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Year Two Week Thirty // Where do we go from here? / Part Two

*The Next Morning, 7 HOURS BEFORE THE WEDDING, Kat's POV*

"Alright, so keep those in and you'll have your hair slightly curly," Jenny said to Nikie as she just put these pink curlers in Nikie's hair.

"Damnit Jenny," Jamila said walking into the room in her Light Blue bridesmaid dress. "Why the hell aren't any of your brother's answering? We gotta find out when to head down to the church, and the hotel for the reception to check on things."

"My wedding planners already at the hotel making sure tables are set up, and as for the wedding, it's on a church, so we don't need to arrange stuff," Nikie said.

"OH MY GOD NIKIE," Heather said, walking down stairs as fast as she could- she was in heels and her light blue dress. "Your wedding dress is so BEAUTIFUL!!!"

"Randy's not answering either!" Jamila yelled. "THE GROOM, THE BEST MAN OR THE GROOMS MEN ARE ANSWERING, lovely."

"I'm sure everything's fine," I Said, in the living room as Jenny was french-braiding my hair, she's handy at these kind of things.

"What if they aren't?" Nikie asked. "What if there's a reason none of the guys are answering!?"

"Calm your tits," Jamila said. "I'm POSITIVE Everything is-"

She was cut off by John opening the door and rushing in, with a not so happy look on his face. He walked straight past Nikie and into the kitchen.

"Whoa, we aren't supposed to see each other until 3!" Nikie yelled. "And we've been trying to reach you all morning!"

"Oh yeah?" John asked, opening the fridge and grabbing a Coolers Light. "Well you clearly weren't trying to last night! Why? Oh yeah, that's right because last night it was my little brother talking to me and not you!

"What?" Nikie asked, confused.


"Wait...Did Dan tell you i was Pregnant!?" She asked.

"YOU'RE PREGNANT!?" Heather, Jamila and I Yelled at her the same time in shock.

"You Told Dan AFTER I TOLD YOU NOT TO!?" Nikie yelled at Jenny.

"Don't bring my little brother and sister into this!" John yelled back. "This is about You and me! How could you not tell me you're pregnant!?"

"We need to talk," Nikie said firmly. "But we are NOT doing it here."

"We need to talk alright," John said. "RIGHT NOW."

"NOT HERE," Nikie raised her voice.

Then, in Pajama pants and an old Jon Bon Jovi 1988 concert t-shirt and Pink curlers in her hair, Nikie just stormed out of the room and out the door. John sighed, then followered her out the door, leaving the Groomsmen, the Best man, Me and the rest of the Bridesmaids, and the Maid of honor left alone in John and Nikie's house, wondering what the hell was going on, where the bride and the groom went, and if there will even be a wedding in 7 hours.

*Noon, Local Church, 3 HOURS BEFORE THE WEDDING*

"Why am i wearing a suit." Punk huffed as we were walking inside the church John and Nikie are SUPPOSED to get married in, but we still haven't seen them since they left at 8am.

"Because it's a wedding, that's why," Kristen sighed, trying to fix her Sparkly red dress- the wedding colors were Red and Light Blue, so the guests were asked to wear one of the two.

Again, it was noon, and the wedding is in 3 HOURS. All the guests are arriving- family, friends, etc, yet STILL No Groom or Bride. I'm starting to question if this wedding is going to happen, but i'm one of the bridesmaids, so i'm staying here until three, and lucky for me, i rode here with Kristen and Punk and got to listen to Punk whine about having to wear a suit. Joy.

"Do you see this?" Punk asked, pointing to his tie. "Do you not know how Dangerous these are!? Someone could grab this and CHOKE ME OUT!"

"If you don't shut up about wearing a suit i will grab that tie and Choke you out myself," Kristen said to him, annoyed.

"You know wearing a suit isn't too bad," Punk said, walking away.

"So, since the big scary guy is gone," Kristen said. "How you holding up?"

"About Patrick?" I Asked. "Ugh," I Rolled my eyes.

"I'm gonna guess you're not holding up too well?" She asked.

"He brought up a part of my life that took forever for me to move past, i wanna absolutely hate his guts for that," I Said, before sighing. "But i just can't, but i do know i don't wanna be with him," I Said. "But....every where i look, it's like i see his face. Like that guy!" I Said, pointing to a guy who looked like Patrick. "For me, he looks EXACTLY like Pat!" Kristen then bit her lip, then sighed.

"Um...Kiddo..." She began. "I Really hate to tell you this..but uh...That IS Patrick."

"Wait WHAT!?" I Asked, before looking at him again. "Good lord...That IS Patrick!!!"

"What the hell is he doing here!?" Kristen asked.

