Thursday, August 4, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty Five // Dirty Little Secret

*Sarahs POV*

"Sarah, It's Me, you've been gone for a while now and i'm seriously getting worried. Please call me."

"Sarah, PLEASE call me back and tell me where you are, PLEASE."

"Sarah, just come home, Sharpie told me to call you because it might work, and i need you back here. I'm hungry and Sharpie can't cook. Come back home already, He's really fucking sorry, and i have bruises all over my damn back to prove how Sorry he is."

Those were three of the voicemails i got in the past couple hours since i left the house with Shooter from Patrick and Adam. I Feel bad for making them worry---Well, Patrick worried---, but what the hell does he want me to do? Come back and act like nothing happened? Put that ring back on my finger and just wait for something to happen like this again? Seriously, what does he want me to do? I Just did what was best for me, and that was just to get the hell out. I Took Shooter with me too. I Really don't know why, but i just felt like i needed Someone...or something, to come with me, so i just grabbed him and left. I Just kept driving for like, hours, until i actually saw this little park i used to go to when i first moved into Chicago, it's actually where i met Kat when we were teenagers. I Haven't been here for like, forever, so i decided to just park and get out. It was a nice little park, so it's not like i'd need Shooter on a leash. I Just let him roam around, as long as i could see him, i'm good. I Kinda just sat down at a bench, and just read all the voicemails on my phone, i had a LOT of them, then i heard someone behind me creeping up.

"You ever gonna go home?" I Heard Jonathan say behind me. I Just turned around.

"Aren't you supposed to be in like, Winnipeg or something?" I asked.

"I Just got a girlfriend down here in Chicago, she actually lives close by, so i've been here more often then Canada, and well, i was on my way to go see her when i get a call from Sharpie freaking out because his girlfriend left him, then i remembered that a couple nights ago, i was with Kat and Kaner and Kat got drunk and actually told me the story of how you two met, here at this park, so i decided since i was in the area, why not come check the place out," He said.

"Whatever," I Said. "Just don't tell Sharpie i'm here."

"Why not?" Jonathan asked.

"Because, i'm just...i'm not ready to see him yet," I Shrugged. "I know he overall didn't mean a thing, but it still just hurt."

"I Know, but your gonna have to face him eventually," Jonathan said.

"I Know, but just, not now, i still need some time." I Said.

"I Understand," Jonathan said. "Don't worry, it'll all be fine soon, don't worry."

"Thanks," I Said.

"No problem, now if you'd excuse me, i gotta go see Chelsea," He said, referring to his girlfriend.

"Alright, bye," I Said, heading back down to listen to voicemails.

I got bored, so i ended up texting Kris since i haven't seen him since the T.O trip in March, and because he never fails to make me laugh. We went back and forth and actually wrote a rap together, it was amazing and REALLY made me feel better after what happened. After a couple hours he had to go because his brother Mitch was bugging him, so i let him go, and i became bored again. Then, i just played with Shooter for a while until he got tired out and just layed down in the grass, and i got bored again, but then decided to just go over my the swings and swing. This swingset was actually where i met Kat. I Wanted to swing, she was on it and wouldn't get off, so i pushed her off and actually broke her wrist, but despite that we actually became friends. I Just started swinging, i haven't done this for so long, and i feel like such a little kid, it feels GREAT. I Kept getting higher and higher and the wind was blowing up against me, i loved it. But then i just stopped. I Didn't know why, but then i smelled something- cologne, and i knew that cologne from anywhere. I Sighed, then slowly turned my head around.

"Um...we really need to talk," Sharpie said.

"Last time we talked you completely lost it," I Said, shrugging.

"I Know, and i'm really sorry," He said.

"Do you know how many times people have told me they were sorry just to forget it and screw me over?" I Asked. "Sorry's just a word, and after what just happened, it's just Bull."

"Just, please, let me explain," Sharpie pleaded. Part of me just wanted to tell him off, but i really don't know how i would do it.

"You got five minutes, don't waste it," I Said.

