Friday, August 12, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty Six // What Happens In Vegas...

*Saturday, August 6th, 2011*

*NYC, NY, Courtroom, Heathers POV, Noon Eastern Time*

"I Know your missing something for this, so i promise you, i'll make it worth it," My lawyer told me, as we were sitting down in the courtroom waiting for Alex and the Judge.

"You told me you were gonna have a secret weapon, who?" I Asked.

"You'll see who later on, we may not need her, but you'll see," He said to me.

It's noon, and my court case is starting any minute now. I'm freaking out about this on the inside, i really am, and because well, It's Kat's 22nd birthday today, and while i informed WWE I wouldn't be able to make the Supershow thats starting in 5 hours in Las Vegas, i NEVER informed Kat i wouldn't be able to make the surprise birthday party Patrick's throwing her and that she doesn't no about---that made no sense, but you get where i'm going with this, right?

"Um, i'll be right back," I Told my lawyer as i got up and walked out of the room real quick and grabbed my cell phone. I Started dialing Kat's number. It rang for like, 30 seconds, then it went to voicemail.

"It's only 9am in Las Vegas, she's probably still sleeping,"I Said to myself in my head. Then, i left her a voicemail.

"Hey Kat, it's me Heather. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I Can't believe your 22 today! It's not like you act 22 or anything, haha! And you get to spend it in VEGAS! Even though you have to work, it's still awesome! I REALLY DO Hope you have fun...and i'm SO Sorry i'm just now telling you this, through voicemail...but..." I Paused, bit my lip, then sighed. "I Can't come. It's about noon right now here in New York, and i have a court case with Alex today, hopefully i win it, hopefully, but i'm SO Sorry. I PROMISE i'll make it up to you. But have a good 22nd Birthday!"

I Sighed after i left the voicemail, then i went back into the courtroom as the meeting was about to start. I Bit my lip as the judge talked for a moment. It's noon in NYC, but in Vegas, it's 9am, so i doubt Kat's up, so she probably won't see my voicemail for a while.

*Planet Hollywood, Hotel Room, Las Vegas, NV, 9am PCT, Kat's POV*

"Oh baby baby, how was i supposed to know? That something wasn't right here!" I Sang into my hairbrush in my white robe in my PRIVATE hotel room in Planet Hollywood.

Hip Hip Hooray! It's My birthday, but i still have a job today, and despite this wonderful event, WWE comes first. It's only 9am, but in Chicago, it's 11am, so i'm up early, and besides, the Show starts at 5pm Las Vegas time, and the call time to the arena is soon, and i gotta get ready. Tonight after the show, i'm going to dinner with everyone from the WWE Gang. I WANNA go with Patrick, but he's in Chicago. So they'll just have to do. I Haven't seen most of them in like, forever, so it's cool. I Just got out of the shower and got my Skinny jeans on, but that was all, so i still had my robe on, and i just got done drying my hair, so now i was brushing it----well, kind of. I Was also listening to 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' By Old School Britney. I Loved Old School Britney and i still do, so therefore i am singing along to it in my hotel room in Planet Hollywood. Why? Because it's birthday and i fucking can. Then, i jumped onto my bed and landed on my knees.


"God knows if i wasn't a wrestler i could totally be the next Lady Gag-"

Then, i saw my door open, and Kristen was just standing their, mouth dropped open, and mortified. I Froze up, then put my hairbrush down, flipped my wet hair, and looked at her.

"So uh, you saw that?" I Asked. Her mouth was still wide open and mortified. She couldn't even say anything, just a slight head nod. "Oh, well then..." I Said. "I'll just meet you down stairs in the lobby by the casino in 20." She again, nodded, then, somehow managed to leave. I Just watched her, then Shrugged and went back to picking out perfume for tonight.

"At least she didn't see me jamming out to Superbass," I Said to myself. "Then she really would have had something to be mortified about," I Laughed, then continued picking out perfume.

I watch a LOT of E! shows, one of them being Holly's World, which is about Holly Madison's life in Las Vegas along with Josh, Angel, Lauren, and Jade, the Las Vegas bitch. Basically Holly Madison does a show in Planet Hollywood called Peep Show, so i've seen Planet Hollywood before, especially when Josh did a music video around there, and it's beautiful, has Casino's, Bars, Restraunts and Clubs IN THEM and it's also a hotel. I Loved it, so i had to come here for the weekend out of all places.I Went down to the lobby over by one of the casino's to meet Kristen, i was hitchiking with her and Punk to the supershow tonight.