"I Don't know, but he won't be here for long," I Said, walking over to the usher. "Excuse me, but that blonde guy over there isn't supposed to be here."

"Alright, let me grab the guest book and check things out," The usher said as he walked over to Patrick. I Smirked. "See Kristen, soon, this will be fixed," I Smiled.

"How soon exactly?" She asked.

"Right about now," I Smiled, dazing off.

"Doesn't look that way," Kristen said. "You know, considering Patrick's still there, and the usher is walking back here."

"What," I Immediately said as the usher walked back.

"Sorry, miss, i checked, his names on the guest list," He said, handing me the guest book.

I Looked through it and to my surprise- Patrick's name WAS on the guest list. I Sighed as Alanna Orton, Randy Orton's---The Best Man---  3 year old daughter waddled over to me.

"Hi sweetie," I Smiled as i saw her and bent down on my knees.

"Mister Patrick told me to give you these," She said, handing me a couple of flowers. I Looked and Saw Patrick somewhat looking on. I Sighed, then handed them back to Alanna.

"Sweetie, go and give these back to Patrick, tell them he can shove these right up his ass then kick him in between his legs," I Smiled.

"Okay!" She smiled back, running to Patrick as i stood up and watched on.

"Sweetheart, you were supposed to give Kat the flowers," Patrick said.

"Kat told me to tell you to shove these right up your ass!" Alanna said before kicking him right in his nuts as hard as a three-year old could. All the people in the room- including me- laughed as Patrick went DOWN.

"I'll hear shit from Randy about it this Tuesday, but whatever," I shrugged.

"That's a nice thing to do to your boyfriend," Justin said, walking up behind me in his suit. He shaved and had his hair slicked back, and he looked rather dashing.

"Who said he was still my boyfriend?" I Smirked. His eyes lit up.

"You two broke up!?"  Justin asked.

"He was being an Asshole, so i dumped him," I Shrugged. Justin was smiling, and somewhat shaking. "Um...are you okay?" I Asked.

"Oh, uh, what?" Justin asked as he stopped shaking. "Oh yeah, i'm fine," He smiled. "Um, i'll be right back," He said, rushing off. I Just shrugged, as i saw Patrick limp up to me, not looking to happy.

"Do you want a juicebox and a blanket for naptime? You know, since you're acting like a little kid," He said to me.

"Me? A Little kid?" I Asked, shocked. "I'm shocked you would accuse me of acting so immature! I'm 22 years old and i happen to be VERY-"

"Kat!" Jamila said, walking up. "Since there probably won't be a wedding, Cody and i are gonna head outside and suck the Helium out of balloons to sound like Chipmunks, wanna join us!?"

"Oh Hell yeah!!!" I Smiled as i ran outside of the church with her to go suck out helium. Patrick turned around and watched us, then sighed.

"And you say you aren't acting like a little-" Patrick began, but stopped when he turned around and Saw Justin's 6'2 self standing infront of him, looking down at him. "Um...can i help you?" Patrick asked, a little weirded out.

Justin just stared at Patrick for a moment, then walked away, laughing, leaving Patrick confused.

*15 minutes Later, Nikie's POV*

The wedding is in less then 3 hours, and me and John are no where close to the church. Instead, we're at this local Boating dock just walking around and we've been talking for HOURS now, yet we're getting no where.

"I Just found out yesterday," I Said.

"Then you should have came to me and told me," John said.

"I Know!" I Said.

"To hear from Dan at like, 1 in the morning..." John shook his head.

"Do you REALLY think i'd tell your little brother to tell you i was pregnant in the middle of the night!?" I Asked.

"Sometimes i feel like you and My siblings are the couple, not you and me," John said.

"Jenny's my best friend and hopefully my future sister in law, and i didn't mean to tell her, she just walked in," I Said.

"Well if this is gonna work, somethings are gonna have to stay private!" John yelled.

"Well i don't like secrets, John!" I yelled.

"Clearly i don't either," John said as we continued walking around the dock. "Sure you're not having doubts."

"John," I Sighed, looking at him.

"This is all happening pretty fast," John said as we stopped walking to talk.

"We've known eachother for years now," I Said.

"Yeah and for years we were friends, Just friends," John said.

After that, there was a moment of awkward silence.

"Maybe we're supposed to keep it that way..." John said, before he walked away, just leaving me standing there.

*10 minutes later back at the church, Kat's POV*

 "Celebrate good times come on!" Cody said, with his voice super high from the helium, jumping up and down snapping in his suit as me and Jamila laughed on, sucking out helium as well.

"That's a dumb song, brokeface," Jamila said, all filled up with helium as we all laughed.