Then, he grabbed my hand and led me to the bench.

"Alright, i was scared," Sharpie said. "Yeah i'm almost 30, but still. I'm just so busy with hockey already, the thought of having a kid around and leaving you all alone with a kid, it just scared the living shit out of me. I'm not ready to be a dad yet, and your not ready to be a mom. Look, this had nothing to do with you, because i was the one who forgot to wrap up. I Was just scared and didn't know what to do, so i just lost it."

"Look, condoms aren't 100% even if you're wearing it, birth control isn't 100% either, and the only type of safe sex we can have is no sex, so as long as we're engaged...maybe, this could happen again, is this how your always gonna act if i just have false alarms? What if i ever do get pregnant?" I Asked, he just sighed.

"I Listened, but uh, after you said something about maybe not being engaged anymore, my mind just tuned out slightly," He said. "But look, if you still want to be engaged and move back in and spend the rest of your life with me, i know someday i'm gonna stop playing hockey and i'll be ready to settle down, don't get me wrong, i want kids, i really do, but i love you now, and it would kill me if i knew i was on the road playing hockey and you were at home going through it on your own, i don't wanna put you through that yet."

I didn't know what to say, i just kind of crossed my arms and looked down and stayed silent.

"Look, no denying i was an ass, and i know i was, but i love you, Sarah, and i'm not leaving here unless your leaving with me," He said to me. "Babe, i'm so sorry, i really am, just please, don't leave me, please..."

I Couldn't stand to look into his eyes, so i just titled my head over to the grass and stayed silent.

"Please say something?" He asked, softly touching my chin and tugging it a little so i was looking him in the eye.

"I Don't know what to say..."I Whispered softly.

"Say that you love me," Patrick said. "Please, just say it." I kind of choked up, then cleared my throat a little.

"i love you," I whispered as soft as could be.

"What's that?" Patrick asked.

"I love you," I Whispered a little louder.

"Huh?" He asked.

"I LOVE YOU!" I Shouted from the top of my lungs.

Patrick just smiled, then pulled me closer to him by the waist, then we both leaned in, and we kissed, super passionately, but we stopped after we heard some type of blubbering noise coming over by a tree, and we saw Adam standing somewhat behind it, with Shooter in his hands, fake crying.

"That was just SO Beautiful," He said, still fake crying.

"Oh get bent," Sharpie yelled over to him.

"Okay, you know what," Adam said, starting to fake cry really hard now, "YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO RESPECT FOR MY FEELINGS! HOW DARE YOU!"

"Damnit just get in the car," I Yelled over at him. "NOW."

"Fine, whatever," Adam said. "No need to nag," He said, walking over to the car with Shooter. Then, Patrick looked me in the eye.

"Besides, we don't have time for kids," He said. "We already got our hands full with Adam," He laughed.

I Just laughed too, then, he pulled the ring out of his pocket by my request, and put it back on my finger. We just smiled, then i got back onto his back and headed back to the car and went back home.

*Tuesday, Richmond Virginia, Smackdown Hotel, before the tapings, Kats POV*

"YOU SERIOUS?!" I Yelled.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Michelle screamed at me.


Okay, yes, me and Michelle are actually fighting with each other about extension cords in our hotel room. We've been fighting about random shit like this ALL Week. I Think she's PMSing or something, i really don't know. Ever since she questioned how good i was and why i was champion, it's been like this, and My Birthday is four days from now, i'm not in the mood to fucking fight like this.

"I Didn't agree to be your roommate to deal with this shit," I Said, starting to walk out.

"Then go find a new fucking roommate then!" Michelle yelled.

"MAYBE I WILL," I Shouted as i walked out the room, slamming the door shut behind me. "Fucking bitch..." I Mumbled.

I Just started walking up and down the hallways of the hotel, randomly pounding on stuff. Ever since i was younger, whenever i got mad i just take it out physically on anything or anyone around me, so now i'm just punching walls and knocking stuff over, until i got to Kristen's room and knocked on the door. She just opened it.

