Monday, September 5, 2011

Year Two Week Thirty // Where do we go from here? / Part Three

"I Trust you with my tears, and my secrets never told, i trust you with my hopes and fears, and this hand i hold, i know you'll be true to me, whenever we're apart, in a world filled with un-certainty, i trust you........i trust you with my heart..."

We were at the reception and John and Nikie just made their first appearance as Mr. and Mrs. John Cena. The Speeches from the Best Man and Maid Of Honor were just made, and now John and Nikie were having their first dance to their song- I Trust You by Cassie Steele. It was beautiful- Besides the fact that Patrick was at my table, along Krissie and Punk, Heather and Her Plus one, which was Adam apparently, Jamila and her half brother Marc- John's other cousin, and the guy who did a rap in John's theme music in WWE- and Justin. Jenny and Cody sat at the table next to us along with the Bride and Groom themselfs. It was awkward sitting at a table with my ex, but i tried not to pay much attention to him, i just watched John and Nikie slow dance. It was so beautiful, as was the song. After it was over, dinner was served, and it wasn't long after that that the DJ Started spinning again, it was pretty fun. Then, Nikie was ready to throw her bouquet.

"No one else better catch this," Jenny gritted through her teeth as she got up.

"I have no intention on it, don't worry," I Rolled my eyes as i leaned back in my seat.

"Why not? Oh Yeah, that's right, Little Peek-A-Boo over there screwed you over," Adam said, laughing and pointing to Patrick. He rolled his eyes, as did i.

"I Personally think you should at least try and catch it," Justin said to me.

"Why? God knows i won't be getting married anytime sooner," I Said.

"Wasn't supposed to be that way..." Patrick mumbled. I Just looked at him, but quickly turned away.

"Well whoever catches it is gonna get married next," Kristen said. "I Caught it at my brothers wedding in mid 2009, and a little over a year later i walked down the aisle."

"Did you catch the Bouquet at your last wedding you attended, Heather?" Adam smirked.

"Oh, hahahaha, Very funny," Heather rolled her eyes, taking a sip of wine.

Then, a whole pile of lonely girls piled around Nikie as she threw her Bouquet.

"Jenny's gonna catch it, i just know it," I Said to myself.

I Was so wrong.

Nikie's aim was WAAAAY off when she threw it and it landed NOWHERE Near the girls surrounding her, and instead, it landed RIGHT Infront of me onto the table, then rolled off onto my lap into my hands.

"What the fucking hell?" Jamila asked. "How the FUCK Did you catch that when Nikie's all the way over there!?!"

"I Don't know," I Shrugged, just looking at the bouquet laying in my hands.

"KAT Caught it!?" Jenny yelled. "FUCK."

"John and Nikie are gonna be doing a LOT of that later tonight," Punk said.

"They already have been," Heather said. "Nikie's pregnant."

"Already? Damn," Punk said taking a sip of whatever he was drinking.

"So Kat," Kristen said. "When should we start planning your wedding?" She laughed.

Instantly, i smirked and looked over at Patrick to make sure i had his attention, A Moment later, he must have felt my eyes staring at me, because he looked right back at me.

"We'll start planning it right after i finally get together with Justin," I Smiled, and said a little louder to get Patrick's attention.

"I Need a drink," Patrick said, instantly getting up and heading to the bar area.

"We all know you do," I Yelled back at him as he left, only causing him to walk faster.

"Are you serious?" Kristen asked me.

"About Justin?" I Asked.

"Yeah, you're just gonna use him to make Patrick jealous?" She asked.

"Kinda looks that way," I Said.

"I Know you're a bitch, but seriously? You know how much Justin likes you and you're just gonna toy with his emotions?" She asked.

"Correction," I Said. "I Know how much he USED to like me. After that whole Home Opener incident, yeah, nope."

"You honestly have no idea what you're talking about," Kristen said.

"What?" I Asked.

"Nevermind, just, don't," Kristen said. I Looked at her for a moment, before shaking my head and walking away.

It was then time for John and Nikie to cut their cake. Continuously, Nikie told John she didn't like cake so he couldn't smash it in her face, and he kept telling her he wouldn't, but of course, he ended up smashing it in her face while they fed it to each other, only causing Nikie to do the same.