"Thanks for mortifying me for life," She said as we started walking outside of Planet Hollywood.

"You thought that was bad? You haven't seen me get my Nicki Minaj on," I Said.

"Oh, and i don't even wanna see you get your Nicki Minaj on," She said. "It's your birthday, i know, but damn, it's not an excuse to act like a freak."

"Well i am a natural freak," I Said.

"Okay that's true," She said. "But still, i really do not need to see you doing stuff like that, naked."

"I Wasn't naked," I Said. "Besides this is the place where they do Peepshow, don't be too surprised if you see naked people tonight."

"And this is why i'm at the regular hotel with the rest of the roster," Kristen said.

"No it's because your a fucking square," I Said,  "you don't know how to have fun."

"I Don't know how to have fun?"

"No, you don't."

"Oh i know how to have fun. I'll do something fun right here right now."

"Oh yeah? What?"


Then, she backhanded me in the face.

"OW! THAT WASN'T FUN!" I Yelled, clutching my face.

"Maybe not for you,but it sure was fun for me!" She said, smiling. "In fact, i think i may do it again!"

"DON'T," I Said, as we finally got over by Punk, who was leaning up against his car and watching all of this.

"I Thought it was a birthday spanking, not a birthday backhand to the face," He said.

"Apparently Kristen thinks backhanding people is fun," I Said, hopping in the back, as he and Kristen got in the front.

"It is," Punk said.

"Besides i had every reason to, " Kristen said, then she looked at Punk, who started driving. "Her door was wide open and she was dancing and singing in a robe to Hit me baby one more time."

"Come on, it was Britney Spears, you don't just not love Britney," I Said.

"We can't stand her," Kristen said.

Then, Punk took one hand off of the wheel, grabbed something out of his pocket, and at a red light, showed it to Kristen and smirked, then i realized it was his IPod.

"You want Girl Next Door Britney or Femme Fatale Britney?" He asked her, smirking.

 "HA!" I Said in Kristens face as he put on Womanizer.

"I Also got Beyonce solo and Destiny's Child," He said.

"Good lord," Kristen said, burying her face into her hands.


 Then i felt my phone buzz off in my pocket, and it was just a bunch of birthday messages, but i also had one voicemail, from Heather. I Figured she tried to call me why i was jamming out to Britney so i didn't hear my phone go off, so i just listened to it now.

"Hey Kat, it's me Heather. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I Can't believe your 22 today! It's not like you act 22 or anything, haha! And you get to spend it in VEGAS! Even though you have to work, it's still awesome! I REALLY DO Hope you have fun...and i'm SO Sorry i'm just now telling you this, through voicemail...but..." She then paused, then i heard her sigh. "I Can't come. It's about noon right now here in New York, and i have a court case with Alex today, hopefully i win it, hopefully, but i'm SO Sorry. I PROMISE i'll make it up to you. But have a good 22nd Birthday!"

Whoa...what? Just...what? Heather's choosing some stupid court case over my birthday? What? I Just rolled my eyes, stopped singing Britney, then put my blackberry in my pocket and stayed quiet for the rest of the trip.


*3hours Later, NYC, NY, courtroom, Heather's POV*

 "Kevin is a total sweetheart, no way could he possibly hit someone outside of the WWE, especially a women," Kathryn said.

"Thank you for making your case, Miss Cook," The Judge sighed- Kathryn was talking nonstop about Alex and how he would never do such a thing for the past twenty minutes-. "You may now sit do-"

"But i'm not done," Kathryn said.

"Oh, YES...YES You are," The judge said, rubbing her eyes. Kathryn stared down at her for a moment, then just rolled her eyes and sat down.

"Alright, with that said, i think we can agree we're done here, right?" Alex's cocky lawyer said.

"Please sit down, i make the decisions here," She said. Kathryn really annoyed her, so the Judge really isn't in a good mood. Then my lawyer stood up.

"The Plaintiff calls Tiffany Johnson to the stands," He called out.

Then, a blonde women stood up, then walked up front. I Had no idea who she was, but i got a slight glance at Alex, and i could tell by the look on his face he knew EXACTLY who it was, and he didn't exactly look too thrilled to see her.

"Hi, Kevin," She flirted with him. Alex waved back, slightly, but Kathryn just gave him a look.

"Yeah, no," She said to him.

"Now, Miss Johnson, i understand your one of Mr. Kiley's exes, and his first girlfriend, right?" My lawyer asked him.

"Two years we were together, until he got that big call from Paul Levesque and had to leave," She said.

