Monday, December 26, 2011

Week Forty-Five // Chasing Kat / Part Two.

The air was crisp. It was cold. I could see my breath. I'm never up this early. Never. NEVER. But am i today. Last night, i made my choice, and now, i had to go tell him i didn't choose him. 

He was one place,  He was at another place. Both places weren't too far away from another.

He was up. He opened the door letting me in, expecting good news. He was heartbroken when i broke the news to him.

 "So....i'm not the one..." Patrick sighed.

"I'm sorry..." I Said, taking off my engagement ring from him.

"But...the kid..." Patrick began.

"I grew up without my dad their for me, i'm not letting this kid grow up without it's father," I said. "You'll still be apart of me and this kid, just not romantically with me."

"So...we'll still keep in touch?" Patrick asked.

"Of course we will," I smiled.

Despite the news, he cracked a smile and accepted it, then we hugged.

"Go get your man," He smiled. I smiled back, and did what he said. I got my man.

*Across town*

"5th floor....4th room down to the right..." I said, trying to remember where Justin told me he'd be staying at.

I had all the confidence in the world. I was walking to my future right here. This was the right choice. For me, and Baby Kane. Not a doubt in my mind i was making the right decision.

The door was wide open, it's like he knew i was coming. Weird. I Walked in, with a huge smile on my face...that quickly turned to a frown.

I walked in, and i saw Justin....and i saw Lara. They weren't talking, at all. They were making out. I quickly walked out and back into the elevator, then cried. This isn't how it's supposed to be. I told him about her, and he's kissing her? He told me how he felt, and i chose him and turned down my baby's dad and he does this? This isn't how it's supposed to turn out. Not even close to how it's supposed to turn out. Not even close....

*No POV, a couple minutes before Kat walked in...Justin's room*

Justin was staring at the door, waiting for Kat to knock on the door telling him he was the one. That he was the one she wanted. That's all he wanted. Then, there was a knock and his face lit up, like a little kid in a toy store. He jumped off the bed and ran toward the door and opened it with a smile on his face that quickly turned into a frown after he saw who was standing outside that door. 

"Lara..." Justin said, disappointed.

"Hey babe, how come you didn't tell me you would be here?" Lara said, just letting herself in the room. "I had to find out on twitter you were in Chicago."

"Why are you here..." Justin asked her.

"Because, i wanna be with my sexy boyfriend," She smirked to him.

"Who's he?" Justin asked as Lara laughed.

"You're so funny!" She laughed.

"I Wasn't trying to be funny," Justin said. "I'm serious."

"What are you talking about?" Lara asked, completely unaware of what had happened that previous day.

"I had a conversation with Kat yesterday..." Justin said.

"Oh god, what did that slut tell you?" Lara asked.

"She's not a slut," Justin said to her.

"She's not married and pregnant with someone's child, she's like one of those sluts on MTV except she's all old," Lara rolled her eyes.

"She's younger then you..." Justin told her.

"Still..." Lara said. "Look babe, just tell me what she told you!"

"I'm NOT your babe..." Justin told her again.

"What did she tell you!?"

"She told me your using me, that's what, and she told me she stills loves me, and i still love her too."

Everything was silent.

" her?" Lara asked.

"Yes, and i don't feel that same way about you," Justin said.

"But...everything we've been through..." Lara said, walking toward Justin. "We have history and memories..."

"Bad ones...." Justin said.

"You can't just throw this away...not again..."Lara said.

"There was a reason we broke up before, not just because of my wrestling career," Justin said.

"You can't throw this away..." She said, getting closer.

"I'm about to, once and for all," Justin said.

"You really wanna say good-bye to this?" She asked.

Then, with the door wide open, she kissed Justin, long a passionately until he pushed her off.

"Bye, Lara, for good," Justin said to her.

She just pouted, then rushed out of the room, slamming the door shut, as Justin took a deep breath, and rubbed his lips, trying to get the scent of her Cherry flavored lipstick off, then he flopped down onto a bed, waiting for Kat.

*Later that day, Starbucks, Kat's POV*

"Let me guess...Medium Double Chocolatey Chip?" The girl behind the counter asked me.

"Have i really been coming here THAT much?" I Asked.

"Let's just say i've seen you around here as a pregnant lady more then i've seen you as a non-pregnant person..." She said, getting my drink ready.

"What can i relaxes me, and i'm craving it," I shrugged.

"You know," She said, handing me my drink. "You're supposed to be craving a lot of chocolate stuff like this when your pregnant with a girl."