I Stopped sucking helium out and saw Jenny just standing there, with her arms crossed. I'm guessing she's annoyed her brother and her best friend have yet to even be at their own wedding yet. I Coughed a little, trying to get some helium out of me, then walked over to her.

"There's still a little less then 3 hours before they're supposed to walk down the aisle," I Said. "I'm sure they'll be here, but we gotta keep going as if the weddings happening.

"Says the girl sucking helium out of balloons," Jenny rolled her eyes. "And as if the weddings happening...which of course, means it's not," She sighed.

"Come on, Babe," Cody said, back in his normal voice. "You don't know that, i bet John and Nikie are on their way here right now."

"You don't know that either!" Jenny shouted. "Just forget it, there's no wedding, all of this was for nothing!"

"Jenny, stop being a baby and just get ready for your brother's wedding," Jamila said, causing Jenny to turn around, arms folded.

"Oh Jamila," Jenny began. "Mind your own business."

"Oh really?" Jamila began. "You're the one telling people to mind their own business when you can't?"

"I Just do what i think is right," Jenny said, arms still folded.

"Last night you were yelling at me because of a joke, but you telling Dan that Nikie was pregnant was much worse," Jamila said.

"I DIDN'T TELL HIM!" Jenny snapped.

"THEN WHO DID!?" Jamila snapped back.

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Adam said, running out from the church with Heather by his side. Right now i wanted to ask why he was here and not in Dallas, but i'll wait. "This is a church, this is the holy house of Lord Jesus his self, and i'm pretty sure the bible has no book or chapter or verse that condones fighting."

After that, there was an awkward silence outside of the church as Jamila just stared at Jenny in her t-shirt and jeans and Jenny stared back at Jamila in her bridesmaid dress.

"Some Maid Of Honor you are," Jamila said to her.

"Oh Gee, Jamila," Jenny said. "Some cousin you are," She said, then shaking her head and walking back in the church.

"Just take it easy ladies," Adam said. "Papa Bur's in the house now, and i just know everything will be fine." Jamila paid absolutely no attention to him and just Kicked the tire of one of the cars.

"Don't kick my car," Cody said.

"Don't tell me what to do, brokeface," Jamila said, walking away, as did Cody back in the church, probably after Jenny.

"Shouldn't you be in Dallas? You know, since i hear the Stars are going to be starting to train for pre-season soon," I asked Adam.

"I'm going back to my condo tomorrow," Adam said. "But i decided to come here for today."

"With Heather...?" I Asked.

"We're still working stuff out," Heather shrugged.

I Rolled my eyes and turned around to head back into the church, but stopped when i saw Patrick outside standing in front of me before once again rolling my eyes and folding my arms.

"What do you want?" I Asked him.

"You look super beautiful," He said me.

"Don't you dare even start with me," I Gritted through my teeth.

"You know...this could have been us," He shrugged.

"Patrick i swear to god if you say one more thing i will castrate you in front of Jesus," I said. He sighed, then just walked away, just hanging his head in defeat. "Oh jesus please forgive for saying that," I Mumbled to myself. I'm a christian, so i didn't feel TOO Comfortable saying that, but if i had to do that, i would, and i'd do it without feeling bad about it whatsoever.


"Where is the bride, and where's the groom," Cody sang to the sound of the church bells ringing.

"No bride, No groom, and the maid of honor is in a horrible mood as well," I Sighed.

30 minutes, 30 MINUTES Before John and Nikie's wedding, still a no-show for either. EVERYONE Is here, all 200+ people. Most of them are waiting inside the church, along with the pastor, but the Bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man and immediate family are outside, holding hope that John and Nikie will be running up anytime now. We even went home to get Nikie's dress and John's Suit. Faith is running out though.

*Same time, Nikie's POV*

"I Just don't get how this happened," John said as we were sitting at the edge of the dock, just looking at the water together, STILL talking.

"You were there," I Said.

The wedding time is nearing. I Have no idea how close we are to the church and if we're still getting married. But time's running out.

"I mean i thought you were on the pill," John said to me.

"Yeah but it's not 100% effective, only 98%," I Shrugged.

"Oh, so we're in the unlucky two percent then," John sighed, as did i. "That's just great."

"Sometimes couples would think of this as a blessing, like i do," Nikie said. "It's too bad you're against kids..."

"I'm not against kids, whenever i'm not wrestling, training or with you, chances are i'm WITH Kids at the make-a-wish foundation or doing a signing with kids," John said. "I'm just not ready yet to actually be a parent full-time."

"As if i am?" I Asked him.