"Now, how would you describe those two years with Kevin?" He asked.

"Oh...they were amazing," She smiled. "I Haven't been with another guy since, i just can't move on. Kevin treated me like the only girl in the world and really set my expectations of guys high, i'm just setting myself up for disaster. I Wish i could just relive those two years, best years of my life..." She said, drifting off, and smiling, i just raised an eyebrow looking at her. I Think she's got the wrong Kevin...or Alex, whatever he truly prefers to be called. "You know, if that english girl ever leaves you, i'll be waiting," She smiled at Alex.

"I'll remember that..."Alex said. Kathryn shot him a look.

"Oh no you won't," She said to him.

"Anyway," My lawyer said. "Miss Johnson, was Mr. Kiley ever abusive to you, verbally or physically?"

Then, she bit her lip, and hesitated, for a couple seconds.

", Never, not once," She said.

"Well then," Alex's lawyer said. "With that being said i thi-"

"Miss Johnson, i noticed you hesitated," My lawyer said. "Please, if you have anything to say, say it now."

She bit her lip again, then sighed.

"One time he hit me and called me a uncontrolled bitch, but i deserved it!" She said. Alex's eyes were about to pop out of his head.

"I Think i rest my case," My lawyer said.

"BUT I-" She said.

"I Think i rest my case," My lawyer said louder.

An immediate look of panic was across her face, as one of the security guards grabbed her and dragged her out.

"Well with that being said," The judge, i'll be back in twenty, then i'll reveal my decision." She said as she stood up and left the room.

Those twenty minutes were simple said the longest twenty minutes of my life. I couldn't stop biting my nails and shaking slightly, as was Alex, from what i could see. After the longest twenty minutes of my life, the Judge came back in.

"With all evidence being proven," The judge said. "It appears The defendant has an abusive past when it comes to relationships, so i stand by my decision, the Defendant is guilty as charged."

Then, she got up and left, and i just hugged my lawyer, and i also kind of looked on at both Alex and Kathryn. They both looked uneasy, Alex because he just lost a court case accusing him of assault on a girl, and Kathryn because she was in a relationship with a guy who has an abusive past in relationships. I Just smirked, then, i walked out and grabbed a taxi and headed to the nearest airport. I Have a flight to Las Vegas to catch.

*La Vegas, 7:30pm, Kat's POV*

"You look like a fairly odd-parent threw up on you," Jamila said as we entered a restaurant.

The houseshow got over a while ago. I Went back to my hotel, changed into a sexy dress that Patrick bought me, and then i went out to dinner with the gang. We just walked in and i'm already getting shit, nice right?

"She looks more like a leprechaun wrapped a rainbow around her," Kristen said.

"I Personally think her dress looks nice," Nikie said.

"Back in the country," Jenny said. "If Kat wore that, sh-"

"No one cares what would happen in the country!" I Shouted at her. I Was wearing a sparkly, rainbow colored dress. Personally i think it's nice, but everyone agrees.

"I Find it funny brokeface and Kat are the only ones all casual," Jamila said.

"Because we're classy," Cody said.

"Oh and i'm not?" Jamila asked.

"Says the girl who looks like the black version of Ketchup," John said. We all just looked at him.

"It's Ke$ha, dorkface," Jenny corrected her older brother.

"You know who Ke$ha is?" Nikie asked. "Damn, she's more popular then i thought."

"Hey, where's Heather anyway," Kristen asked.

"Hell...hopefully," Jamila said, rolling her eyes.

"You two are still fighting?" I Asked.

"YES," She raised her voice.

"You started it though," Punk said.

"How did i start it white boy!?" She yelled across the table to him.

"You got drunk and said a bunch of things to her, hence why i don't drink," Punk said.

"Whatever," She said, rolling her eyes.

Oh how i miss these dumbasses from being over on Raw...not really. Bickering between us all went back and forth, until are food came, then we stuffed up our mouthes with that.Then, all these people came up to me and put a slice of chocolate cake in front of me.

"What the-"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' The People sang, but then paused to blow some kind of horn, then they said and did the same thing again. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They said again, but this time clapped two times. "TO YOU!!!" Then they all clapped, then left. My mouth was just dropped, and when i got over the shock and got my vision back, i saw everyone had their heads down and they were snickering, trying not to make direct eye contact.

"I Swear to god, when i find out which one of you did thi-"

"Turn around," Kristen snickered. I Turned around and saw Cody with a little flip-camera, recording EVERYTHING.

"Oh no," I Said.