"This cake tastes like ass," Punk said, spitting it out onto his plate.

"In a napkin, please?" Jamila said.

Punk then took another bite of the cake, chewed, then, he leaned over across the table and spat it out onto Jamila's cake.

"My Bad," Punk said.

"I'm switching tables," Jamila rolled her eyes, getting up.

"You're so gross," Heather rolled her eyes at Punk.

"I Would have done the same thing if i was him, to be quite honest," Adam said.

"Of course you would, Bur," Patrick commented. He never did get a drink, he just walked over there, then back over here.

"You know that first-hand, don't you?" Adam smirked at him, as Patrick rolled his eyes.

Then, the DJ started playing Lovestory by Taylor Swift. I Just smirked, this was technically mine and Justin's song you could say. PERFECT time to show Patrick what he's missing.

"Justin, wanna go dance?"I Asked him, standing up.

"Um...Sure!" He smiled, getting up and taking my hand as we headed to the floor to go and dance.

"God Dammit," Patrick mumbled under his breath as he saw me and Justin dancing.

"What's wrong with you?" Punk asked him.

"What's wrong with me is that i came all the way here to try and win Kat back but she's just ignoring me," Patrick said.

"You're not trying to win Kat back, i've been watching," Punk said. "You're just sitting on your ass hoping she'll come and talk to you and work things out, you aren't doing shit," Punk said, before taking Kristen hand and walking over to the floor to dance with her as well. Patrick just sighed.

"You know, i really am sorry things didn't work out between you and blondie," Justin whispered to me as we were slow dancing to Lovestory.

"Eh, i am too," I Said. "But after that, i just couldn't."

"If i was dating a girl who did something like that, i would've dumped her in a heart beat, you did the right thing Angel," Justin said to me as we continued slow dancing.

"FINALLY!" Jenny yelled at her table.

"What?" Nikie asked her.

"Look!" She said, pointing to me and Justin. "FINALLY, they're together!"

"No their not," Nikie said. "I Was talking to Kristen earlier, Kat's just using Justin."

"I Don't care, they're dancing right now, and pretty soon, i'm positive they'll be doing much more the slow dancing," Jenny smirked.

"I Thought you liked Justin?" Nikie asked her.

"I Do," Jenny said.

"Well if you liked him like you say you do, wouldn't you want the love of his life to be with him because she WANTs to, not just to toy with his heart?" Nikie asked.

"For all you know, Kristen could have it ALL wrong," Jenny said. "I Want Kat and Justin together, badly, and right now, they're together. I Don't care if he's rebound, if she's cheating or what. They're together, so i'm good."

"Well i'm not," Nikie said, getting up out of her seat and walking over to the DJ. "Do you mind if i make a request?"

"Anything for the lovely bride," The DJ Smiled.

"What song are you playing after this?" She asked.

"The Cha-Cha Slide," The DJ Said.

"After that, can you play Common Denominator by Justin Bieber?" She asked.

"Of course," The DJ Smiled as the song was ending and he switched to The Cha-Cha Slide.

Almost everyone was out of their seats doing the Cha-Cha Slide, but mid-way through, Heather, Kristen and I headed back to our seats.

"Probably not the brightest idea to do that in a dress and high heels," Heather said.

"I Went to Criss-Cross and almost ended up doing the splits," Kristen said.

"I'll end up breaking my vagina if i even dare try to do the splits," I Said as the song was ending and people started making their way back to their seats.

"Alright," The DJ Said. "By request of the lovely bride, we're gonna start to slow things down in here..." Then, i just gasped.

Out of all songs, Common Denominator started playing. Mine and Patrick's song, and everyone knew it was our song. I Just looked at Nikie.

"How could you?" I Asked her, before standing up then just running out of the room and out of the whole hotel.  I Couldn't stand to be in here anymore.

I Ran outside as fast as i could wearing heels, then i just sat down on the pavement and started crying to myself. It was freezing outside, but i didn't care. I Just couldn't believe that after she KNEW what Patrick did to me she would even DARE to tell the DJ to play that song. I Couldn't believe it. It was freezing, but soon, i felt warmer, then noticed someone had placed a jacket on me, and then someone sat next to me.

