kristen yelled, coming back in the house from out back. "The fucking swingset just tipped over and the pools over-flowing."

"Seriously?" Phil asked her, while on the floor playing with one of the dogs. "I already had to bring my bike in, i'm not bringing anymore shit in."

"This is probably the worst thunder-storm i've seen since i've been in Chicago," Kristen said, grabbing two diet Pepsi's from the fridge.

"I Swear the powers gonna go off any minute," Phil rolled his eyes.

"Probably will," Kristen said, handing him a diet pepsi and she was about to sit down, but the doorbell rang. The dogs all started barking as the bell started ringing.

"Shut the fuck up," Phil said, rolling over on his back as their dog Ace jumped on top of him and started licking his face and Kristen laughed.

"I'll go get it," She smiled.

Kristen jumped over her husbands body, then walked over and opened the door and saw two police officers standing there.

"Um, can i help you?" She asked.
"We're looking for a Mr. Philip Jack Brooks," Officer number one said.

"Um...okay..." Kristen said, a little confused. She turned around and looked at her husband. "It's for you, babe," She said, walking back over to the couch and sitting down. Phil got the dog off of him, got up and walked over to the door.

"Are you Philip Jack Brooks," The other officer asked.

"Yeah, why?" Phil asked.

Then, one of the officers grabbed him and turned him around, then threw some handcuffs on him.

"You're under arrest," He said.

"WHAT!?" Kristen said from across the room.

"For what?!" Phil yelled.

"Assault and battery charges," The officer said, taking Phil out and rushing him outside in the pouring rain to the cop car. Kristen ran over to the door by the other cop who calmed her down.

"Ma'am, please do not freak out," The officer said. "The man who pressed the charges is at the jail and we hope to get everything worked out as soon as can be."
"Just...who pressed the charges!?" Kristen asked. The cop looked at a sheet of paper.

"It says here someone by the name of Kennedy Dawson."

To Be Continued....


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