"I Can just see this becoming a youtube hit instantly," Cody said, turning the camera off.

"You better burn that," I said.

"We're good," Punk commented, before taking a sip of his water.

Before i could make some other comment to them, a door at the front slammed open, and Justin came running over, out of breath.

"So Sorry i'm late," Justin said in between heavy breathing.

"Where you running a marathon or something?" Jamila asked, looking at him weird.

"No, i had to go get Kat's present," He said, finally starting to catch his breath.

"You got me something?" I Asked, smiling. "You shouldn't have."

"Oh, well if you do-"

"I'm just kidding! You should have!" I Smiled at him.

"Oh well then," He said. "Out front," He smirked, leading me outside.

I Think it was supposed to be just us, but everyone else was noisy and ended up following us. He wrapped his hands around my eyes as he lead me outside, then when we were, he took them away.

"Surprise!" He said, my jaw just dropped.

"A RANGE ROVER!?" I Shouted, looking at it.

"YOU GOT HER A CAR?" They all shouted behind me.

"Oh My Gosh!" I Yelled, running over to it and just feeling it.

"QUESTION!" Jenny yelled. "How old do you think she is?"

"She was talking about Justin Bieber, apparently he has one, then she went on and on about how she wants one, and i had extra money, so i figured why not," Justin said.

"Wow," Jamila said, walking over to it.

"Now i can say i can drive what Justin Bieber drives," I Smiled. "And i don't have to take Patrick's smelly Chevy whenever i need to get anywhere," I rolled my eyes."Thank you so much!" I Said, quickly embracing Justin.

"No problem, Angel," He smiled.

“I’m gonna head back to Planet Hollywood-"

"Planet hollywood!?" John exclaimed.

"Yes, do you have a problem where i'm staying at?" I Asked him.

"Uh, YES," he said.

"Why?" I Asked. He stopped talking.

"Um...uh..." He said.

"Exactly," I Said. "AS I WAS SAYING, I got some clubs to hit up tonight,” I Smirked, jumping into the car.

“Champions shouldn’t be out partying all night,” Kristen said.

“Well this champion is,” I Said, starting up the engine and then leaving.


As I left, everyone else just looked Justin down.

“What?” He asked.

“Ass Kisser,” Punk said, as everyone else nodded in agreement.


It was almost 9pm. Las Vegas was getting darker by the minute, and the city was being lit up with Lights from Casino's and such. I Was up in my suite at Planet Hollywood, putting on some make-up for a bar i was going to. It was about 30 minutes away though, and i'll be drinking, so i'm waiting for a cab. While finishing putting my mascara on, i heard some whispering outside my room. I Raised an eyebrow, then tip-toed over by my door.

"I Don't feel right doing this....come on, why couldn't he have done it?" I Heard a whiny voice say outside my door.

"What the fucking hell?" I Asked myself.

Then i opened my door and went out, and quickly i was taken off of my feet and someone put me over their shoulder, and just started running.
"WHAT THE HELL!?" I Screamed from the top of my lungs.

"Keep your voice down, will you?" A Familiar voice said.

"I Don't even know who you are!" I Shouted again.

"Oh, you'll find out soon," That same voice said.

I Stayed quiet as we entered the elevator, but once we got into the lobby, he started running with me again and i continued.

"I Swear to god if you're trying to rape me, i'm going to bite your balls off then feed them to piranhas," I Said, which got the man to stop. He then shuddered slightly, and continued running until we were outside. Then he opened a car door or something and just threw me in, got in as well, then the car took off. "What the hell is going on?"

"Just keep quiet for the next 20 minutes or so," John said.

"Why are you all dressed up?" I Asked. He was wearing black dress shoes, jeans, a purple shirt that clearly showed off his muscles, and a fedora. 

"What did i just say?" He asked me.

I Rolled my eyes, fixed my hair slightly then crossed my arms.

It was about 20 minutes later until the car came to a complete stop in front of this big building.

"So where am i?" I Asked.

"Just get out," John said.

"Whatever," I Rolled my eyes.

As i hopped out of the car, before i knew it, John put his hands over my eyes and started dragging me.



John finally got his hands off of me, and i saw a BUNCH Of people standing in front of me, drinking and screaming, and most importantly, i saw Patrick.

"Patrick!" I Squealed, running over to him and jumping into his arms.

"Happy birthday, Baby," He said, before kissing me.

"I Can't believe you did this for me," I Smiled.

"Well, i had some help," He said.

"From wh-"

"AH!" I Heard someone scream behind me as they also jumped onto my back.