It was Patrick.

We were just sitting there for a moment. I Tried to stop crying and catch my breath, and eventually i did.

"My dad grew up in Queens without a dad, and his life was hard, he had no guidance and he made life hell for my grandma, so when he grew up, he swore he'd never leave a child behind," I Said. "He met my mom in college and they eventually moved to Chicago and had my older brother and sister. Things were great for those four, then i came, and things weren't so great. I Had huge behavior issues since my family was so fucking dysfunctional. My parents were arguing every night and i was pretty much raised by my siblings. He would go out, then get drunk and come home and hit me, every night."

"Every night?" Patrick asked.

"Every single night, unless he got so mad at my mom he never came home," I Said. "No matter how hard i tried, i never was good enough for him, and when i dared to ask him why he did that, his response was that i was basically a spitting image of him, that's why. It only got worse as i grew older, especially after Savannah and Craig were off to College and my mom died from Cancer. Two years after that i graduated, and the next morning, he left me. He said he wouldn't leave a child behind, and even though i wasn't 18 yet, i was a high-school graduate, so i technically wasn't a child anymore, so he just used that as his excuse to run off. I Had no one, it was a hard time for me and it took YEARS for me to move past it, and it wasn't until i signed my WWE Contract i did. I Don't like talking about it unless i really have to, that's why i never talked about it with you."

"If i knew, i never would have even thought of going to the Bahamas to meet him," Patrick said.

"Just, tell me one thing," I Said, adjusting myself on the pavement so i was finally facing him. "Why did you go meet him?" Patrick sighed.

"I Can't tell you the exact reason, i really can't, but you got to trust me that i didn't go to unveil your past, i had a purpose that i just can't say," He said as i sighed.

"I Trust you, i guess," I Said.

"Look," Patrick said, taking my hands. "I NEVER Met for it to turn out like this whatsoever. When i met your dad, he said so many bad things about you, so i knocked him out."

"You knocked him out cold!?" I Asked.

"Yeah," Patrick said. "I Couldn't stand listening to what he was saying about you. But anyway, my life's been a wreck without you. I Literally have no self control, i'm all depressed, and i started drinking again.

"You're drinking again?" I Asked.

"I Didn't know what to do," Patrick said. "I Just really missed you, and i thought if i came up here and explained it all, maybe, just maybe you'd take me back. If you don't, i get it, but Kat, i Need you, more then you could ever know."

"In all honesty, i couldn't stop thinking about you at all these past two weeks," I Said.

"I Missed you, a lot," Patrick said.

"So did i," I Said.

Then, Patrick put his arms around me as i buried my face into his chest for a moment, then, we kissed.

"I'm sorry, for everything," Patrick said.

"I'm sorry for making you drink again," I Said.

"I'd be stupid to ask if we could just forget this whole thing, but...Can we know..." Patrick said.

"Give us another shot?" I Asked.

"Yeah, that," Patrick said, as i just smiled.

"What do you think?" I Asked, before leaning in and kissing him again. After, Patrick just smiled, then stood up and grabbed his Jacket off of me and put it back on, then extending out his hand.

"Come on, let's go dance," He smiled, as he pulled me up onto my feet and put his arm around me and lead me back inside the hotel.

When we got back in the hotel, one of the songs was just ending, and another one just started- One Saturday Night Away by Cassie Steele and Michael Seater. Personally, i've loved this song ever since i heard it in Degrassi, and it was somewhat of a perfect song for me and Patrick to slow dance to because of the lyrics, because well, it really described our relationship somewhat. While we danced, Justin just looked on from his table, then sighed.

"I Was So close..." He said as he watched me and Patrick.

"Trust me," Kristen chimed in. "You really weren't..."

Me and Patrick were just slow dancing, when the song ended and "S & M" by Rihanna started playing.

"I'm sorry, but this song makes me horny," Patrick whispered.

"Me too...." I Said.

Then, before we knew it, by the time the chorus came, me and Patrick were running off until we found a supply closet, then we ran inside, locked the door, and made love to Rihanna.  Who doesn't love weddings,eh?


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