Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Week Forty-Five//Chasing Kat/ Part Three [FINAL CHAPTER]

*I can't believe it...but this is the FINAL Chapter in The Extreme Career. Wow..just...wow.I Could go on and on about stuff, but i'll save that for the Authors Note that will go up later tonight or tomorrow, depends. Anyway..without further delay....The Final Installment of The Extreme Career, enjoy :3*

"You're moving to the United Kingdom!?" Patrick asked me.

"I called my sister on the way here, she said she has a spare room i can use," I Said. "I also called Dr. Reese and he said it's safe to travel."

"You can't just pack up and move when times get rough!" Patrick said.

"It's not about me being a coward, it's about me wanting to be with my family!" I Said.

"You can't go!" Patrick yelled.

"Excuse me!?" I Asked.

"NOT WITH MY BABY!" He yelled.

I sighed as i got what he was saying and what he was afraid of.

"I also kind of stopped at the O'Hare on my way here to get plan tickets to the United Kingdom, i leave late tonight, at like, 9pm i think," I Said. "But right now i'm only going to get settled, i'll be back next Friday, just in time for the next doctors appointment and i'll be flying back in for all my appointments and i'll be back full time once I'm 8 Months pregnant."

Patrick sighed.

"You won't leave me?" He asked me.

"Not forever...just to clear my head," I Said. He bit his lip and sighed.

"That's my baby too," Patrick said. "Take good care of him or her..."

"Trust me, it's a girl, i swear to god it is," I Said. He just smiled at that.

"Jenna Kane?" He said, referencing to the fact the kids name will be determined by a TV Show. I smiled.

"Maybe Fiona Kane," I Smiled.

"Whatever name, it'll be beautiful, just like our child," Patrick smiled, before we hugged.

"I'm gonna go get my stuff upstairs," I Said, heading upstairs. 

Patrick sighed and Erica came out of her room and just looked at her brother.

"So...that's it?" Erica said. "She's really leaving?"

"Yep....and nothing i can do to change her mind."


I Got most of my stuff packed with help from Patrick and Erica and they helped me get it into my car.

"Take good care of my Niece...or Nephew...take good care of my whatever," Erica said as we said farewell.

"Don't worry, i will," I Smiled, hugging her. Then Patrick.

"What she said," He smiled.

"I'll see you next week," I Said, hugging him too. Until that birth and delivery, this while probably be the closest i'll get to him.

After that, i got in my Range Rover and drove off to the O'Hare. I board onto my flight in about 50 minutes, but it'll take a while to get through. The flight's about 7 hours, in London time i should be arriving there at 10am. No turning back now....

*8:35pm, Patrick's house, No POV*

Kat's been gone for a while now, Patrick and Erica where grasping what life would be like without her. It was more harder for Patrick then Erica, of course. They decided to watch Finding Nemo since was on TV, and it was one of their favorite movies from Disney. After the part where Nemo gets captured into the net, the door bell rang and Erica got up to see it, but was rather confused when she opened it.

"Um..hi?" She asked. "Who are you?"

"Justin," He said. Her eyes popped open.

"Justin...Justin as in...Oh god," Erica said, realizing who he was. "PATRICK! It's for you...kind of." She shrugged, then walked away. Patrick turned around and saw him and rage shot through him.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" Patrick asked.

"Gee, you just won Kat, you think you'd be more happier?" Justin said.

"I didn't win Kat, dumbass," Patrick said.

"What? Then who did?" Justin asked.

"YOU, dumbass..." Patrick said.

"What are you talking about?" Justin asked, pretty confused. "She never even came by."

"She did, but you probably didn't see her, you know, since you were sucking face with that slut," Patrick said.

Justin froze and he couldn't believe it.

"Wait...she picked me, but she came to tell me RIGHT When Lara kissed me and she thinks i chose Lara over her?" Justin asked.

"Lara kissed you?" Patrick asked.

"Yeah! She came to my room and i broke up with her, but she kissed me to try to change my mind," Justin said.

"Well Kat thinks that you think she's a piece of shit and she's running away," Patrick said.

"Running away....?" Justin asked.

"She's leaving to country and going to the UK to be with her Brother and Sister," Patrick said.

"WHAT!?" Justin asked.

"I'm not happy about it either," Patrick shrugged. "But she's going."

"She can't!" Justin said.

"You're the reason she's leaving!" Patrick yelled.

"Maybe i can be the reason she stays..." Justin said, thinking.

Patrick sighed again, then looked at Justin.

"You want her, she wants you," Patrick said. "Go get her."

Justin just looked at him, then nodded, and ran out the door. He had a girl to chase after.


*Chicago O'Hare, 8:45pm, 15 minutes before flight to London takes off*

I Have about 5 minutes before i board onto my plane. I got all my luggage situated, went through security, all that fun stuff. Now i was just sitting on a bench and listening to my IPod, waiting. Lovestory by Taylor Swift was on. Knowing the history with this song, i wanted to turn it off, but i didn't. I love this song to much. I turned it up all the way to just block the whole world out.

"I got tired of waiting...wondering if you were ever coming around, my faith in you is, fading..."

Without a doubt, this is my favorite part of the song. It's funny though- i swear to god i heard my name being shouted. Probably just imaging it. I heard my name again. I'm not imagining it. I took out my headphones and looked up and i saw Justin, running toward me in full speed.

"Justin...?" I Asked.

"KAT!" He yelled again.

Then, he almost tripped, but recovered and ran toward me and got down on his knees.

"What are you doing...?" I Asked.

"Me and Lara are OVER," He said.

"But i saw you two-"

"She kissed ME, if you stayed a little while longer you would have seen me push her off of me. Angel, i love you, not her."

"Well, uh, it's kind of late to tell me that..." I Said.

"Don't go, please," Justin pleaded. "Give us a chance, please. We can be amazing together, downright amazing."

"My sister-"

"Your sister can see you later," Justin said. "Stay with me, be with me, please."

 "I Don't know..." I shrugged.

Then, he grabbed my left hand and pulled something out of his pocket- that silver tin thing on Pop cans that open them up.

"I know it's not much, but Angel, Please," Justin pleaded. "Stay Here, Stay With Me, Marry Me, Say Yes, Please."

"Marry you!?" I Asked, shocked.

"Marry Me."

"It's a love story, baby just say....."


The End. 


  1. I'm surprised Patrick is letting Kat go that easy. I would of totally fought back and tried to keep her from leaving. Patrick being nice about Justin? Surprisingly. w0t WAAAAAT?!! Justin asking Kat to marry him. KAT SAYING YES?! DAMN. Loved it!!! Y U HEFF TO END IT?!?! NO BUENO. POST AUTHORS NOTE SOON. K BYE XOXOX.

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