"You done knocking stuff over?" She asked. "I Heard you all the way down the hall."

"Starbucks?" I Asked.

"I'm not paying for it," She immediately said.

"Relax i got cash," I Said. "There's one right across the street."

"Alright," She said, stepping out of the door.

The starbucks was right across the street, so we could of just walked, but we then decided to head to the arena afterwards, which was like, an hour away walking distance, so we just headed into my car to get to the Starbucks. I Got what i usually got, a Caramel Frap and Kristen just got a Vanilla Frap, then we just sat down.

"So, since when do you drink Starbucks?" She asked.

"Since like, forever," I replied, taking a sip of my frap.

"Mhm...." She said, before taking a sip of hers. "Anyway, what were you and Barbie fighting about this time?"

"She was mad because they didn't have the right extension cord or whatever for her hair dryer," I Rolled my eyes. "What a bitch."

"Didn't you lose it back in '07 because your hair dryer stopped working after Punk and I took you and your older brother to Colorado to cheer you up since your dad walked out on you and left you with no money and all his unpaid bills to pay?" Kristen raised an eyebrow.

"I Was 17, i'm almost 22 now, i'm more mature," I Said.

"HA!" She laughed out loud. "Oh Kat...nice one."

"Shut up," I rolled my eyes.

"Honestly though," She said. "I Have no idea why your letting her just walk all over you."

"I'm not letting her walk all over me," I Said.

"Oh yes you are," Kristen smirked before taking another sip of her frap.

"How am i letting her walk all over me?" I Asked, taking a sip of my frap.

"She started out being all nice, then she purposely injured you-"

"Whoa your still on that?" I asked. "Look, accidents happen, that was an accident."

"Mhm, sure it was," Kristen said. "Your just being too soft around her."

"No i'm not," I Said. "I Just respe-"

"HOLY SHIT!" Kristen shouted out of nowhere.

"Yeah, that's appropriate to shout at starbucks," I Rolled my eyes.

"No seriously, our call time to the arena is in 10 minutes and the arena's 20 minutes away!" She said.


"And you say i'm not using appropriate language," Kristen shook her head.

"How the hell are we gonna make it on time?" I Asked.

"I'll drive, trust me, we'll be on time," She said.

"Oh dear lord," I Began. "Hold on, let me pray before i get in the car with you."

"NO," She shouted. "Just hurry your ass up," She shouted, running outside. I Rolled my eyes and followed her out to her car. Oh lord, have mercy on my soul, please.


Michelle and I had a rematch from last weeks smackdown against Alicia Fox and Tamina coming up soon, i was just stretching, When Michelle popped up into the hallway i was stretching in.
"Okay look, i'm sorry about fighting with you for like, the past week," Michelle said. "My husband Mark's just going through a tough time and i'm just pissed off i can't be back at home with him."

"Oh, i get you," I Said, stopping my stretching to stand up. "My boyfriends on the road like me most of the year, so i hate not being able to see him much. It's okay, really."

"Great," She smiled, flipping her hair. "Come on, the camera crew and those people holding the lights to make us look good are down the hall to film us walking to the ring."

I Started making my way to the ring with Michelle by my side, and Kristen and Punk were right across the hall, watching-well, Kristen was.

"Oh My Gosh," Kristen said. "Kat is such a wuss."
"Your just figuring that out?" Punk asked, doing push ups.

"She's just so stupid!" Kristen yelled. "Michelle's just clearly fucking using her!"

"Maybe Kat deserves to be used," Punk said.

"No, but she's so fucking stupid," Kristen said. "I Swear to god, someday Michelle's really gonna screw her over, and i will shout from the top of my lungs I TOLD YOU SO."

"That's really nice,babe," Punk said, getting up from his push-ups. "Hand me a pepsi from the cooler. Kristen just crossed her arms and looked at him, then rolled her eyes.