"What the hell!?" I Asked.

"Happy birthday!" Sarah said as she hopped off my back, with a whole bottle of Vodka in her hand.

"Um, thanks," I Said. "And did you drink all of that?"

"It's my second bottle!" She laughed, before taking another sip. 

"Your so wasted," I Said, just looking at her.

"dam not," She said, saying Dam instead of Am.

"Mhm, of course you're not," I Said. "Patrick isn't even stopping you?"

"Who do you think bought me the Vodka?" She said, before finishing the bottle. Then, Sharpie walked up.

"Drunk Sarah means Easy Sarah, Easy Sarah means LUCKY SHARPIE," He said, smirking.

"OOOH, look at that," She said, pointing to a pole, then looking at Sharpie. "Carry me over there? I Don't think i could walk that far easily." It was only about 10 footsteps away.

"Like i said," Sharpie said, Picking Sarah up and putting her over his shoulder. "Drunk Sarah, LUCKY SHARPIE," He said, as he took her over to the pole.

"Oh good lord," I Said, rolling my eyes.

"I Got you another surprise too," Patrick said to me.

"What's that?" I Asked. He just pointed up by a stage, and my jaw dropped seeing who i saw.

"YO THIS IS DJ PAULY D IN THE HOUSE, How you doing tonight Las Vegas!?" He asked, everyone else just screamed in excitement. "Let's get it started up in here!" He shouted. Then, he started spinning.

"You got me DJ Pauly D!?" I Asked him.

"I know he's your favorite person from Jersey Shore, so i figured why not," He smiled.

I Just kissed him, and was about to say something, but was interrupted.

"PARTY'S HEEEERE!!!" Heather shouted behind me. I Turned around and saw her and couldn't believe it.

"Oh my god, i thought you weren't going to be here!?" I Said, running over to her.

"Well, my courtcase ended early, so, i came!" She smiled.

"OH! What happened!?" I Asked.

"Well, my lawyer pulled a few strings, and we got Alex's ex to come, and she admitted Alex hit her before as well, and i won!"

"AH!" I Screamed before jumping onto her and hugging her.

"But enough of that, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!" She screamed.


"YOU TWO ALREADY SOUND DRUNK!!!" Kristen yelled as she walked past us, but she never stopped, she just kept walking.

"WE KNOW!" We shouted back. Then we laughed, and did are own thing.


An hour went by, and WOW. DJ Pauly D has been keeping this place alive, and i think i just got a good workout in with all the fist-pumping i've been doing. Then, i started dancing with Justin slightly, like club dancing. Then Patrick grabbed me from behind and twirled me around then started dancing with me for a while, before Justin grabbed me from behind and started dancing with me again. Then before i knew it, Patrick grabbed me from behind and twirled me around to and started dancing with me again. I Was confused, but i had a couple drinks in me, so i didn't mind. Then, Justin once again grabbed me from behind and tried twirling me around so i was with him, but Patrick grabbed ahold of my right wrist and wouldn't let go.

Before i knew it, Patrick had my right wrist and Justin had my left wrist, and they were basically playing a game of tug-a-war with me, until i broke free.

"I'm going to the bar," I Said breaking free, and heading over to the bar.

"Alright, i can get you anything but Vodka, because i'm all out of that shit because that Mila Kunis look-a-like took it all," The blonde girl behind the bar said.

"Uh, i'll just take a Margarita....Taylor," I Said, looking at her nametag.

"Coming right up!" Taylor said.

About a moment later, she was done.

"Here's your margarita!" She said, handing it to me.

"Thank you," I Said, grabbing it, then i was about to leave before she stopped me.

"Tip?" She said, holding out her hand, waiting for some cash to be placed on it.

"Oh, i'm the birthday girl here," I Said.

"Aw, Happy birthday!" She smiled. "But seriously i'm gonna need a tip. I'm raising money to get my surgery."

"Oh, you need surgery!?" I Said, immediately grabbing my wallet from my shorts. "What's wrong?"

"These small puppies that's what's wrong!" She said, grabbing the money and pointing to her boobs.

I Just looked at her, then just took a sip of my margarita, then left and went over to Patrick and handed him my margarita. "I Need to use the bathroom, hold my margarita?"

"No problem, babe," He said, as i went to use the bathroom.