"Look, we both have a lot of stuff on our plate," John said. "And we have a lot of adj-"

"I Know we have a lot of adjusting, John," I Said. "But life doesn't wait for you to get adjusted and out of all people, you should know that. Look at me, i wasn't planned at all but i still came. Kat wasn't planned either and now she's a role-model for girls everywhere and representing women's wrestling. And what about you?" I Asked him. He sighed.

"I Wasn't planned either..." John sighed.

"But now you're a house-hold name, a 10x world wrestling champion, you have your own Rap CD out, you're the definition of Success!" I Said. "Bottom line, this baby wasn't planned, but maybe someday this baby could do something for the world, but we'll never know if we just give up on it."

John sat there, thinking for a moment, before looking at me.

"You know what?" He began. "You're right. You're absolutely right," He smiled, and i couldn't help but crack a smile back. We got up from sitting on the dock, stood up and looked at eachother, before John looked down at my stomach area. "It's hard to believe there's a little one right there."

"9 Months and it won't be so little as it is now," I Smiled. He looked up at my face, and smiled back.

"So which one of us doesn't want to have this baby?" He smirked, and i smirked back.

"Not me, hopefully not you either," I smiled, before he kissed me.

"Come on, i think we have something we're supposed to be doing about now," John smiled, before picking me up and putting me on his back as he ran off the dock toward the church. Here comes the bride, all right.


"It is getting quite late," Pastor Dave said to me.

"It's only 2:50, the wedding doesn't start until 3:00, just give them time, i'm POSITIVE they'll be here," I Begged the pastor.

"I married your parents and your oldest brother," Pastor Dave said. "Therefore, i'll marry your other older brother and his fiancee', but if they don't get here soon, then i'm sorry," He said, walking to the front of the church to get some stuff ready. I Sighed, then walked out of the church to get some fresh air.

My brother and my future sister in law are STILL Missing 10 MINUTES BEFORE THEIR OWN WEDDING! I'm just so pissed, so confused....UGH. I Was in my dress, so i didn't feel like sitting down on the pavement, so i didn't. I just stood outside on the concrete, arms crossed and pissed. EVERYONE was here except them. I'm just so pissed off at both of them right now, but then, those feelings of anger were replaced with excitement as i started screaming in joy and jumping up and down as i saw John and Nikie running toward us.

"Whatcha standing their for little sister? WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!" John yelled as they were coming toward me.

"I Have the dress and Randy has the tux," I Smiled as we ran back into the church together.

We had a couple minutes before they were walking down the aisle, so John changed into his tux real quick and the girls and i helped Nikie get into her BEAUTIFUL Wedding dress and got the pink curlers out of her hair from this morning. Before we knew it, it was time for us all to walk down the aisle.

*No POV*

"Do you, John Felix Anthony Cena take her, Nikole Anne Cameron to be your Wife? Through Sickness and Health, rich or poor, good times and bad times, death til you part?" Pastor Dave asked.

"I Do," John smiled as he placed a ring on Nikie's finger that was handed to him by Randy.

"And do you, Nikole Anne Cameron  take him, John Felix Anthony Cena to be your Husband? Through Sickness and Health? rich or poor, good times and bad times, death til you part?" Pastor Dave asked her.

"I Do," Nikie smiled, placing a ring on John's finger.

"Because of your desire to make a love for the ages and commitment to each other, it gives me the honor to now pronounce you husband and wife," Pastor Dave said. "You may now kiss the bride!"

After that, John Cena kissed the new official Mrs. John Cena, as the wedding goers clapped and cheered. Then, John picked Nikie up off of her feet bridal style, of course, and carried her out of the church and into a limo awaiting outside that would take them to a hotel in which their wedding reception was at. Soon, others cleared out. Kat was contemplating which way to go out so she wouldn't run into Patrick. She questioned why he was here, and Patrick questioned if coming up here was worth it. As all the other's cleared out, two stayed behind- Adam and Heather. They walked up to Pastor Dave.

"Um, excuse me?" Heather said to him. "Hi, i'm Heather, i was one of the bridesmaids."

"Ah yes," Pastor Dave said.

"We were wondering if we could ask you something," Adam said.

"Ask away!" Pastor Dave said.

"Well, see, about a month ago, we were in Vegas and got hitched," Heather Said. "We were planning on divorcing, but..."

"We got to actually know each other, and well, we're in love," Adam said. "And we were wonder if you could REALLY marry us, a couple of weeks from now."

"You want me to re-marry you two?" Pastor Dave asked.

"If you wouldn't mind," Adam said.

"Just give me the date, place and time," Pastor Dave smiled, as did Heather and Adam, who apparently would soon become Heather and Adam Burish.

To Be Continued....


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