Michelle and I walked down to the ring to my music, getting a mixed reaction, but like i said last week, after tonight, there will be NO mixed reaction at all. Then Alicia and Tamina. Are match was different, but same outcome. Hit my finisher, Michelle tagged in and stole the spotlight, but she screwed up and cost us the match. After it was over, we both stayed behind in the ring. Michelle was just silent, but you could take one look at me, and you could tell i was pissed off. Then, it happened: I started Assaulting Michelle.

I Started punching and kicking her in the face, then i threw her out of the ring onto the mat around the ring, then i smashed her head onto the announce table, then tossed her up against the steel steps, then put her in a sleeper hold until literally her whole face was bright purple. I Didn't want all the refs to come out from the locker room to get me off of her, so i let go, but i hit her head against the steel steps again, then i stood up, and the crowd was literally booing me as hard as they could. I Just breathed heavy, and still looked pissed off. I Wasn't sure i could do this, but, even though Michelle apologized, she still put me through hell this past week with all the fights, so i didn't feel TOO Bad for this, and as for my official heel turn, you know, being booed isn't so bad, and quite frankly, i actually think i'm gonna enjoy being heel. This isn't too bad like i thought.
*Wednesday...well, Thursday, 2:45am*

What a fucking day. Jamila was in Chicago and came over to my place. I Haven't really seen her, Heather, Jenny or Nikie much anymore since i got drafted to Smackdown in June. She was here like, the whole day. Morning was nice, but then in the Afternoon, Patrick got home, and oh my. They would NOT Shut up. I Actually had to sneak out into the fucking garage and grab a beer around like, 10pm. It got that bad. Then Patrick came to get me, and when we got back into the house, Jamila was just gone. Whatever. Patrick took his Pain medication for his broken wrist, then we went upstairs to bed. I Turned on the tv and the last 2 hours of Titanic was on, so me and Patrick watched that until it ended a little after Midnight.Then, we went to sleep, but i had trouble, so for the past two hours, i've just been laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, but i couldn't.

"Baby," I whispered in Patrick's ear. "I can't fall to sleep."

"I'm too tired to help make you tired," Patrick groaned.

"Really," I rolled my eyes. Then i got out of bed and went downstairs.

I always had trouble getting to sleep when i was younger, I'm kind of like a vampire, up all night, sleep all day. It's how i've always been. Even though i have all week off---Except my birthday of course this Saturday, but i'll be in Vegas for the Supershow Houseshow, i'm cool--- i wanna actually have a normal sleeping schedule.  I Went down stairs and went into the fridge and grabbed a water bottle and just plopped up on the counter and started drinking, but then i stopped.

I Started hearing some funny noises coming from the living room, so i slowly walked over there, and realized it was the door knob. Then it clicked : Someone was trying to break into my house. I Dropped my water and ran upstairs into my room and grabbed Patrick.

"PATRICK WAKE UP!" I Yelled, shaking him.
"Look babe, i already told you, i'm too tired to help make you tired," He groaned.

"Not that dumbass," I Said, hitting him in his left arm. "Someone's trying to break in downstairs!" I Said. He quickly snapped out of it.

"I'll take care of this," he said, grabbing a hockey stick and walking out of the room. I Just jogged up behind him.

"A Hockey stick, really?" I Whispered to him and we were tip-toeing down the stairs in the dark.

"If it breaks while i'm beating this pervert up, i have a hard-ass cast on my left wrist, i'll just use it to knock that bitch out," Pat replied. I Rolled my eyes. 

Then we got downstairs, and we tip toed over to the living room. The door was still shaking.

"Just stay behind me," He said. "Have your phone nearby, just in case." I Just nodded.
Then, the door opened, and someone creeped into the house.

"AAAAAH!" Patrick screamed at the top of his lungs as he sprinted toward the man and then tackled him to the ground, beating him with his hockey stick.
"STOP IT! OUCH! PLEASE!" The guy pleaded, but that voice sounded familiar....REALLY familiar. "PLEASE, PLEASE STOP."

"PATRICK STOP!" I Yelled at him as i turned the light on, and then we realized who broke in.

"COREY!?" Patrick screamed, looking down at Craw, who was gasping for air and holding his stomach, where Patrick was hitting him with the hockey stick.