*No POV*
 As Kat left the main part of the Club, she went to the ladies room, but when she entered, she came across a rude awakening.
"OH GOOD LORD!!!" She shouted as she walked in on her good friends, Kristen and Phil Brooks having sex right in the middle of the girls bathroom.
She quickly ran out of the bathroom and tried to forget the image in her mind, when suddenly, she noticed someone staring right at her from across the hall of the bathrooms.

"Um...Can i help you?" She asked the guy who was admiring her across the hall. He looked around,maybe the 40 mark, and he looked like his mother still dressed him and he didn't have enough money for contacts and was still wearing some old ones.

"Kat," he said, slowly walking up to her, but sped up when he noticed Kat trying to go away.

"Yes?" She asked him again, a little creeped out by him.

"Long time no see," He said.

"Do i even know you?" She asked him.

"Technically no, but yes, you do," He said, getting even closer.

"Seriously...who are you?" Kat asked him.

"You shouldn't know who i am," He said. "But, i hope you enjoyed my gifts."

That's when it clicked in for Kat.

"Oh My God..." She said. "Your my stalker."

While this was going on outside the night-club, this was going on inside the night club...

"I'll take one Pina Colada," Heather said, walking up to the bar.

"Coming right up!" Taylor, the bartender said.

Taylor finished the Pina Colada and handed it to Heather, who immediately took a sip, then spit it right out.

"EW!!!" She said.

"I'm sorry, do you have a problem with my pina colada?" Taylor asked.

"Yes, i do," Heather said. "IT TASTES LIKE SHIT."

"Well then don't drink it! Simple solution," Taylor said.

"No, give me my money back," She said.

"No refunds, princess," Taylor said.

"Whatever," Heather rolled her eyes.

Then, Heather THREW her Pina Colada in Taylors face, then smirked at her.

"Ooops, my bad," Heather smirked and shrugged. Taylor just wiped it off of her face, then looked at her.

"Ooops, MY BAD," Taylor said.

Then, she jumped over the counter and just tackled Heather to the floor, and from their, they both got into a fight. Taylor got a bloody nose from a punch to the face from Heather, and Heather got some of her hair taken out by Taylor, and a slightly bloody nose as well. That drew a crowd from everyone at the club and all eyes were on them.

"AW YEAH, CHICK FIGHT OVER TO THE RIGHT!" DJ Pauly D Shouted, grabbing EVERYONE'S attention, and when i say EVERYONE, i mean EVERYONE. Eventually, a guy in all black came up, along with another well dressed guy.

"HEY! What is going on!?" The well dressed guy asked.

"Do you own this place?" Heather asked, as she was being grabbed away from Taylor.

"Yes, why?" He asked.

"Because your little employee here is a FUCKING BITCH!" Heather yelled, looking right at Taylor.

"Big Rob," The well dressed guy said, looking at the big guy all dressed in black. "Get her out of her, i don't tolerate fights in my club. As for you, Miss Nelson, we need to ONCE Again talk," He said, looking at Taylor and grabbing her and taking her away.

"Don't put your hands on me," Taylor told him.

"With how much i'm paying you, you'll do whatever i want you to do," He said to her as 'Big Rob'  dragged Heather out of the club.

Speaking of out of the club...

 " did you find me here?" A Frightened Kat asked her Stalker as she took another step back.

"Someone mentioned it was your birthday on facebook and that you would be here," He said, getting steps closer to Kat.

"Oh um, that's nice..." Kat said, trying to take another step back, but couldn't because her back hit the corner wall.

"You know,when i heard you moved, i was really upset i couldn't see you," He said, getting closer.

"You can see me every friday night on smackdown on SyFy," Kat said.

"That's not enough," He said.

Then, he put his hands on her breast, and kind of just touched them, and Kat just kept getting more scared.

"Look, what do you want?" She asked him, as he slipped his hands under her shirt.
"I Think you know exactly what i want," He said, touching her bra.

"Look, i'll do anything, just please leave me alone," Kat said, even more frightened then before.

"I'm not leaving until i get what i want, and you know exactly what i want," He said, starting to slowly make his way down to the waist.

"HELP!!!!" Kat shouted from the top of her lungs, but the man quickly covered her mouth with his hand.

"We can make this go rather smoothly, or we can make it tough, your choice sweetheart," He said.

"I Just wanna go back to my boyfriend," Kat said, trying to fight off tears.

"You'll have plenty of time with him after i'm done," The man said.

Then, he made his way down to Kat's waist.

"Please leave me alone," Kat whimpered.

Then, he started unbuttoning the two buttons on her shorts. He undid the first one, then the second one.

