Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Year Two Week Twenty Nine // Better Off Alone / Part Two

*Patrick's POV*

"You wouldn't shut up about that new Justin Bieber music video where he finds a girl he likes, steals her scarf and makes her go on a scavenger hunt to meet him if she want it back, so, you know," I Smiled as i took my last bite of food.

"I Wouldn't shut up about the One Less Lonely Girl video over a year ago," Kat said. "How do you still remember that?"

"I remember nearly everything that you say," I Smiled. She smiled back.

It's time.

"Hey, babe?" I Asked her.

"Yeah?" She asked as she took a sip of champagne.

"There's something i need to ask you," I Said.

"Go ahead," She smiled.

I Got up and reached into my back pocket and i was about to lean down on one knee, but right as i grabbed the box and was taking it out of my pocket, Kat's phone rang.

"Um...i'm gonna go take this real quick," She said, standing up and taking her call. I Sighed. I'm gonna kill whoever's calling her with my bare hands.

"Hey Krissie!" She said answering her phone. She went from a smile, to a look of concern.
 "Whoa....calm down...CALM DOWN...It'll be fine, Patrick and I will be right there."

Hold on, we'll what?

"Um...what?" I Asked. "Where are we going?"

"Cook County Jail," Kat said, starting to make her way up the stairs already. "Punk got arrested."

"He what!?" I Asked, following her.

"She says he got arrested for assault or something," Kat said, grabbing the car keys to the hummer.

"Wow, i know he's an asshole, but i never thought he'd purposely hurt a dude," I Shrugged, grabbing an umbrella as we headed outside to make the drive to the cook county jail. I'm hoping to just get this over with so i can go back and propose.

*Cook County Jail*

"What the hell happened!?" Kat asked, running into this room where Kristen was, looking like she was about to have a fucking heart attack.

"They just came up to our door and arrested him!" Kristen said, trying to hide her face. I Don't think she was crying, but i think she was about to.

"Seriously?" I Asked. "That's stupid."

"It was so sudden," Kristen said. "I Really don't get wha-"

Kristen was interrupted by the door opening and Phil walking in, looking entirely pissed off.

"Baby!" Kristen said, running up to him and embracing him. "What happened!?"

"They fucking took my hands and finger-printed me," Phil said, super pissed off. Then, his eyes caught me, and he looked more pissed off. Then he walked over to me, grabbed me by the arm and dragged me over to the corner. "Why did you bring her here?!" He asked, pointing at Kat.

"I Didn't bring her here, She brought me here," I Said.

"Look, you gotta get her out of here, NOW," Phil said.

"Why?" I Asked.

"I've known Kat longer then you, i know what's best for her, you GOT to get her out of here," He said.

"Again, Why?" I Asked.

"Because, you just do!" He yelled at me. "Look you don't know who pressed the charges and i do, you gotta get her out of here."

"Who pressed the charges?" I Asked.

"It was-" He began, but was interrupted by a cop opening the door.

"Mr. Brooks, the guy pressing charges would like to speak with you."

"Oh god no," Phil sighed.

Then, i couldn't believe who walked through the door- it was Ken, Kat's dad.

"Look, Phil, i didn't mean to-" Ken began walking in, but stopped when he saw me and smirked. "I didn't mean to press charges against you since you didn't hit me, but i knew that you knew the guy who punched me in the face and he's standing right next to you!"

I Wasn't worried about him pressing charges against me for punching him, i was worried for Kat. She recongized his voice mid-way through that, turned around, and when she saw him, she had the blankest look on her face.

"Dad?" She asked, looking at blankly. He turned his head and saw her, then rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Why the hell are you here?" He asked her.

"Phil got arrested that's why, me and my boyfriend bo-"

"BOYFRIEND? HIM?" He asked, pointing to me. "I Should have known, two idiots together. Perfect fit.

"You know him?" Kat asked, raising an eyebrow looking at me. I Looked down.