"I find out the sex next week, but i have a good feeling it's a girl," I shrugged, paying her then taking a table.

It wasn't long after that that Sarah and Sharpie walked in, both with smile's but Sarah's was way bigger.

"Since i'm here, i may as well grab something, but you girls just talk," Sharpie smiled, going up to order while Sarah sat down, still smiling.

"I know you wanted to talk, but real quick, look at this!!" She smiled, handing me a piece of paper.

I took the paper from her hands after one more sip, then i read it. I couldn't believe it.

"You're going to the police academy!?"  I said.

"I leave February 8th and i'm gone for three months," She smiled.

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!!" I Smiled, getting up and hugging her real quick. "It's what you've always wanted to be."

"Which is weird because i have done a LOT of illegal stuff," Sarah said.

"True," I Said. "But still, you'll be a great cop," I Smiled.

"Well of course i will," She smirked back. "Anyway, what's going on?" I sighed.

"A while ago...i kind of told Justin-"

"Canada Justin or South Africa Justin?" She asked me.

"South Africa Justin," I said.

"Okay, continue," She said.

"I kinda admitted i loved him..." I bit my lip.

"Oh damn..." Sarah said.

"In front of Patrick," I said,.

"OH DAMN!" Sarah said, jaw dropped.

"And now they're making me choose between them..." I sighed.

"Well, you chose Patrick right?" She asked me. I just looked at her. "OH MY GOD YOU CHOSE JUSTIN!? But you've actually dated Patrick and he's the father of your baby!"

"Not ALL Parents get together!" I said.

"Likes yours?" She asked. I rolled my eyes and she sighed. "So, you're with Justin now....?"

"No..." I sighed as she raised an eyebrow. "I went to tell him he was the one, and i saw him making out with another girl..."

"That's great!" Sarah smiled. "Don't you see? This is like a sign that you're supposed to be with Patrick! What are you doing talking to me? Go talk to Patrick!"

"I already told Patrick he wasn't the one," I sighed.

"Oh...." Sarah said. I sighed again.

"You know, last night i talked to Phil, and he told me my mom used some o her final words on me," I said.

"She did?" Sarah asked. "Wow."

"I just miss her so much in times like these...i miss my family all together," I Said.

"Don't your brother and sister live in the UK or something?" She asked.

"London," I said.

"Well, if you miss them, have them come out here," She said.

"Craig's touring with his band and Savannah's married with a One year old," I said.

"Wait Savannah's Married and a mom!?" Sarah asked.

"She had a fling with this guy who's condom broke off, and now she has a new family," I rolled my eyes.

"Wow..." Sarah said. "Well...if they can't come to you, go to them."

"What?" I asked.

"Maybe you're right and you need some family time," Sarah said. "So go to the UK to be with them."

Go to the U.K...?

*A while later, Patrick's house*

I needed to talk to Patrick, badly. After Starbucks, i drove straight to his house and started knocking on the door and Erica opened it.

"Hey Kat," She said.

"Please tell me your brother's home?" I asked.

"He's watching The Bulls game," She smiled letting me in.

"Hey, Patrick," I Said, he paused the game, then got up.

"Hey," He said. "Everything okay?"

"Actually...i really, REALLY need to talk to you," I Said.

"I'll let you two be," Erica said, before walking away.

"What's up?" He asked.

"So uh, i went to go see Justin and tell him he was the one..." I Said.

"Luckiest guy on the planet," Patrick said.

"I saw kissing Lara," I Said.

"He was what?" Patrick asked.

"He was kissing Lara as if he completely forgot about yesterday," I Sighed.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry," He said to me.

"I just got done talking to Sarah," I Said.

"Sarah's good people," Patrick said.

"She helped me realize something," I Said. "I have no one here."

"You have people here," Patrick said. "You have me, Erica, Sarah, hell even though we aren't together, the whole team and front office love you."

"No, you don't get it," I Said. "I Don't have family here. I Don't even have family in this country. You have Erica, Sarah's family doesn't live that far away from here, everyone but me."

"Well, just fly you're brother and sister out for a while," Patrick suggested.

"It's not that simple," I Said. "But i do need to be around my family."

"So..what are you gonna do?" Patrick asked.

"They can't come to me," I Said. "So i'm going to them." Patrick's eyes popped open.

"But, don't they live in the United Kingdom?" He asked.

"Yeah, they do..." I Said.

" that mean you're-"

"Patrick, I'm moving to the UK."

To Be Continued...


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