"Please don't do this," Kat whimpered again.
"Don't worry,Sweetheart," The man said. "It'll all be over in a blink of an e-"

Then, the man went down, instantly. Kat was confused at first, but then she immediately buttoned her shorts back up, then looked up, and just smiled in relief.

"Oh My Gosh," She said, looking at Justin, who had just creeped up behind the man and punched him in the back of his head, causing him to fall down, unconsciously. 
"I was using the bathroom and i heard screams, so i came out here and saw him trying to rape you or something, so uh, i did what i had to," Justin shrugged. Kat just responded by embracing him into a hug, which made him smile. Then, Patrick came out and saw this, and just raised an eyebrow.

"Um...what's going on?" He asked.

"I Just saved your girl from being raped," Justin told him.

"It was that stalker guy," Kat told him.

"He came back?" Patrick asked.

"He won't come back any more after this," Justin said, right as Big Rob came by after just tossing out Heather.

"What's going on?" He asked.

"That guy tried to rape me," Kat said, pointing to the stalker.

"And i knocked him out so he couldn't," Justin said.

"Whoa, you knocked him out?" Big rob asked,"We don't tolerate that here, i'm afraid your going to have to leave."

"It was self defense!" Justin protested.

"Still," Big Rob said.

Justin rolled his eyes, then just left, as Big Rob grabbed the unconscious stalker and dragged him out. Then, Kristen and Phil both walked out of the bathroom, but with messy hair.
"PHIL!" Patrick said. "Just the guy i was looking for."

"What do you want," Phil asked, pretty blankly.

"Come on, i need to talk to you," Patrick said as he and Phil started walking away, leaving just Kat and Kristen. Kat just looked at Kristen.

"What?" Kristen asked her.

"Your shirt is on backwards," Kat said to her.

"So?" Kristen said.

"Your shirt wasn't backwards when we got here," Kat said to her.

Then, Patrick Sharp and his Girlfriend Sarah ran by, Sarah in Patricks arms, just kissing all over Patrick's face, and He just stopped really quick in front of Kat.

"LUCKY SHARPIE!" He smirked, running into the bathroom with her.

*Patrick's POV*

"Why are you making me walk with you?" Phil asked me.

"Because i really need to talk to you," I Said to him.

"About what?" He asked me.`
"Look, last time, i did it wrong because i didn't listen to you," I Said.

"Always listen to me," Phil smirked.

"Anyway, in the bahamas, i really messed it up with Kat's dad," I Said. "And i thought about actually going to London to ask her brother."

"You really did?" Phil asked, "You have too much free time, clearly."

"Could i get through one sentence without you making a smart-ass comment?" I Asked him.

"You just did," Phil said. I Rolled my eyes.

"Anyway," I Said. "I Wanna do this right this time, and you said you didn't have to be blood to be family, and that was the case with you and Kat."

"Stop wasting my time and get to the point, please," Phil said, quickly losing interest.

"You've basically been in her life since she was born, your like her older brother," I Said.

"Well duh," Phil said, starting to fiddle with his t-shirt.

"With that being said," I said, pulling out a ring from my pocket.

"WHOA," He said. "I've only known you for a couple months and-"

"Not you dumbass," I Said, rolling my eyes. "It's for Kat, i wanted to ask you for your permission to marry her, you know, since your like, close with her."

"Your that serious?" He asked me, just looking at the ring. I Just nodded. "Just wondering but uh, this isn't because Justin became a hero and saved Kat from being raped, is it?"

"Partial," I Shrugged. "But i've been planning to propose for the whole summer."

"Well i don't want you proposing to her if you don't mean it," He said to me.

"I Told you, i do mean it," I Said. He just sighed.

"Patrick, i'm gonna be honest, your a dumbass," He said to me. "But your good for her, really good for her, probably because your both dumbasses, but you've changed her, and your not a douche like her pasts."

"Alright so...?"

"Knock yourself out."


"No dumbass. I Meant go ahead and marry her. You have my permission."


"Yes, now can i go back to my wife? We were in the middle of something."

"Sure, go ahead," I Smiled, as he ran away.

I Just couldn't stop smiling. Soon, Kat will officially be the future Mrs. Patrick Kane.

*Heathers POV*

I Had just gotten kicked out of the club for getting in some fight with this Taylor bitch, but whatever. Now i was just wandering around this resort or wherever, when i got into this casino. I Just looked around, then i couldn't believe who i saw at one of the casino tables- Kat's friend Adam.

"Oh god," I Rolled my eyes, trying to find a way out before he noticed me, but too late.

"Miss July," He said, turning around from the chair he was on.