"Know him?" Ken asked. "He, Phil and some other guy came to my house in the bahamas and talked to me, then your little boyfriend punched me in the face! I'm here to arrest his ass." I Could feel Kat's eyes staring at me, but i couldn't look back. She bit her lip, then looked back at Ken.

"You're not gonna arrest my boyfriend," Kat said.

"Oh yeah?" Ken asked. "Why not?"

"Because, you put charges against him, i put charges against you," Kat said.

"Excuse me?" Ken asked.

"I Know something you don't," Kat said.

"Oh, what's that?" Ken asked, smirking and crossing his arms.

Kat walked over to him, then whispered something in his ear. As she whispered, that smirk slowly faded away to one pissed off face.

"You wouldn't even dare," Ken gritted through his teeth.

"Try me," Kat gritted through her teeth. I Could see her hand was already balled up into a fist by her side.

Then, Ken grabbed Kat by the throat and actually threw her up against a wall.

"WHAT THE HELL MAN!?" I Asked, quickly running over across the room as well as Phil did over by Ken to prevent him from putting his hands on Kat again. Kristen didn't know exactly what was going on, but she knew Kat well enough to know to go over by Kat and kind of just help her calm down.

"LISTEN," Ken yelled. "I'm your father and-"

"FATHER?" Kat yelled. "As far as i'm concerned you're just the guy who donated his sperm to make me, and even that was a mistake!"

"You're damn right it was a fucking mistake!" Ken yelled. His remarks toward Kat in the bahamas were one thing, but really seeing him say all this stuff to her face AND putting his hands on sickened me.

"What did you do? Sue the condom company!?" Kat yelled back.

"LOOK," Ken yelled. "Don't you DARE-"

"Don't you dare what? Tell you the truth!? It's not my fault no one else in this fucking world has the balls to tell you the truth except me," Kat shouted. "You're nothing but a fucking alcoholic with anger management problems who can't control them appropriately so you just Abuse the ones you said you loved countless times!"

"I Never loved you!" Ken yelled back.

"Whadya know! FINALLY Something we have in common!" Kat yelled back.

Ken tried to break away from our hold on him and just attack Kat, but me and Phil wouldn't let him go. This guy was trying to physically hurt his own Daughter. This man is just a fucking monster.

"Look, you're not pressing charges against Patrick for hitting you unless you want charges pressed against you as well," Kat said.

I Would just like to make a quick observation- last time she said Ken wasn't gonna press charges against her boyfriend, now she said Patrick. Just thought that was interesting.

"You're gonna press charges against me for child abuse!?" Ken yelled. "I Haven't hit you in YEARS! Who the hell do you think will believe you?"

"Well, not only did you just admit you hit me as a child in front of three people in a County Jail," Kat began. "I Have proof. Craig and Savannah saw what you did to me CONSTANTLY. It's called Eye-witnesses. And i have three more here. Now, exactly who the hell would believe you if you said you never hit me?" Ken was just FUMING now.

"THAT'S IT, I'M DONE," Ken yelled breaking free from our grasp and walking over to the door to leave, but stopped midway and  looked back to Kat.

"My life is so much better when you're not in it, so stay out of it, FOR GOOD," Ken yelled before leaving and slamming the door Shut.

Kat looked like she wanted to flip a bitch over and beat the shit out of them, but she managed to cool herself down. I Gulped, then walked over to her.

"Thank you SO Much," I Said to her.

"Don't talk to me," Kat said, immediately walking away, not making any eye-contact. She slammed the door shut as well and left.

"Okay, i'm still confused, what the hell was that all about?" Kristen asked.

"That, my girl," Phil said. "Was Kennedy. Kat's dead-beat dad."

"Dead-beat dad!?" Kristen asked, shocked.

"He's also known as my dad's former drinking buddy," Phil said.

"Kat never talks about him," Kristen shrugged.

"And now you know why," He said, specifically looking at me.

"Okay, i admit, this was all my fault," I Sighed.

"How was it his fault?" Kristen asked.