"Corey why are you-"

"What the HELL Is going on?" Another voice said behind me.

I Turned around and just started screaming after i heard that voice, then that person started screaming, then Patrick and Corey started screaming, and then, everyone in my house was screaming. Then, i stopped, got it together, then realized who that was.

"Jamila!?" I Shouted. "Why are aren't-....just-....WHY ARE YOU-..." I Kept stuttering.
"Big words, huh Kat?" Jamila mocked me.

"Okay," Patrick said. "It is nearly 3am in the morning. People in chicago should be asleep at nearly 3am in the morning. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TWO BREAKING INTO MY HOUSE INSTEAD!?"

"Because, i needed to tell you guys something," Jamila said, walking toward Corey.

"What could possibly be so important," I Said, as Patrick walked back over to me and put his arms around me and rested his head on top of mine.

"Look...i met to tell you guys sooner, but it never was the right moment-"

"And 3am in the morning is the right moment?" Patrick snapped at her.

"Shut up white boy," Jamila said. "ANYWAY, look, for the past two months, i've been hiding something, and wel-"

"Oh for the love of god this is taking too long," Corey sighed. "Look me and Jamila are dating and have been dating since like, May and we've been living together in my condo here in chicago since June. There."

Me and Patrick just didn't say anything. He just looked down at me and gave me this look, and i sighed, then buried my head into my hands, and when i was done, i saw Jamila across the room, looking really un-easy because of what i just did.

"You two felt the need to break into my house at 3am in the morning to fucking tell me you were dating?" I Asked.
"Wait...your not mad?" Jamila asked, slightly shocked.

"Oh i'm mad," I Said. "YOU BROKE INTO MY HOUSE, your lucky your both still breathing."

"Barely," Corey said, covering one arm around his stomach as the other was around Jamila.

"Why?" Patrick asked. "Why now?"

"Alright, see," Jamila said. "I Came over to your place to talk to Kat because Jonathan was with Corey all day and i couldn't be there, and i WAS gonna tell Kat earlier today, but then you came home and annoyed me, so i didn't. Then i went out to the backyard around 10 asking Corey to come pick me up, and he said i couldn't leave until i told you. So i was gonna tell you, but i saw you already went to bed. So i figured i would sneak into one of your guest rooms and stay here over night and tell you first thing in the morning. But uh...yeah."

"She didn't call after an hour, i got worried," Corey said. "Then after about two, i started worrying, and i remembered Jamila told me you kept a spare key under the rug outside the door and-"

"How the hell did you know where we put the spare key?" I Asked Jamila.

"You say weird things when you get drunk," Jamila said to me. I Rolled my eyes.

"Anyway," Corey said. "I Figured i'd come over and see if Jamila was okay since she never came home, and uh, then you were nice enough to attack me with a hockey stick, and now we're here."

"Alright, a couple questions," Patrick asked. "First, why are we just now learning about this?"

"Didn't want you to think i was a puckbunny," Jamila shrugged.

"Why the hell would i think you were a puckbunny?" I Asked.

"Because your you, that's why," She said.

"Well i don't, Assclown," I Said.

"Anyway, if you would be so kind, as to GET OUT OF MY HOUSE," Patrick yelled.

"Alright, sure," Corey laughed.

"I'm tired and miss my own bed anyway," Jamila said.

"Bye bitches," I Waved as they walked.

"OUCH!" Corey screamed, falling to the ground, and Jamila quickly got onto the ground as well to check on him.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" I Yelled.

Then,i saw Punk standing there, in a robe with a baseball bat in hand.

"Krissie heard screams coming from here, and told me to come check, and uh, you know,good thing i did," Punk said. He didn't know Corey yet, so he thought Corey was actually really a thief or something. Me and Patrick just stood there in disbelief from what's happened.

"Fuck this shit," Patrick said. "I'm going back to bed."

"Me too," I Said, following him upstairs, but i stopped mid way, and turned around and looked at the three.




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