"Um, Hi, Adam," I Said, slowly walking over to him. He just looked at me, and smirked slightly.

"Long time no see," He said.

"It's only been 3 weeks," I Said.

"Feels like 3 years," He said. "Over here," He said.

"Nah, i don't know how to play," I Said.

"I Can teach you," He said. I Just sighed. I Had nothing better to do anyway.

"Alright, sure," I Said, walking over to him, then i just sat on his lap kind of and watched him.

"I'm being rude," Adam said. "Can i offer you an alcoholic beverage?"

"Um, sure," I Said.

Then, he snapped his fingers, and a girl came over and handed him two beer bottles, and he handed one to me and we both just took a big drink out of our bottles and he did his thing.

I Watched him, and i didn't really get how to do it, but then i saw a man across the table hand him some money.

"How much did you win?" I Asked him.

"2,000 dollars," Adam told me. My eyes popped open.

"Um...could you uh, teach me how to play?" I Asked him. He just smiled.

"Sure, Heather," He said. He actually called me by my real name, he's never done that before, and quite frankly, i like it. I Just took another sip of my beer, then he taught me how to play.

*Kats POV*

Heather and Justin both got kicked out. John was drunk and shirtless and pole dancing. Nikie, Jenny and Cody are taking shots with a few other people. Jamila's with Corey over at the bar talking to Taylor, because apparently they went to school together or something. Kristen and Punk are grinding to DJ Pauly D and occasionally, Kristen's looking at me and saying "AND YOU SAID I WASN'T FUN". Blah blah blah. I Was just laying down on a couch, listening to what DJ Pauly D was spinning and drinking. Then, Patrick walked over, got on top of me and whispered into my ear.

"I Got a private suite upstairs just for us, king sized bed, wanna go put it to good use?" He whispered.

"Oh hell yeah," I Said, getting up as Patrick lead me out of the club and into an elevator in the resort.

He took me up to the top floor into a room that had a view of all of Las Vegas and he just tackled me onto the bed and we just kept making out, and he did start trying to get my shirt off, and i was about to let him, until he opened his mouth.

"It's nice to get alone time now, since we won't get any next week when we're in Buffalo with my family," He said in between kissing me, after that i stopped him.

"Wait, what?" I Asked.

"Don't you remember?" He said. "My day with the Stanley Cup is next friday and i'm going back to Buffalo for it, and you have the whole week off except for Tuesday and Sunday because of wrestling, and Tuesday's event is in Buffalo."

"So we're spending the whole week with your parent's and sisters," I Said.

"Yeah, i think we head to Buffalo Monday night, i spend Tuesday with my parents while your getting ready for your tapings and then i take them to the tapings," He said.

"You wanna introduce your parents to Kasey Angel before Kat?" I Asked him. "You do know i've turned heel, right?"

"I'll make sure they know it's scripted and your not really a bitch," He said. "They can't wait to meet you, since your the first girl i've ever brought back home."

I Was about to say something else, but i felt a sharp pain in my stomach, and before i knew it, i got away from Patrick and leaned over at the side of the bed, grabbed the waste basket and threw up. Patrick just got over me and just held my hair.

"Waste Basket, Meet Kat's Dinner. Kat's Dinner, Meet Waste Basket," He said as i was throwing up.

*The Next Day, Heathers POV* 

I Woke up with SUCH  a headache, but whatever. I Had no memory of last night at all, and i had no idea where i was. I yawned, then turned around in my bed, and i saw a guy next to me. I sat up a little to take a look at his face, and it was Adam. I Just rolled my eyes.

"Maybe now he'll stop hassling me to fuck him," I Said to myself, since Adam was still asleep.

Shortly after i said that, i layed back down, and Adam woke up and turned around and saw me, then smiled, but then he stopped, went bug eyed, then screamed.

"AHHH!" He screamed, jumping out of bed.

"What the-" I Said, jumping out bed, then i realized something was on my head.

I Pulled whatever was on it off, and i realized it was a veil. Whatever, i just tossed it to the corner where it landed right next to a bouquet of flowers. Again, whatever, Then, i noticed i was wearing a dress.

A White Dress.

That got me a little un-easy. But then, i noticed something- Adam was wearing a ring on his left hand ring finger. My heart felt like it stopped. I Gulped, then raised my left hand slightly.

I Had the same ring he had on his left hand ring finger.

I Paused, then slowly looked up at him from across the room. We were both bug-eyed, and breath less.

"What the HELL Did we do last night!?!"


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