"That whole little trip to the bahamas was so he could ask Ken for Kat's hand in marriage, when he met him, he was shocked at what Ken was saying about Kat and he ended up knocking Ken out with a punch to the face," Phil said.

"Oh my god...this really IS YOUR FAULT!" Kristen said looking at me.

"I Know it is!" I Yelled, impatiently. "Look, i just gotta go fix things, drive me home? Kat had the keys," I Sighed.

"Take a cab," Phil said.

"I don't have any money," I said.

"Here's 20, should cover it," Kristen said, immediately grabbing a 20 from her pocket and throwing it in my face.

"There's not any cabs nearby though," I Said.

"You're Patrick fucking Kane, everyone in Chicago likes you, Hitchhike," Phil said as he and Kristen walked out.

I Sighed, walked outside. It was still pouring rain, and by the looks of it, no one in Chicago was outside driving. I Just started walking. Maybe someone will recongize me and get me home, the house is about an hour away walking distance from here...

*About One Hour Later, Kat&Pat's House*

I Learned something in the past hour- People in Chicago are very smart, so when Chicago's having one of the worst thunder-storms in history, they're gonna be smart and stay inside instead of out driving, and i think i just lost a pant size or two from all this walking. My only hope is that since it's been an hour, Kat's cooled down. I opened the door...And I realized Kat was the exact opposite of cooled down.

I Walked in and there was stuff EVERYWHERE, and i shortly realized it was my stuff. I Saw Kat at the top of the stairs, and she just threw down more stuff that was of course mine. I Caught a glimpse of her face, and she looked like she was crying and she also looked PISSED.

"Did i miss an earthquake or something while i was gone?" I Asked, grabbing one of my jackets i saw on the ground.

"GET OUT!" I Heard Kat yell upstairs.

"Can't we talk?" I Asked. Then, Kat came running downstairs and got up in my face.

"NOW YOU WANNA TALK? NOW?!" She shouted. "Not when you decided to go meet up with my dad!?"

"Calm down, Babe," I Said calmly.

"Don't tell me to calm down and don't call me babe because i'm not your fucking babe," She said as she started walking away. I Raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, really?" I Asked, following her into the kitchen. "Your ending a one year relationship just because i made a little mistake? That's bullshit Kat."

"Are you being serious right now!?" She yelled turning around.

"Am i being serious? Are YOU Being serious!?" I Yelled back.

"Do you even realize what you did!?" She screamed. "You just brought back a part of my life that took FOREVER For me to move past and you don't even have an OUNCE Of Sorry in you!?"

"Well it's hard to be sorry when your acting like a fucking Bitch!" I Yelled.

"UGH! I'M DONE WITH YOU PATRICK," Kat yelled walking away with tears streaming down her face now.

"Go ahead Walk away, but don't be surprised when i'm not coming after you!" I Yelled back as she walked out and slammed the door shut.

I Was so pissed off, so i jumped onto the counter and sat down, but i quickly got off when i realized i sat on something. I Reached into my back pocket, and realized it was the box with the ring in it that i sat on. That's when it all sinked in.

I Just lost the love of my life and probably the only girl who really loves me for me. She walked out and i didn't even try to stop her.

"You Stupid Boy," I Said to myself, before punching a wall.

I Was just so pissed off at myself now for letting Kat go. I Thought maybe she was still out there, so i ran across the kitchen and opened the door that lead to the car, and when i saw that the space where her Range Rover used to be was gone, that's when it really did sink in that i lost her. I Sighed, walked back in the house, punched the wall again and walked over to the fridge and opened it. I Saw a can of beer in their. I've drank Champagne and stuff like that of course for formal events, like a glass, but that's all. Kat kept me grounded and i haven't had a REAL Alcoholic drink in months.

"Looks like now's the perfect time to start again..." I Sighed, grabbing the beer bottle and opening up, then chugged it down. It killed me to do it, but i just really needed it now. I Really did.

To Be Continued...


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